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Saturday, April 07, 2007


Last night, I was on my way home and I drove past this huge scale funeral held at a house along Mountbatten Road. Now, that... was a funeral of the largest scale I have ever set my eyes on. Usually, whenever I pass a funeral, I will avoid looking at it as a practice since young. This time, I couldn't resist turning my head a few times to check it out. I was thinking this guy who had died, must be somebody(influential and very rich).

This morning, I saw him on the Obituary. Presumably its him since the wake was at Mountbatten and his took up 2 pages of the Obi. I paused for awhile just to think about this guy's life. What could he have possibly done to have "made it in life" and would he have it any other way? Towards the last few days, could he have wished that his life had gotten the recognition that it should have received? Maybe say, made into a movie? Now, I would like MINE to be made into a movie. Anyway, I sum up the questions into "How would your life be worth living?"

I know God loves me. He does answer me, out of the blue and with efficiency.

I just came across this photoblog entry. And it seems to fit.

"What is your passion?" is the next clue to the former query.