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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Death For Love...

Apparently, my handphone charger burnt out on me and as I dropped by the shopping centre to seek replacement, I couldn't resist dropping into the comic store to catch up on the series of Hong Kong comics that I used to follow religiously every weekend...


Yes, you are right.

Like what Joel said, I am a pseudo-Beng(Half-fuck Ah-Beng). I'm am one of cross-legged punks at your neighbourhood comic store, browsing through piles after piles of comic books, full of inproportionately-muscled characters, at a cheap rental fee of 30 cents each.

This "hobby" started during my campus days when I chanced upon this folder of "Shen Bing Xuan Qi"(Heavenly Weapons) and "Tian Zi Chuan Qi"(Destined Emperor) uploaded onto the campus network. I read one after another and I was addicted. When I finally ran out of updates on the network, I resorted to chasing the series in the stores.

Then "Shen Bing Xuan Qi 1" was followed by, "Shen Bing 2"...then 3. "Tian Zi Chuan Qi" went to 2, 3 and 4 too. I got involved in chronicles. Why am I so addicted? After all, the main character in subsequent series always look so similar. The plot is so predictable, good will ultimately prevail over evil in the end and evil always get a head-start. The hero is always the "chosen" one and somehow, every character can sense it right from the 1st issue.

I guess its the twists here and there along the plot. As you feel for the characters, you realise there is no pure good or evil, its all a mixture. The writer has a way of stringing events together to make you shiok when the hero saves the day again or recovers from a hiccup. He is also blardy good in giving heartaches by the death of the hero's girl.

Today, the hero's girl died... AGAIN. I was sad. The CB(ch** b**) writer gave her the exit from a poison "Sui Yue Cui Ren"(Age Crumbles the Person), taken willingly just so as to protect her lover boy's life from the Villian, which wasn't fatal as there was an antidote. But suay suay(unfortunately), she was infected by an "Evil Weapon" and it became fatal. All was not lost as a life-giving pendant re-surrected her. And KNN, the true is, she wasn't re-surrected. No heart beat, shes still dead. Only given an "extension" just so she and her lover-boy can have 3 more days. So here we are, with the hero in despair, screaming and crying out his heart over the loss of his beloved.

Similar scenes happened throughout the series and its still touching every time. The formulae is "The heroine will die for her love if needed be." That is probably the most undisputable sign of love. The heroine can say "I love you" to him a zillion times and the hero can give her all the jewellery that he can afford, it just doesn't sound as loud as "giving up my life just so my lover can go on". Under those circumstances, no one can question his/her conviction and feelings.

I believe, if given the chance, when the situation is so clear-cut that either you die for your true love or he/she goes. Each of us, will most probably choose death... Cause its honorable. Cause its cool. Cause its the "right" choice to make. Cause dying for him/her assures everyone out there, including you, that its really true feelings you have. Cause life is already meaningful, having loved. Cause seeing him/her not dying makes you happy. Because, you love him/her.

Unfortunately, given that we do not see swords being swung around every day, 99.99% of us wouldn't get the chance to make that choice. Then again, isn't that so darn boring?

Don't you wish you have the chance to be within the comic series and be presented with the chance of being a Matyr of Love?


At 11:41 PM, Blogger Bittersweet said...

Mmm.. Sometimes i will wish i am in a fairytale where the guy will protect and i will take the blade for him and stuff...

Then i will be like his guardian angel floating around him after i dead and he will mourn for me and till death then we meet.

Muahaha! Silly thoughts =p

I guess death for a person is like giving up everything.. So i think some couples that break up and commit sucide, they are in a sense portraying how strong their love is for their partner..

At 10:26 AM, Blogger c said...

I nearly kill my laptop reading this entry with a mouthful of water. The heroine dying part is so funny! Hahahahaha

So you are one of the "bengs" I always see hanging out at those comic shops at BL Shopping! LOL


At 10:29 AM, Blogger c said...

oh just wanna add the names are funny as hell too

At 3:36 PM, Blogger *thekinkyprincess* said...

haha..livin in the comic world means:
-If I'm the hero/heroine, i usually have more than 1 admirer/s..but only 1 lover.

Wah Biang~ tat only happens in comics when gals dun care for the 5cs as long as u love her and vice versa. It works also if u have the powder-ful kung fu... >.<

At 2:53 AM, Blogger suspiciousbastard said...

Six words: Love is stupid. Love only yourself.


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