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Friday, March 04, 2005

Down Mambo-Jumbo Memory Lane...

Being home alone on a Friday afternoon, I am feeling pretty restless and lonely. Everyone happens to be working, in the day at least, and should there be any activities. Its gonna be after-dark. Nothing much on SCV. Getting bored of my PS2.

I managed to dug out some retro CD compilations of mine. I did it 6 to 7 years ago, when I was still a crazy Mambo Jumbo(MJ) kid, chionging Zouk every Wednesday. My record was 9 mambo jumbos consecutively in a row. I was serving NS. I remember looking forward to that only day of the week when Mambo Jumbo breaks-out at Zouk. It still does albeit not as hot as before. The queue 6 years ago would form a snake stretching from the door all the way to the main road, not Kim Seng itself, but the big one. My passion for Mambo then, spilled outside Wednesdays, other days, we would scout around for those numbers that we hear but do not know, upon success, we would burn them onto CDs. We...I was obsessed.

Here is a tabulation of one of the best days of my life...

Tue : My brudders decided to chiong Mambo. Unofficial Company-event. All Officer, Specialists and below to be participating...willingly, of course.

0800 hrs : After morning parade. We each went to check on our respective job scopes.

0930 hrs : Canteen break

1000 hrs : After canteen break, retreated to bunk, napped

1145 hrs : Went to cookhouse for lunch

1230 hrs : Back to bunk. Nap again.

1430 hrs : Wake up, back to office to check on "happenings"

1540 hrs : No happenings. Good quiet stressless Wednesday noon.

1620 hrs : Retreat back to bunk. Showered and got dressed.

1650 hrs : Advance party fall-in bunk. Proceed to Zouk.

1715 hrs : Reach Zouk. Chomp queue.

1900-1930 hrs : Sado bouncers finally happy at seeing the dragon-length Q and decided to let part of it in. We are part of it.

1930 hrs : Proceed to Great World City for dinner.

2000 hrs : Bought drinks from Supermarket by food court. Great source of cheap alcohol to get intoxicated. Sat on staircase outside KFC for al fresco drinking and chat. There were no space-consuming overhead bright during that time yet.

2215 hrs : Enter Zouk

2300~2359 hrs : One-4-one Midnight Madness. Buy drinks. Get intoxicated further.

0000~0300 hrs : The world was so beautiful in the 70s to 90s. Soooo happpppi. Char bor sooo preeetttiii! Oh...check that group of girls beo-ing at us, so blatant. Initiated "Section Movement". Charge!

Those were the good old days. It a pity that we are all grown up now and pretty much out of Mambo Jumbo. Last time I checked the place out two months ago. I felt old. And man, have Mambo evolved. Their hand-movement co-ordinations are top-notced and so much more variety as compared to my times. I sincerely hope that they cherish their fun and youth then. A few years down the road, they probably wouldn't be there anymore. Older crowd chiong with their more mature peers at clubs that play more "sophiscated" dance number or simply chill.

Anyway back to present, currently blasting out my retro CDs, thinking about old times. And it suddenly occur to me. How would it feel to actually start getting pissed on a Friday noon at 1400 hrs. Wouldn't have a lot of opportunities to try it, might as well make it now. I have a few bottles of fine cognac in store.


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