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Saturday, December 31, 2005


我一路向北 离开有你的季节
你说你好累 已无法再爱上谁
风在山路吹 过往的画面全都是我不对
细数缠魁 我伤你几回

我一路向北 离开有你的季节
方向盘周围 回转着我的后悔
我加速超越 却甩不掉紧紧跟随的伤悲
细数缠魁 我伤你几回
停止狼狈 就让错纯粹

~ 一路向北,周杰伦

The above number has been playing on Repeat mode for the past few days. I think its the most appropriate one to sum up my year of 2005.

I'll just be a blank face, staring haplessly as the clock strikes 12 midnight.

I apologise to any readers who are unable to understand the Mandarin verses above. Its been a good year. Best wishes for the incoming one.

Heart, Feel & Embrace,
The Period

Saturday, December 24, 2005

X'mas At the End of The Year...

There is always something special when X'mas is in the air. The only festive which rhythms with love, coupled with the fact that it kinda marks the passing of another year. Bonuses is another high factor, cheeks just seem rosier when the pocket is fat.

Paint the streets with glittering lights of joy. Another time for reflection. A time to start pondering on expectations for the coming year. I think the most important word I have grasped this year, is "Priority". Living life the way I want is one thing, controlling how I want to live it is another. I control my activities and choice of lifestyle, not the other way round.

Thanks to everyone who has painted on my canvass for the past year in one way or another, be them good painters or a fuck-up ones.

Merry Christmas!

Rain, Kisses & Love,
The Period.

Now listening,
Last Christmas by Jimmy Eat World

Friday, December 23, 2005

Best Present this X'mas...

The sales man must have recognised me after so many times of me sneaking up onto the display, such that he doesn't want to offer his help anymore for the very reason that he doesn't want to cause me more unnecessary embarressment. Countless times during the past few days, battling the insane traffic and crowd in the bustling street. I have been meaning to buy it for you, as there is nothing else I know which you may like, but with this... I can already see the sparkle in your eyes.

You must be happy this season, with all the gifts and love that will be showered on you. Without him, is your heart going to be warm or cold this x'mas? While I know there is no greater gift for me this x'mas than the opportunity to present this to you, Mr.Reality has told me that its not going to happen.

Its definitely not the price tag. I just lack the courage. Courage to face any more false hopes that I may still harbour. You will not understand, and this... I can understand.

I'm sorry.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Food For The Soul...

I believe that music is food for the soul and that a wide preference of genre is always a healthy diet. At any one point though, there will always be 1 or 2 most preferred genre. I call it craving.

Been very much into Drum n' Bass, Trance and Chill. The feel, emotions when you let the music dictate your flow and blank out your thoughts, worries. No words, thats cool. I have always been one to be frugal on words.

Courtesy of Spinnee, I have managed to uncover a gem in and Chris Huelsbeck is good. is like an Oasis in the middle of Cyberspace. Free! Free food for the Soul!

Also from, the description for Trance,

Trance combines repetitive yet evolving melodies, multiple layers and threads, quantised patterns, and smooth/sweeping pads together to produce music that depends strongly on composition to keep everything clear and not mindlessly repetitive. Drums and percussion may be present in 4-on-the-floor style but are not given the same importance that they receive in genres such as breakbeat or drum’n’bass - if anything, they may lurk in the background or be brought in and out of the mix as the track demands. As the name suggests, trance aims for being hypnotic and trance-inducing - a way of using music to achieve an altered state of consciousness and, as such, shares musical roots with religious and spiritual music across the ages.

Is this how Nirvana feels like? Would I be floating around amidst the horizons of neverending sunsets, feeding on Ambient Trance? At the rate I'm going to Zouk, my Church @ Jiak Kim St., every weekend, it is truly becoming of a religion to me.

The sky is grey, the house is dark and cozy. Parents are lounging around in the living room(meaning they are not nagging). I'm in my deep abyss, accompanied by my Salt Crystal Lamp and Lava Lamp, "Sunday Brunch Buffet" has never been sweeter.


CHRIS HUELSBECK - Timeless Passion
B0UNC3 - Paradise on E
DONUTIX - The Second Sun (Part 1)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Feliz Navidad...

7 years ago, in an obscure corner of Zouk...

"Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day, You gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special." ~ Last Christmas, Wham!

This year...

"I don't want a lot for Christmas
There's just one thing I need
I don't care about presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true...
All I want for Christmas
Is you..." ~ All I Want For Christmas, Mariah Carey

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I Club With My Heart...

The club at Esplanade called DXO. Anyone knows what it means? If no one does, then I assume it stands for "Durian XO". Sounds appropriate, don't you think? Its in Esplanade, which happens to be our "Durian" and XO happens to be a grade for the fruit. So instead of saying, XOD(XO Durian), like how we locals normally say it, they call it DXO, like how the ang moh calls it. Surname(aka last name) behind. Sound more high class that way hor?

Went to birthday party at DXO last night, which theoretically speaking, I crashed for the very reason that, all I consumed within, were free drinks on the host. Now that I realise it, I'm feeling damn pai sei(kinda means embarressed). Should have bought the birthday gal another Flaming Lamborghini at least. But if it makes me feel better, erm, she was lying on the couch, frontal down when I was leaving. So I guess, it makes no sense to buy her another one even if I wanted to. Heh heh heh...

There was a guest DJ from Oxford who was spinning Drum'n'Bass, and it was raunchy good. Crowd was starting to form just before I left after midnight. Overall, not a very packed arena but I actually like it that way. People there grooving, were there for the music, not just to pose. And we were mobbed. 3 girls in white & red outfits came blazing onto the dance floor. One of them, a tall chick wearing a lowly-slung from shoulder, mid-riff baring tee, I like!!! *Drool* They were distributing some sticker wrist-bands with their URL on it.

*Gal reaches out wrist-band to me*

"Whats that?" (I thought she was selling the wrist-band for charity)

"To show that you have GREAT TASTE!!"

(Yah! I have GREAT TASTE in music leh!)

I'm a very easily flattered person, that statement shot up to my head faster than a Belvedere tequila shot and I was still in a daze when she secured the wrist-band on me. It could have been a S&M handcuff round my wrist and I might not even have resisted.

Here's their site. They are cool. Red Mob. Think its a campaign organised by Singtel to show that they are a wholly cool organisation, or they might just be sponsored by Singtel. Former more likely. Nevertheless, the chicks, yeah, they're cool...and Hawt too!

Adjourned to Phuture and Zouk for another lesson in a "Not Recommended" clubbing practise. Its like drinking red wine. You move on to deeper favours just so you can appreciate every single one of them in order, likewise for a night..the tempo should get faster, not slower. Progressive House, Progressive House... Have you ever heard of Degressive House? No right? Like say... R'n'B, Break beats, some Progressive House and Drum'n' Bass. I know people don't eat it this way, but just as an EXAMPLE! After tasting Drum'n'Bass at DXO for round 1, the rest of the night left me with a lingering yearn for the D'n'B @ DXO. Kinda dampens the Zouk experience slightly.

N'mind. You3 Gen1(direct translation meaning, have root, go figure), our Pharoah of MOS(Ministry of Sound) @ Clarke Quay, who has re-discovered Tripleperiod, has promised us a solid table, at a prestigious location for its hard launch on the 16th December.

In case you forget further details about our discussion. This is what I put forth. One table, perenially "Reserved" for YouGen's friends. So next time, at the door, your brothers just need to say "YouGen's table", and they can skip all queue, bomb da bar and slaughter chicks in da house. How sei(stylo milo) would that be? In return, erm, you will get our presense in the club. I'm not sure how much that helps though.

Anyway, last night, I witnessed an embrace. 10 seconds. An embrace without words, the heart speaks. An embrace, celebrating whatever romance there had been, a journey worthy of remembrance. It said "Thank you for having walked with me, hand-in-hand." It makes the relationship "last" forever.

Is that how relationships should end? Why should most break-ups end up in scars and lingering effects that carries over to the parties' next relationship, like a nuclear fissure reaction? Thats not right!

People, we should all learn the right way to love. Tripleperiod, henceforth known as, The Period, will teach you, as he clubs with his heart...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

mrbrown for Best Asian Blog...

The time has come to take a stand.

Best Asian Weblog and I'm with mrbrown for the following reasons.

1) There are only 3 blogs out of the list that ring a bell.
2) Its the only one of the 3 that I like.


Suddenly, I'm thinking of churning out a very personal entry to tell all why I do not like the other 2 blogs. While I can already imagine how personal it can get and how much that would guarantee people sitting up and take notice, it would also involve telling people alot of things, extremely private and personal stuffs inclusive.

Very dire consequences. Very.

Anyway, mrbrown. Whose with me?

Love Song Love?...

Songs, mostly sing of love, be it blatantly or not. Ever wonder how they seem to feel more lucid every time you are in love or out of it?

"Banging on your front door
My pride spilled on the floor
My hands and knees are bruised and now I'm crawling back to you
Begging for a second chance
Are you gonna let me in?
I was running from the truth and now I'm crawling back to you
" ~ Crawling Back to You, Backstreet Boys

Bubblegum pop, yes.

Nice lyrics, but they don't sound good without the tune.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Blurry Vision, Blurry Thoughts...

Initially, I thought it was the quality of the movie, Aeon Flux, that started the eye irritations on Saturday noon. Dismissed it as something that would go away in an hour or two, but no. Pus was secreted, plaguing me with random, cloudy visions for the rest of the night while I was chilling out at the-next-place-to-be-seen-in-town, Balcony. The condition got worse over the night and I was forced to cut my night short.

Went to the Doctor on Sunday morning and he was quick in bestowing me with 2 days of MC. 2 days? "Sunday and Monday",so I thought. While scribbling on the MC, I noted that he wrote "5 x 6", which I did not comprehend. So I probed,"5x6, what does that mean?"

"Oh... MC. You are not suppose to be in contact with your colleagues, or you will hear no end of it."

My blurry vision got the better of me and I let it rest although I do not see how his answer and my question would concur with each other. In my mind, I had self-conjured definitions like "5 or 6 days...12 hours each day?" Now, I seriously have doubts on the functionality of the algorithm coding that dictates my train of thought.

I was on MC on Monday. Today, I went to work, still with very sore eyes. Hiding behind my shade, I drew tons of attention. Little surprise when everyone would quip about it and one smart colleague remarked...

"CANNOT BE!! 2 days MC! Cannot be inclusive of Sunday! Must be yesterday and today."

All of a sudden, ABRA-CA-DA-BRA!!!! That made perfect sense to me.

I stumbled to Human Resource, requesting to see my MC and in the full glory of my Doc's handwriting were the numeros...

"5 x 6 /12"

Meaning.... 5 and 6 of December. There wasn't even a need to indicate the year 2005.

That was so DUHH!! For F***-sake, what was I thinking?

Damn, need. to. wake. up.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Past Few Days in KL...

"Be off to KL tonight. back on Fri, 8pm. Don't miss me too much." has generated the following responses from friends.

"Won't. Must wear. Go Jalan Sultan Ismail."

"Sheesh.. have fun! If you can't be good, be careful"

Their "worries" were pretty unfound. The past few days has been an intensive schedule of presentations and constant struggle to keep lids apart. The only time there was any "happening" was when we were told by our local counterparts to, at least check out the Health Spa on the 3rd floor of our hotel. On a full stomach and not prepared to surrender to our beds, we dropped by.

What my colleagues had said, is true. Scantily-dressed ladies walking around. This was no massage joint, its a f*** shop. I knew that we were going to have a tough time trying to be good. But then again, there was another interesting recommendation by another colleague, which was the Facial treatment at 60 ringgit. Yeah, Its always good to be careful. At least now, I know what most of us guys are now missing out on. Not so much for the vanity factor, but it was really quite shiok.

Another highlight of the trip was the realisation that I can actually binge if I want to. Buffet breakfast, buffet lunch, seafood dinners, the uncountable tea breaks and room service club sandwiches, there was not much stopping me on the round table. I think thats easily 3x what I consume on an average day.

It also dawned on me that I tend to consume more food each time I'm overseas. Could it be my primitive survival instincts? Since prehistoric times, our ancestors were probably nomads, moving from place to place and each time you end up in a foreign environment, your mind just instigates you to chew on anything that is edible, because you do not know/expect when your next meal will be or looks like.

Yeah, I think that should be the case. The extra laden of 2kg round my waist must be the calling of my ancestry.