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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Welcum To The Sleaze Club...

For what had seemed like eternity, I had always picture myself as being decent in my conduct where interaction with opposite sex is concerned. I have always been taught to respect the Gals, perhaps abit too much. That's a reason why I'm have always been very disturbed by people with sleazy acts or "unhonorary" intentions.

What kind of sleazy acts? Hmmm, like moving up to a lady in a club and after 2 verse of "Hello" and "Whats your name", you start to check out her curves with your paws, failing which, upon rejection, you move on to the next target. Always kept me in awe as to how they have the guts to carry it off and get away with it all the time, occassionally hitting on a very willing recipient.

Other "Unhonorary" intentions? Things like an acquaintances, even after knowing whoever is your romantic interest, and still tries to date them out.

For a brief period in time, I was questioning if there were any general standards of conduct. Very brief it was indeed. Then I realise the beauty of my observation.

What da heck! If you can't beat them, you jolly well join them. And from what I see, the green is very green on the other side.

Hitting on your girlfriend's best friend, acquantance's romantic interest. Laying paws on drunken chicks, who, in reality speaking, do not want to be "too respect". You don't have to be a bastard, but acting like one, most probably will give you what you want. Of course, looks and style do play a part. So if all else fails on your part, you know what to blame. You're just the loser.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Meet My Daughter...

Like Littlemissdrinkalot who recently had her hands full with a new member of her family, I have mine to take care of. Few months ago had seen me obssessed enough to take in a Norwegian Forest Cat, Red Tabby with White who was around 4 months old. Never regretted it though, as I'm witnessing her, turning from a timid kitty into a jumpy, manja princess.

For starters, I'm currently not staying with my mummy. I guess coming home every evening to an empty house kind of gave me the glooms. Partly one of the reasons why I was contemplating a living, breathing, warm companion to bunk in. And she happened to fit my initial intentions to a T.

Everyday, I'll open the door to find her waiting for me(Probably waiting for food). In the morning, she'll perform the Alarm clock duties faithfully at 730am and won't stop crying until I open the door(Probably telling me to get lost and go to work). When I'm about doing my own stuffs, she'll be around me. This was almost exactly what the "Manual" had said. During the hot months do not expect a lap cat; they are much happier laying at your side than on your lap. And lay around she does, exceptions of her occassional "bark" at me for not paying enough direct attention to her. Racing me up and down the stairs. And her vocals are truly amazing. While I used to think that cats can only "purr" and "meow", now I'm trying to learn her language.

Most times, I just can't help it as I nose her and ask,"Do you luurrvveee DaD-dy?!?"