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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Aurora Borealis...

Armed with my trusty Deuter, fueled by the few Snicker bars I have in my pocket, I left the cozy cabin. Martin had warned me against the mountain in the dark and company was necessary. But I knew solitude was the only option for me.

I made it up the designated footpath. This wasn't the most challenging of hikes although the frost really intimidated this unconditioned body. Each step I take, would deem another one necessary for the return trip, if there ever was going to be one.

For most people, this chest at the end of this rainbow is as insignifant and worthless as it is intangible. Yet, for this boy, it stands for the only one thing that he believes is real. Unparallel beauty.

Getting to the cliff is only an uneventful ride on the clock. He sat on a boulder, let his pack down and he eyed. If there was only one good thing that the frost can do right now, it would be freezing the clock.

Behold the shade of the Northern Lights.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Things I Want To Blog About...

I seem to be able to think of a thousand and one things that I would love to blog about in the daytime, but every night, as I stare into my screen. Nothing seems to fit.

I like to blog about how effective some tactics of beddingwoo-ing girls are. But I have yet to prove them so.

I like to blog about the importance of buddies(male or female) in everyone's life. But thats too cheesy.

I like to blog about how upset I am, over my failures at making academic excellence. But its been years since I left school and I might never go back again.

I like to blog about badly I need to find a way to make myself rich. But without a concrete moo-lah making strategy, I'll just sound like a wimp.

I like to blog about my romantic pursues. But I don't have much time for the night.

Excuses, excuses.

This blog has been up for a year now. Once again, I realise I do not like some people reading this blog. My skin is just not thick enough to blog about some scandals. I'm considering, setting up another blog, where I can promise my readers no-holds bar, un-censored writings and soul-flashing satisfaction for yours truly.

Yap. That summarises everything.

Roger out for the night.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Even lovers need a holiday, so sung Peter Cetera. What more for friends and brothers?

Life may be peaceful though in a mundane kinda way. Still, flashbacks come, when in your closest's teasings, you realise how much that they do not know about you or maybe there is only so much they are willing to accept.

And you bend to fit their expectations. This shouldn't be the case. Being the non-confrontational kinda guy, I tend to keep mum. Worst case, I'll just walk off. But one thing is for sure, I never bear grudges, not to my dear-er ones anyway.

Maybe some holiday would be good.

I will be me once more.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Cruising along the highway as the skylight changes in the wee hours of the break is always amazing.

Maybe I don't do this so often.

And this morning is beautiful.

Yes, Dawn. I lurve you.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Closest You Ever Get To Seeing Me...

Following Finicky Feline's cue on Myheritage for celebrity-lookalike based on your uploaded picture.

And my result? 62% to Andy Lau.

Andy Lau and Jang Nara. Don't we make a fantastic pair, dearie?

P.S ~ Actually, the highest is 70% at Tyra Banks. But, nah... thats a fluke.

Oh yah, was at a Executive Drinking Joint with the guys just now. I spotted the girl next to my table and I challenged American Rooster to a wager, that she is an SIA air-stewardesss. Well, he was keen to(just a motivational factor for him to approach her). Well, we did not put the wager on the table.

But later on, when he had the chance, he spoke to her.

Turns out that she IS an air-stewardess.

Heh. These things don't escape my eyes. I'm watching.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Over Da Weekend and Monday...

Caught the Date Movie over the weekend. Not proud of that, not ashamed either. Had some time to kill. It was just one of those typical slap-stick spoofs, but a few parts of it actually had me pretty entertained. First of all, being the hot Sophie Monk. And it was hilarious how they shamelessly repeat footages of her posing as Paris Hilton in the Carl Jr commercial. Also tickling was how they made Pussycat Doll's Don't Cha her song.

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me...

Also like the way the way Ben Stiller's movies were spoofed.

A few good laughs, felt empty like I did not watch a movie even after 2 hours sitting inside the cinema. Well, its still better than Shaggy Dog any day. Ops. Yeah, I also caught that.

Today, I met Humpin' Edmo for dinner. Although I had been picking him up countless times from his workplace for the past one year, I still sent him this SMS,

"Ok. I'll see you at NYP at 6pm."

And the reply?

"NYP? My workplace is at SP!"

Half a pint of beer for the first person to guess what I was thinking.

After dinner and some errands, while we were waiting for some Precious to be collected, we ended up in a Road Show inside Great World City. Positioned right smack in front of the Panasonic Plasma TV, DVD player and their sound system, we were so mesmorised, as per many beside us. So impressed were we, that we immediately proceed to purchase the Jacky Cheung concert DVD, which, erm, wasn't sold at that Road Show. We went to "That CD Shop", where we told the hot sales-chick what we saw and heard, and she got it for us. Overall, we bought 3 Jacky Cheung CDs from "That CD Shop". Ironic how the road show managed to push sales of Jacky Cheung CDs rather than the entertainment system itself.

Well, can't speak too soon. For all we know, perhaps the DVD might sound so F-up once we got home that we might have to scramble back to purchase the Panasonic System.

Keeping fingers cross.

Update at 2300hrs: Humpin Edmo messaged,"Fucking Hell! The speakers make a lot of difference man!"

Ok... back to the Road Show.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

War Is The Grim Reaper and More...

Took a memory trip down the War History of Singapore, via this tour "Lion's Trail". A few destinations were covered. From Boat Quay to the Supreme Court, down to the Changi Museum.

Maybe I'm just too SNAG-gy, but certain points of the trip touched me emotionally. Narrations of the tragedies during WW2, coupled with the hard facts right in front of you, its tough not to feel.

There is a chapel at the Museum, or rather, the Museum was set-up at the chapel. I did not catch much of the starting lines during the narration but my attention was caught when it was mentioned that the artefact, a Cross, was made from empty bomb shells by a British soldier, Staff Sergeant Harold Stogden Raoc, who was held POW during the WW2. I can't remember details, but its goes around how he survived the war despite being sent to various zones, even the notorious Death Railway. After the war, he passed away on the plane home. His wife back in Europe had also died during the war thus leaving 3 orphans. It was only when one of their sons, George, became a grown-up that he learned the truth of his father's fate and also the will of this father that the Cross, is to be returned to Singapore. Thus, soon after, the Cross is sent back personally by George, to the chapel where it now resides, in what was a supposely very emotional trip for him. He had never gotten this close to his father before.

It is a humble chapel yet the message is very clear. War had taken lifes and torn families apart. You hear stories of these, and it easy to blame people, Japanese, who had invaded our land. And yet, at the very chapel, if you look carefully by the sides, were thousands of origami chains, sent by Japanese School Students, as condolences. Anger mellows into sorrows. You can only feel sorry for the events that had taken place. Messages were tagged on the board from people who had experienced WW2, who had felt the horror and remembered the pain.

How many of us had taken peace for granted? How many of us innately believe that War will never take place? In Singapore, we were brought up in an era of peace and War is just what we had read about in History text. It was all stories. It was all about memory work for grades.

Today, the War was real. It was all there, inside that chapel.