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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

All Because I'm Undeserving...

Just when I thought people are getting tired of my unscrupulous win-a-dinner-date antics in order to know chio bu's, Sandra comes blazing along and makes it hip once again. So here, we have a very classy and charming lady, Sandra, who kind and sweet as she has always been, decides to make the world a brighter place for you and me, and for the guy-next-door, whose probably not going to win that date with Sandra anyway. Chances like this is more rare than once in a blue moon. Chances like this is God-sent. Chances like this you never let go. SO, not wanting to leave with any regrets, I'm going for it.


About Myself:
I'm an artist trapped in the body of an engineer, who harbours dream of being an architect that is capable of churning out Frank Lloyd Wright-styled creativity ala Modern style. I'm a dreamer and my daydreams preserve the belief that I will always be Lead in my very own story.

Like a story's opening, my life started out mundanely in Singapore. Like a sadomasochistic romance novel, I bear the grinds of this commoner's life, just waiting for the time when the One Kiss lands my way.

I enjoy the social settings of the pub, music as the backdrop, chatters for background "vocals", the laughters of acquaintances bursting into the air, and me, the Lead, nursing a beer in my left hand, a cigarette in my right, stealing glances to my side from time to time with each puff, scanning the masquerade for The One Smile that might be shining my way.

The One Smile

The moment will come when I finally meet The One Smile. Nothing else will matter anymore. Not all of these pretences. Not all of those conventions which make up society. We'll grab a burger and our backpack, run away we will go. On a trusty old Wrangler, chasing time and the setting, red sun down the desert highway. When the Greens coming a greeting, we will rest on them as the clouds drift by nonchalently while we try to bid them goodbye, in intended silence.

Why Sandralicious Should Date Me:
Perhaps, it must be because of how undeserving I am. I have been passive in my wait, nonchalent in my pursues and cowardly in my confessions.

I enjoy a glass of Red Wine, in the solitude of my dim room, chilling by the Lava lamp and Norah Jones starts to sings. Not daring to ask for your presence. I wish that moment in time, Norah sings wherever you are. For in Norah's voice, I can always feel you close.

Just one evening, a simple meal and an aimless talk. It should be me, for all the wrong reasons, just because I'm undeserving.

With this hope, I'll pray. Amen.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sunday Update On The Campaign...

The campaign is running pretty well at the moment. I must thank everyone for being so sporting and supportive. Its been very enjoyable for me too.

The attention, yes, I'm an attention-whore if you haven't realise by now. Reading about my campaign on other blogs, I'm loving it. Thank you all for helping me to publicise. But for me, the best part was the fact that I knew people are amused by the entire affair and it makes me happy to know that people are laughing(thus, happy). Spread the love and laughters, make the world a better place. Just try not to do it in the controversial way that Michael Jackson does.

Just to tie up a few loose ends,

- Age limit has been lowered to 19, instead of 21 due to feedback from young chicksthe masses.
- Date of dinner, I'll probably make arrangements with the selected applicant. Remember, there is no one winner in this "contest", the rest are losers anyway, anyone who was entertain by the entire affair is a winner. Actually, there is not much doubt that the final one at the dining table stands to gain the most. Also, I'm not sure if I wanna announce the date before the dinner. Well, i'm paranoid lah. Dun want blog-ders or worst still, reporter to be on stand-by, to spy on this significant event. I may casually blog about it after the dinner though.
- Due to confidentially issue, I may not announce the selected lady. Well, we all understand that the entire affair is just a casual and fun one. But still, girls are girls. They reserve the rights to be shy about it.

Its a great day. Soccer in the morning and heavy showers in the noon. Laziest of Sunday it can ever get. Hope you had a great weekend as well. Hang in there, the next weekend will coming round the corner.


Friday, May 27, 2005

What Truly Happened Last Night...

It was surreal, to mention the very least.

Its one of those rare few moments where the happening was not within the blogosphere, but in physical form elsewhere, in a Hideout far far away.

No one had planned for this. Although the 3 "Heavenly Kings" threw the first dice. The hint was taken and everyone made their way to mrbrown-spotting. Initially, I had intended to remain anonymous throughout, I had to clench my teeth and lied through my teeth a couple of times.

"Do you blog?"


Finally, my defence collapsed when a very sincere Maotai came over to initiate conversation. I couldn't bear the lies anymore and I came clean. I thought, it will be just one more blogger. And thats all. Again, I lied to myself. There would come a second and a third. And before I knew it, people were pointing at Tripleperiod from all angles.

"There... thats Tripleperiod."

"Oh...u are..." *gasp*

"Yes...I'm the one "advertising" for a gf a few days ago"

But overall, it was a very nice event. I repeat again, so Surreal! Think the Intergalactic bars in Star Wars where all the weirdos of the different planets gather and drink. Yes. Thats the closest you ever get to visualising what happened.

It was funny, the way we asked for each other's mortal name before throwing the mortal name out of memory and headed straight for each others blog name. Yes, the blog identity was what mattered most. We just had to uncover the face behind the blogs. The mortal name and physical acquaintance, that can wait.

Also we bloggers are a self-assuring lot. We were chatting about how therapeutic blogging was. How much we enjoyed writing. And how much we were enjoying it because we were blogging for ourselves. We all nodded in consensus. It was akin to how the people at the mental asylum sat together, chatted and and all felt normal. Little wonder why bloggers only grow in number, you seldom find one who thinks that blogging is evil.

I was having a nice time soaking myself in this dream, warm inside, induced by whiskey and beer, when one of the hot bloggers attacked me with my only weakness.

"There is a Sale at Wisma Atria until 1 a.m. tonight. You take us ladies there. And I'll french one of them, in front of you."



And we end up in Wisma before the night was gone.

I have yet to see the French Kiss, but I believe the Period of Validity is up to 6 weeks, as per our verbal contractual agreement which is legally binding in the Blogosphere.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stand A Chance To Win A Date With Tripleperiod...

I'm flattered. My usually empty mailbox is now flooded with tons of messages from admirers and applicants, in response to my search for a girlfriend. As of right now, I'm still screening the emails. I would love to reply to every emails but atlas, we only have that many hours in a day. Hence, I regret to inform that only selected applicants will be notified...

Unfortunately, reality is not as stated above. My mailbox is still empty. Empty despite my sincere appeal. Empty despite being Tomorrowed. Empty despite my umpteen prayers.

I have decided to take my campaign to a more aggressive level. I will now officially, put in an additional incentive for ladies to start applying. I will take the last one standing, to a dinner date.

The Package...
- Romantic candlelight dinner for two at Equinox.
- Will fetch date from her place and will send her home.
- Bouquet of Red Roses*
- Moet & Chandon*

Optional after meal itinery:
- Romantic, quiet stroll at spot of preference
- Peaceful, chill-out session with light drinks at pubs/lounges of preference
- Clubbing trip at clubs of preference

Events in lieu of the above may be considered.

All expenses will be paid.

Identity of all applicants will be fully confidential.

*While stocks last

Terms and Conditions Apply:
- Only single, eligible ladies need apply.
- Applicants must be age 21 and above at time of date.
- Should the winner be found to be attached at the time of the date, all-expense-paid clause will be null and void. Date will be Dutch.
- Tripleperiod reserves the final rights, at any time, to swap the dinner date event with another event of similar nature albeit not necessary with the same cost.

To Apply...
- Kindly attach a photo of yourself and email me at
- An essay of any length on the topic "Why I Deserve The Love of A SNAG?"
- An short write-up about yourself, your dreams, ambitions and ideology
- Indicate your blog(if any). Bloggers do gain cookie points, to a certain extent
- Your sincerity

Closing Date: 2200hrs(GMT +7) on 2nd June 2005

Please feel free to send this link to anybody who you deem, will be interested or interesting to me.

Thank you for your time.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I Blog For Love...

Just came back from a very enjoyable chill session with a few bloggers at a drinking hole at Holland Village. I just realised that time had passed really fast. Looking back, it seems like 4 months have gone by since I started blogging.

Remembering my goals and priorities four months ago when I started blogging, as compared to my current ones, lots have changed. For example, I had started blogging with an ulterior motive in mind. My agenda, to sian bloggers babes, you must blog. I'm not ashame to admit that I had initially wanted to sian Xiaxue when I registered myself on Bloggers. But look at what happened now?! She wants to marry Kenny Sia. NB. Xiaxue, you break my heart.

Anyway, I was saying. Goals have changed. Yes, 180 degrees. Now, instead of sianing blogger chicks. I realise a more positivepro-active goal would be, to make blogger chicks or blog-dersgive signals so that blogger chicks or blog-ders will sian me.

I have also decided that this times of decadence is taking its toll on my health, wallet and spiriture well-being. As such, I am looking to bank my ship into a harbour. I am on the lookout for a girlfriend.

Any eligible and cute chicks out there, who would love and appreciate a SNAG as a Gummi Bear to cuddle with? Entry is open right now. Do not be afraid as I swear the confidentially for the identity of all applicants. Please do not indicate your interest on my blog as I foresee not a lot of interests and I'll lose face as I feel that it is something very private, just between you and me. Just email me.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Unlike Anakin...

WARNING: Spoilers and Chest-Humping Rants ahead...

Saw Star Wars III: Return of the Sith last night. I like Star Wars but I aien't exactly a fan. Nevertheless, I have been through all 6 episodes of the chronicle. I think I wouldn't be wrong when I say that most fans' favourite character is Darth Vader. He is the baddie of the show, albeit a very charismatic baddie. Its because of him, The Chosen One, that everything ends up in their place in the story.

I think the most defining moment of his life, is his turning over to the Dark side. Despite all of his potential and power, he is still, a young, frightened boy at heart who is extremely scare of loneliness. How the Chancellor manage to realise and capitalise on this while the entire Jedi Council let him get on it, is beyond my understanding. Anyway, this loneliness happens to be his greatest weakness. Having lost his beloved mother earlier on, he couldn't bear to lose his only love, Padme. As such, he gave up everything, twisted his faith and swear allegience to the Sith Lord, for that chance to save her. However, as events progress, he find himself in a situation of uncertainly. Being able to possess the power to prevent her from dying aien't enough for him, he harbours thoughts of overthrowing the Chancellor and be the Ruler of the Empire, so as to reassure himself of his powers to control destiny and protect Padme.

I think that I am Anakin. I am very scared. So very afraid of this world. I'm afraid of being lonely, yes. And for that, I'm afraid of failure. In my world, the world doesn't have much room for losers. Losers and loneliness are synonmous.

At times, most anyway, I'm frustrated that I am unable to control my destiny and my path at my finger tips. While at the same time, probably due to my great ego, I know that I'm better than most of the people out there(intellectually at least) and I desire success and recognition. This explains why I'm ambitious, like Anakin, I need to keep wanting more, the Sky and the Empire. For each itch that I scrap, fortifies my belief that I'm a Godly and sets back the notion that I probably aien't that great.

All my life, I never took the easy way out. People tell me that Triple Science was the toughest stream when I was in Secondary School. I took Triple Science. People tell me that I should not be taking 4 'A'-level Combination with Triple Science in JC. I took 4 'A' with Triple Science in JC. People tell me that the xxx discipline was the toughest to study in my Engineering stream and at that time, supposely, the "Best" go to xxx discipline. I had to go into xxx discipline. I went in. For you fuckers out there who had been telling me what I can or cannot do, SCREW YOU! I can do what all of you cannot. Been there, done that, so shut the fuck up.

To be honest, my academic performance aien't fantastic at all. I should have know that my true interest and potential don't lie within the academic routes which I had chosen. I could have taken the "so-called" easier subjects and combinations, score all the 'A's, which is what this 'A'-grade-obssessed educational system looks for, rather than hope for that "Oh,he's got a whiny A while you have a B in a much, much tougher subject" understanding.

I know what has being dragging me down all these years. Its my ego. Unable to give up what I have difficulty accomplishing and keeps hanging on to that will to better myself in an underdog position. From now onwards, the logical way out, is to plunge myself into areas where results come easier for me. But I think its all too late now. Ego so forbid that I chose the cowardly path that I had been opposing all my life.

I will not bow to the Dark Side. Thats for whimsies like Anakin. I stay to my Jedi path and I walk my rough ride. I may not get an 'A' trying, but its better than those faggots who never had a 'B' in a course which they had no guts to take on in the first place.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Reason...

Just came back from a game featuring the Gunner and Devils. Boring game I must say. But I had quite a good time, I had nice food and beer to go with it.

Earlier on, went out with a friend and met another guy, who had been very helpful in helping me to tune my guitar. I'm not sure if he had heard me say thanks. But I would like to say it to him once more. Thanks a lot. =)

Actually, as of right now, I'm feeling very sleepy and very very tired. But there is just something very compelling inside of me, that just makes me wanna blog.

Probably one of the rare few times that I truely blog for myself.

Anyway, I realise that I'm deep down inside, a very moody guy. On the surface, I'm very easy-going and cheerful. But fact is, sometimes, after a few pints, I end up more sober before. And being sober, does not mean, being happier. At times, after a night of drinks, despite good company and decent dosage of toxic, I tend to go all quiet and quirky. Sometimes, it does "alert" my friends a little. The thing is that, most of the times, I'm still me. I'm alright. Just that, I "think" abit more. As to what I think of, its varies. Can be about life, current dilemmas or even plans. When I'm soberly drunk, its when they all come to me. Begging for attention.

On a separate issue.

Now, I'm thinking about why I started blogging in the first place?

Other than the desire to try out something new. I guess its the "kick" of keeping an online journal which strangers can read. And probably even figure out the "real" me, and maybe even better than how my friends know me. Serious. Do not be surpised if your impression of me is more accurate than how my actual real-life friends see me. And yes, for the very few real-life friends who probably are reading this blog right now, you might even know me better than those who don't read my blog.

Speaking of which, the fact that I am conscious that some of those who know me in real life, reads this blog. I am definitely holding back on my confessions to a huge extent. The emotional baggage of this blog, multiply it by 10. Yes, I'm like a lady deep, deep, deep down inside.

As of right now, there is one particular matter. Which is, weighing on me, so heavily, that I would be willing to give an arm or leg, just to unload. The more I think about it, its seems like the final conclusion, through any logical derivation, wouldn't be to my liking. I reject this conclusion, and it goes into another loop. And yet, I find myself being unable to unleash it. Unable to blog it.

What good is a blog if I cannot bear to dump all of my emotional baggage into it?

Problem is, I have grown to like this blog so much. Tripleperiod is not just a blog to me. Tripleperiod IS me. And I AM Tripleperiod, for all those who know me in real life.

Forgive me for being unable to throw this ONE dilemma of mine onto this blog. As of right now, I can either choose to keep it within myself, or, waste one blog spot in the blogosphere, just for the therapeutic effect of releasing it. I choose the latter.

Forgive me. I like you. Very much. More than I am ever willing to say it. I'll cry sometimes, but I'm so sorry that I can't share the tears with you. And with all my blog-ders too.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

FA Cup Finals...

Need to buy that new guitar? Need to finance your up-coming holiday to Santorini? Tired of not making real dough from Blogshares?

Recommendations here, do follow PURELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Good luck.

What Kinda of Chick Turns U On...

I was at Thumpers just now. Was a friend's special event and lotsa her friends were invited. Guys whose names I could not remember and gals whom I have not yet met. Halfway through, I was sitting down and looking around me. There were wild, hot babes on the dance floor, there were social butterflies parading the bar and there were the guai-guai kinds sitting beside me. Then I wonder, if lets say the one whom I will finally end up with, is right here in this club, and I get to choose, what kind of gal would I get?

For the guys again, discounting the looks factor, if you had to choose one of the 3 to be with:

1) Sweet Gal-next-door
For the sweet-as-saccharine romance.

2) Rebellious, fun-loving Bad Gal
For the party and sex.

3) Wholesome Ms. Popular
Charismatic, all-rounder achiever, be it academic, sports or career.

Why one would you go for?

Up til now, I still cannot figure out which pattern I prefer most. Dammit. Go after all 3 lah.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The (Bo Liao) Musical Baton

Pass the Musical Baton

A musical baton has been tossed my way by Wonky Tong.

Total volume of music files on my computer:
Less than 200 meg... after my hard disk was wiped out recently and I couldn't find my backup.

The last CD I bought was:
"GMM Grammy - Best of the Year 2004" - Compilation of Thai pop.

Song playing right now:
Howie Day - Collide

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
With or without you - U2
One Headlight - Wallflower
Lightning Crashes - Live
Love Me - Colin Raye
Glaa Por Mai - Potato

Five people to whom I’m passing the baton:
Finicky Feline

Would You Go Down On Her?

All too often, we hear the word "blowjob". We all know what that means, hell, even a 9 year-old girl does. What had seemed like a taboo is now a very frequently-used term. Last time I recalled, its classified under "Un-natural sexual act" and was actually illegal in some sunny island. But what about the ladies' version, the cunnilingus.

Some guys have been known to enjoy it while others do not mind and do it. Positive examples come from Japanese pornproductions and Tetanus. But more often than not, whenever I bring up the topic to my men-berries carrying peers, I am greeted by expressions of disgust. As such, I have this feeling that most guys do not perform this distasteful tastefulact on their partners at all.

I'm going to post a question but I suspect that I'm gonna be greeted by bloggers acting blur again the same cold response as the Mambo issue.

How many males reading this, would dare to admit do it? Voice out now or never lickopen your mouth forever.

By the way, since I'm the one who started on this topic, I shall be indemnified from having to declare my preference on this issue.

C'mon, lets start. Lick the topic.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Days Without The Fix...

Having had quite a lot of drinking outings last week, someone and I had decided to stand by more self-control and abstain from any alcohol until Friday, after 6pm. The decision started on Monday and 2 days down. I'm still standing.

Today is the third day, and I can sense the withdrawal symptoms. Each time I receive an sms, regarding any drinking activity, I start to feel uneasy. Should I or should I not? For quite a few times tonight, I was torn between discipline and desire.

I have managed to contain desire, at severe cost. For one thing, my mouth seems to be constantly parched dry. I am experiencing unusual impatience and frustration at my inability to switch between the 3 chords fluidly. A few times, I almost contemplated breaking the guitar or one of the strings. I am feeling empty inside and yet I'm not even thinking of who to date next.

Two more days.... Oh Lord, give me strength.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Start To Kill Off The Yearning...

When I was younger, I remembered my dad wanting to send me for violin and piano lessons. I resisted it then. Not interested. I vaguely recalled stints with the recorder and organ during my primary school days, but they left a very "academic" feeling. Not interested.

As I grew older, I realise that I do appreciate music and I would very much like to be able to play a musical instrument. But the rational "Did not want to pick it up when young, now then pick up, a bit too old for it right?" kept coming in the way.

When I was around 14, the saxophone seems cool. At least Kenny G made it seem so. But last time I checked, the lowest-end model still cost over one grand to start with. Recently, been going to places with live bands often. The guitar seems cool and a more viable choice. Given that it doesn't cost alot to start up and it shouldn't be too difficult to find people to learn from and to practise with.

An hour ago, I digged out a guitar from the stores, long chucked aside by my brother. Its been ten years now, other than slight patches of fungi and "discolouring" of the strings. It seemed alive.

Just learned how to position my fingers for the three basic chord, G, C and D major here. Its a start and I think its gonna happen this time.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Blogger Mambo Conference?...

Just to prove that bloggers are a geeky bunch of people, there is a calling for the hardcores to go Mambo Jumbo at Zouk in 2 days time.

Will the bloggers go Mambo to blog, or will they simply blog about going to Mambo?

Not sure where this will lead to.

Lets see...

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Which Chicks I Would Date Based On Their Online Personalities

For those of you who are not in the know after reading the posting by Finicky Feline. I am the one who "own the exclusive rights" to the topic "which chicks a guy would date based on their online personalities" and I intend to cement it right now, by publishing it. Never undermine the influence of a finicky blogger, can even "chomp" topic for me.

FF: You are the most steady.

And hence, it goes without saying that the top of the list has to be FF. Grumpy as her blog persona seems to be with her infamous guy-bashing posts. She has a very reader-engaging style. she does postings that make you ponder and comment. Plus it never fails to make readers wonder how a guy-bashing, paikia lurving and grumpy sales engineer would behave in real life. Nevertheless, its so easy to fall in love with her blogo-persona.

2) Popagandhi aka Adri
Earlier on, I had already fallen out of favour with the One by putting her under a list of potential ladies that could be dated by guys. And I was chastised for that. As of right now, she is currently on a pilgrim to a Faraway plain up north and I shall try my luck once more. She is a Vagiterian, self-declared and open, and we all know how HOT lesbos are. Its of my PERSONAL OPINION that, in my short life, for me to get down on a Threesome with 2 other ladies, I gonna pin down at least one lesbian first. And only the charm and charisma of Adri can suffice. Oh, Gandhi, Pop me please!

3) Sandra Powerpuff
I loaded her page. Her choice of cover picture(The bikini-lady, with a book, lying by the deck of the ship) and the then-choice of cover song(Fly Me to The Moon) and I was already won over. This is one babe who appreciates vocal jazz and that emits Class. She doesn't scream for attention. She is like this sweet young thing, penning out her thoughts online. Bits of it, here and there, scatter some in front and more by the side. Her pace of writing is relaxing and comfortable to follow. She doesn't spourt bimbo rants like you would expect ladies her age to do. Following her postings, it doesn't make me feel stupid and at the same time, because she writes in a very easy-going style, it doesn't require me to sketch my comprehensive ability. And she, she is very sweet, with a figure to die for, the paedophillic me likI'm a fan.

4) Lost In Transition
This girl does not blog often and hasn't updated her blog for some time now. I suspect that it might be due to her latest love life. Anyway, I am still an admirer. There is something fascinating about her that cannot be pin-pointed. She is like this sweet, young banker babe who has been to places. Well, not all that sweet, some of her postings stirred my imagination cup and made me lose quite a few nights of sleep, as in "Damn, dat guy, shit, I should be the one". Overall, shes cute and endearing, you just wanna protect her, by following her blog quietly, by the side and waiting patiently... patiently for the next post.

5) Wonky Tong
She is bold, upfront and confident enough to find humour in every situation that she can be in. Plus, damn, she is naughtier than we all think. I'm still getting hyperventilations every other day as she continues to reveal herself on her blog. Don't think that just because she is the Sista of the non-defunct Bubblemunche, she has to look the nerdy and loser part.

6) Brenbren
Your very classy and beautiful lao chio(Attractive mature lady). Or as Ah Lim likes to put it, "old veg". Old or young, this is one veg you have to date! She puts herself across so well, she seems so capable and determined in her work. Takes pride in whatever she does, and that makes anyone attractive. Plus, she is so fun-loving. Party babe, boozing energizer bunny and cradle-watcher(her interest in BOYS, and I'm one). Hot Chix, this one.

7) Sarong Party Girl
The most controversial and no-holds bar blog in this part of the blogosphere. Her confessions and relevations are shocking. Hers are thoughts and acts that, depicts a very confused and messed-up life. But who are we to judge? Maybe I'm just a boring and poor Yellow-skinned, while she is living her life with all the freedom and devil-may-dare attitude in the world. That though, makes her all the more interesting to me. I would very much like to know her better. She writes well though, albeit, a bit difficult to follow at times as my England isn't as powderful. Apparently, my other "brain" located south, took up most of my resources. Plus, I have an ambition. Through her, I like to prove that Asian Guys do not lose out to the Ang Mohs in bed. C'mon, support local production...

Top 7 on my list. I'm gonna stop here. "7, why not 6, why not 8? 7 just sounds right?" as quoted by the Devil(Elizabeth Hurley) in Bedazzled. I'm thinking of following up with a posting on the List of Chicks That I will not Date. But I digress. It may be too controversial and the weather's warm lately, I might not be able to take the flames. Plus, as of right now, there is only one blogger chick that I will not date(Those who know me, will know who she is).

Extra Time: Boxing Joe has some thoughts and hear him rant...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Pay and Play, Play and Pay...

I have a friend, lets call him Eason. Apparently he has raging sexual hormones. Horny bastard we call him. Whenever he clubs, he is always on the lookout for girls to pick up and get fresh with. Actually, all guys are on the lookout to get fresh, but lets just say that this guy is marginally more hardcore. There was once when he kinda got lucky on one outing and he had the most fun out of it. Then he followed up by dating her. On that date, the girl took the liberty of assuming that he should pay for everything. He did. And he never did ask the girl out again. His reason: The girl was out to "chop" him like a carrot. Our view: Cheapo bastard. Want to play, but don't want to pay.

I have another friend, lets call him Delon. This guy is your trademark family man. Loyal to his significant other half. Even one time, I was with him at a KTV(the kind with xiao jie), he was very decent and well-behaved. He had his fun chatting and drinking but he did not take "advantage" of his host at all. Well, end of the night, he still paid up the same amount as what we all did. Also, like to mention that when we club, he would almost always open a bottle and pay for it, refusing to take in money from the others. He doesn't drink alot too. Our view: Generous jolly-good fellow. Want to pay, but don't want to play.

Hence I have a term to describe the cheap Eason. Everytime he tried to pull off his budget pick-up acts, we would use this term behind his back. Eason Plays, Delon Pays... EPDP for short. And its application goes like this ,"Nabe, EPDP again!"

This posting is dedicated to Eason, my most horniest.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Thou Shall Not Date...

Recently, I got to know this cute chick. Apparently, all hopes of any possible romance dwiddled away before it could even start, when she splurted the following:

1) I will never date a blogger. (WHACK!)
2) My future boyfriend will not be in Sales. (THUMP!)
3) My star sign is Scorpio. (HOOT!)

Reason 1, we all know why. Bloggers leak of mistrust. You never know when your darkest, sleaziest secrets will spill into the blogosphere.

Reason 2, lets just say that my occupation is closely linked to Sales. And I harbour no intention of changing profession any time soon.

Reason 3, this is a more complicated one. From my trial-&-errors, I have realised that Scorpios and Libras are never compatible one tad bit in romance. On paper, they are hopeless. Even as friends, Scorpios merely get along so-so with me. Oh yah, an interesting observation, on paper, male and female Libras are supposed to generate sparks like a live cable but from my experiences, NADA.

I have made a list of characteristics in girls that I will not date:

1) Those who show signs of sadomasochism. Those girls that like guys who treat them bad. Since I'm one guy who treats his girlfriend like a Princess. I will resolve not to give myself any chance of falling for those who DON't deserve my Lurve.

2) Girls who talk too much or too little. It can be very painful to be on a date with a lady who either keeps his mouth shut or blabble non-stop. A balance would be fine. And talk during appropriate times.

[To be updated...going out now...will publish first though]

Anyway, its been raining a lot for the past one week. Seems like a little too early for the rainy seasons. Anyhow, the Sun has not been too bright lately, from my vintage point of view, the mountain towards the north has been misty, its been cold. Singles need some warmth. Its the mating session again.

3) Girls who date any Tom, Dick or Harry. I'm a ego-istic bastard. Where would the sense of achievement be if i'm in the same league as Tom Chan, Dick Lee and Harry Kong.

4) Classy girls who come from a too-well-to-do family coupled with high expectations. I'm a heartlander. I think nothing of taking the bus and MRT. Eating at hawker centres. And swearing "KNN", "CCB" and "F man". And talking with my mouth full.

5) Colleagues generally(Exception exist though). Basically, don't shit where you eat.

6) Close friends' ex-girlfriends(Exceptions exist, conditions apply*)
* - Must have Close friend's willing approval and blessing. Must like ex-gf(his) alot.



I tried my best. Only 6 points to show for it. Seems like there are not a lot of characteristics in gals that would put me off dates. Yes. I'm cheap. I'm easy. I'm a man-whore. Date me...

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Hoot Me If You Dare...

Most of those who have drank with me, would never doubt my capability to hold my liquor. Like what a friend noted,"... would never ever let himself be caught drunk." The relevation came a few days ago, while I complaining about my pissed state and was nursing my hot tea after a long night of drinking. A friend bent over to me and whispered,"Don't pretend this shit with me maaann.... I know that you are not even half way there... I know you well."

Counting back, I did not do so badly. Started with a bottle of beer in the early evening, then adjourned to meet a friend whose crazy pub mate kept asking me to down his very vile "whisky thick thick, mixer thin thin" concoction. Then I proceed to the final venue for more beer, vodka cranberry, long island tea. And to top it off with 4 tequila shots at the dance floor. I was still standing and walking, high no doubt, probably one more tequila shot away from Never Never Land, but still alive. I was pretty impressed with myself too.

The truth is, I never think of myself as someone who can drink well, in fact, I think I have the alcohol capacity of a 14-yr old adolescent when I compare myself to the rugby players in college, who downed beer by the pints. But when I do best, is that I know my state. I know when I have to go slow, when I can afford to take in that tequila shot, when to puke before I get knocked out And my theory is simple,"Long as you are able to figure out whats going on around you, you are safe."

I can't remember the last time I blanked out, nor could I remember the last time I couldn't make it back to my bed, on two feet.

Drinking kakis, you have gotta whack me harder...

Friday, May 06, 2005

Why I Enjoyed Dating M'sia Chicks...

Finicky Feline's latest entry on Why S'pore guys should date M'sia chick had set off my awareness.

Aware of not why I should start to date M'sia chick, but on why I used to have a thing for M'sia chicks. She has been creative enough to list down so many points. However, I believe a variation of her first point...

1) They’re well known for their shununess (some of ‘em anyway) and their beauty. I’ve always heard S’porean men praising M’sian girls, but never the other way around (sorry folks, am just stating the facts)

...was the main reason why I was attracted to them. And that they seem like very simple and nice girls, not so materialistic. Before I carry on, I like to disclaim that I am not comparing S'pore gals against M'sia chicks(I still need to date S'pore chicks, okie?). I am only going to talk about M'sia chicks.

One of the initial factors was when I gota meet a few of them during university days and they were first of all, very friendly. None of the "oh-you-wanna-fuck-me-ultimately-thats-why-you-wanna-know-me" airs, which was quite the topic during my time there, among the guys at least. They are very easy-going. And you can pretty much rant on anything under the sun and you wouldn't get very severe rejections upon hitting any uncomfortable topic. Come to think of it, I can't seem to think of any uncomfortable topic which pissed off a M'sia chick before.

They are also generally very thrifty and hence, very considerate of your expenditure whenever you date. That is quite a huge pull-factor when you are a poor student.

Of course, I'm not that chaste. One reason for me attacking the M'sia chicks was the fact that most of them are far far away from home. Usually living here with a few girlfriends. From personal experiences and analysis. These people tend to be lonely. Give them the attention, throw in the extra hours and pile on excursions to places which she hasn't known of yet and you will have a very high hit rate of having breakfasts with her often.

Well, I haven't actually gotten breakfasts from those efforts before. But I had gotten quite a few suppers though.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Here Lies A Blog That Wasn't So Wise...

My tribute to Bubblemunche,

"Here lies a blog
that wasn't so wise
It famed another blog
that was its own size"

I know thats not true, but it sounded so nice.

Apparently, Bubblemunche just committed a blogicide and he had to end it so aruptly. He claimed that the reason for him blogging is now gone and I am seriously wondering what can that reason be?

I'm very sad. I find that I have quite an affinity for this loser. Just when he doesn't seem so much like a loser anymore, he has done it again.

Bubble. How can you do this to us?

=D <========8

Anyway, to each his own.

All the best to you, Bubble, in your future endeavours.

Just continue to support my blog, ok?

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

How To Pick Up Thai(The Language, Not the Chicks)...

A lot of people, upon hearing that I have spent almost a year in Thailand, would ask me,"So, you can speak Thai well?" I would say,"Yes, pretty proficient."

What I wouldn't add, is this. During my stay in Bangkok, I realise that, while I have absolutely no trouble chatting up chicks at the clubs, I do not understand the Thai males very well. Vice versa. Thai chicks have no problem understanding my Thai, while the males have trouble catching me. Which, in a way, fortifies my belief that my keen interest and formidable progress in the language, is in no small part, due to my attraction for the opposite sex.

The other major part, I would disclose, is due to my liking for Thai pop. The language just sounds so nice on its own, and when stringed into melodies, its simply so catchy and soothing. Of course, Thai chicks will be impressed when this newbie foreigner can recognise the Thai artiste, their songs and how to sing them.

This is where I started out.

Here are a few of my favourite Thai Bubblegum Pop. You can actually play out the songs on the site. Do try them out and enjoy.

1) Glaa Por Mai by Potato
2) Kon Jiam Dtua by So Cool
3) Rueng ma-hat-sa-jan"(Miracle) by Sofa
4) Ror yoo dtrong nee(Waiting Here) by Hum
5) Kon mai ao taan(Good for Nothing) by Big Ass

I'll share more of them next time round.

Good night.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Far East Square on a Sunday morning...

I have been Far East Square quite a few times, normally in the evening. Either to meet up with friends for dinner or as a rendevous point for a night out. To me, it was simply an upscaled Lau Pa Sat. An eating place by Shenton Way. Not this morning though.

I was there for Dim Sum breakfast. It was in the late morning. Very quiet. Few people were around, drinking coffee and reading the Sunday Times. The pace of life felt slow. There was some charm in that state and it was different. I did not come to Shenton Way and expected to experience tranquility.

I walked around for awhile. And for once, I actually admired the place. Certain area had that open feel and yet still air-conditioned. The place was clean(I like clean). And one particular part of the place, the market, just felt so rustic to me.

Overall, it felt like Singapore had come to a standstill. It was nice. Maybe I'll go there for breakfast again soon... on another sunny, quiet Sunday morning.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Warm Watercress Soup...

Just some rants to start things off. I'm not saying this for the sake of saying this, but I must realy confess that I have been a bad blogger. I have been slacking since my last posting and now ending up with a major dose of blog-guilt.

There has been a slight change in my commitments and lifestyle since the early part of this week so I reckoned that I just gonna re-shuffle my schedule. The emphasis was on my sleep and maximising my waking hours outside of my working hours. I have no idea why blogging hasn't been part of that plan.

Or perhaps I have been too happening lately. Come to think of it, I had been partying and drinking over the weekend. Even as I blog right now, I am wondering if I would venture to a watering-hole in Holland Village later on.

Ok, back to my sentimental side. I had watercress soup for dinner with my family. It was a normal affair, we usually dine together on Sundays. Except that this watercress soup in particular, suddenly jotted up some near-distant memories of mine.

While I was spending my days in the University of British Columbia, I had too much time on my hands and not enough close friends. I was on an Exchange Programme, hence wouldn't be there for more than 5 months. I was very fortunate to have gain the friendship of two friends, Trevor and Jeff. These 2 chaps have put in their efforts to try and include me into their activities and made me feel like I actually had a social life. Without them, I might have been better off alone. I had my house mates, I do know a few people around campus but those were more of the acquaintance kinda thing. With pure acquaintances, you do not call them every now and then, and to try to intrude into their life. With pure acquaintances, you feel bad about making useasking for special favours. With friends, you would call them freaking often and try to get special favours done.

Family, was one aspect that I missed while I was over there. Most important, food was always laid out nice and timely on the dining table every evening. I remember once, Jeff, whose a Malaysian, had his parents over for the month and it was a weekend. I was invited to his place and his mom cooked. I was really heart-warming, to be sitting down, having home-cooked food, with a family. I swear I felt a single tear but it might be due to me choking on the char siew(red roasted pork).

While I was in BC, I had to plan for every single meal. There were a few options, either I cook for myself(not worth the cost and time, effort is not a issue, I actually enjoyed cooking, its therapeutic), I get some take-outs in mass(and make them last a few meals) or I could venture out into the wild and hunt for it. The last option was the most commonly exploited.

Most of the time, I would take the easy way out for dinner, and walk over to the University Village, only place where decent dinner would be found within the campus. Come to think of it, it wasn't that easy either. My townhouse was situated at one end of the campus and the Village wasn't exactly centrally located. I takes me at least 10 or 15 minutes just to get there(one-way trip).

While at the Village, 90% of the times, I would tuck into food from this stall, runned by a Hong Konger. Its always their chicken fried rice or the stewed-beef rice After awhile, it seemed pretty much like a ritual. Most of the time, dinner time at the food court was pretty quiet and to add to that, its not that common to find a guy who dines at the same place everyday, alone. The nice lady who ran the stall with her husband began to warm up to me with time. She soon knew that I was a Singaporean on an exchange programme and most of all, I think she could sense how lonely I was. Before I knew it, she would always give me complimentary soup, most of the time, watercress soup.

To anyone reading this, it may not seem like a great deal.(After all, they do offer the "Soup of the Day" at a fee and I had been patronising their stall so often. So what is a bowl of soup?) But it was something to me. Her gesture to me, was kindness and goodwill in its most sincere form. Nevertheless, the "motive" in brackets was hidden in the back of my mind.

All suspicions vanished when, upon realising that I was leaving, she asked for my contacts. When I got to Singapore, I received a post card from her, wishing me all the best in my endeavours. I was very touched, to mention the least. There must have been Watercress Soup in my tears.

Somehow, I couldn't find that card anymore. It must have been lost when I changed my desk. I do not have her address with me anymore and I have not received any more cards from her since. But I will always remember that one card she sent.