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Thursday, April 27, 2006

I wish I'm a Lambo but...

I'm a Ferrari 360 Modena!

You've got it all. Power, passion, precision, and style. You're sensuous, exotic, and temperamental. Sure, you're expensive and high-maintenance, but you're worth it.

"Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Zhng My Horse...

This is a true conversation between two guys, which might even fit into mrbrown and Mr. Miyagi's "Zhng My Car" podcast easily.

A: True, having a car is definitely much easier to sian char bo. Even if you take cab all the way, its just not the same.
B: Its funny how time flies. Just a few years ago, we were in hostel, scrimping on every single cent for dinner and drinks, now we are playing around with cars. Within our budget now.
A: Yeah. Boys will be boys, no matter how old you are, you still need toys. The only difference is, how big the toys are. They just keep on getting bigger and more expensive.
B: I have this theory on why guys like cars so much.
A: Why?
B: Its all survival. Since prehistoric days, the most desirable caveman has always been the one who hunts down the most rabbits, thus able to provide more. In modern days, its the guy who brings home the most dough. Since a car nowadays, is to some extent, an indication of their wealth, the Lamborghini dude out there is bound to be laying a lot of chicks.
A: Talk about prehistorics, I think last time, when there were no cars, horses would have served the same purposes. In fact, I think horses were more essential then. No public transport. You want to bring char bo to ulu places to hanky panky at night. Without horses, you have to walk there and back maaan. Which sane char bo will go with you?
B: Yah lor. Instead of brands like Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Toyota, they probably have different breeds. Like mule and donkey for lower budget. Then for horses, they have local breed or Italian Stallions. Different horses, different sizes, different speed.
A: And when choosing horses, you have to take into consideration their "food consumption". Like 1 kilo of oats, can travel how many kilometres.
B: They even have different kinds of horses. Work horse, family horse and racing horse(Ferrari). And you can zhng them.
A: Yeah, like using "Recaro" saddles, "HKS" riding rope and "Brembo" horse shoes. Then you sent to trainer to "tune" your horse.
B: Then each household might even have more than one horse. Weekend, you want to sian char bo, you ask to take the "Family Horse" out instead of your pony.
A: Yeah. And they probably have to pay "Road Taxes" too. Bigger "cc", pay more. Then each horse has life span wan. Ten years, old horse liao, can put to sleep. If healthy, can extend, then come 20 years, bo pian must really put to sleep.
B: Why? 20 years confirm cannot walk liao meh?
A: No lah. 20 years horse, everyday kena ridden hard, dun die will also go crazy. Crazy horses are dangerous. The gahmen will not risk that.
B: Hahahahaha. Then when going drinking in Inns, you have to find "Parking Lots" for your horse. Maybe even have "Valet" leh.
A: Again same thing, when picking up chicks, you can go "Eh babe, I'm riding a 56' Italian White. I send you back later?"
B: Then those with no ride leh? "Eh babe, later I walk you back?"
A: Yah, times have changed, tools changed but the concept is the same.
B: Time to go back to work.

The end.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cats Are Not Just Cats...

After having heard of the beauty of the Norwegian Forest Cat, I decided that I would like a close-up look of the cat at some point in time. A random drop-in on a Pet Shop in Holland Village lead me to an outlet of Pet Station in Frankel Avenue, where I dragged Mr.Husky along.

His reaction to my visit was one of humour,"Huh? Look at cats? Cats are cats, whats there to look at?"

A show-up at the outlet awed us momentarily. Sure. Cats are cats but there were so many breeds in the outlet that I realised our impression of cats is really limited to the Singapura around us.

Of course I manage to lay my eyes on the NFC that I came for. It was truly the "Siberian Husky" of the Cats World. There were also so many big "Tigers" around. Some breeds that I remember seeing, American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Maine Coon, Javanese, Birman (The blue eyes, they "electrified" me) and Ragdoll.

Among which, we also noticed that Maine Coon(the foreign talent version) cost up to S$1.6k whereas the same breed(locally breed) is easily half the price. Different breeds I can understand, but for the same breed, at double the pricing just because you have to import, is just not so easily apprehenable at first thought. End of the day, aien't they suppose to exhibit similar traits and do similar "work"? Ok, maybe some traits(appearances and accent) might differ but in this case, they look and sound the same to me.

End of the day, a final quote from Mr. Husky,"Wah. Really leh! Cats are not just cats."

Aien't they like humans too? ;p

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Road Consciousness & MOS with Tiesto...

Yesterday, was driving west along PIE when I was pasting the Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, I caught a glimpse of a black Mazda 3 on the left road shoulder, crashed. No emergency light and no driver outside vehicle. Was so fast that I found myself way past the site and wondering what could have gone wrong. I was disturbed. He might have been waiting for a toll-truck? Or just hanging around for help from friends? But what if he had crashed badly and every driver just zooms by, assuming the best? At that moment, I realise if I did not do anything, I wouldn't be able to sleep well for the next few days at least. So I dialled 995. I wasn't sure how bad situation was but I was a good feeling to know that whatever I did in my capacity, might have been able to save a person's life, and thats good enough.

Somehow, Dj Tiesto did delivered last night but I don't think he did impress. It was a truly carnival feel at MOS in the build-up to his set. Highlight of the night was when Xue-shuang flew over from Hong Kong impromptu-ly and I presented her to an un-assuming Energizing Bunny. Her expressions and the shreaks. Priceless. A pity it was too dark for me to take a video. Fun wasn't it? Your best friend, supposely thousands of miles away, suddenly right in front of you, just moments before the hottest party in town.

I did a count, I met 4 new guys and 8 new girls last night. At the end of the night, I realise I only remember 3 guys and 1 gal's name. Forgot about remaining guy and jumbled up the 7 girls name. I also realise Singaporean girls look alike. It seemed to be me as if I was staring at the same face albeit different sizes all night long. Must be the similar ways that they apply make-up. Maybe if the gals stop putting make-up, I'll have a much easier task remembering all of them but I'll also end up having a frightful experience in clubs. Muah hahahahahaha!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Having some spare time in the evening, I dropped by a car accessories mart in Bukit Timah to shop for car shampoo and some cleaning "tools".

I did not realise how much I love my car, until I was shampoo-ing myself just now and all that was I was thinking, was how shiok my car would be feeling when I'm shampoo-ing her.

This obsession is getting abit too far.

On the other hand, I'm not sure if I'm on heat or what. Bumped into my new neighbour today and she's quite the babe. Aien't exactly the hottest chick in town, but if there ever was a sweetest chick, she'll nail it hands-down. That cute frame in mini-skirt. The way she constantly wears a smile on her face. The way her dogs can't get enough of her and she seems to so enjoy cuddling them. I'm amused whenever the dogs stop bothering to bark just so they can turn around to greet her.

Looks like I'm not the only one obsessing around here.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Whatever it takes...

Some time back, I had told myself that if Dj Tiesto ever comes to Singapore, I will attend his gig, no matter what price I have to pay. Looks like my faith is to be tested. Unable to secure a table nor advance tickets, I am left to fend for a spot in the queue on Friday. I can only pray that the heat will not be sweltering, the clouds will not pee and de-odourants don the surrounding bodies. God bless this fan.

Thats on Friday. Just this morning, I received news of an invitation to Zouk's 15th anniversary party, Crystal Ball. And right now, in my wankingright hand, is the reverred golden ticket.

People who know me well will know that this is one poseur event that I will die to attend. Moment I set my eyes on my ticket, I spotted the "Bring One Guest" and my next thought was "I'm not going with a guy."

Which leaves me with 2 more options. Going alone or bring a girl.

I decided going alone, looks very loser-ish. So it has to be a girl I'm bringing.

Scouting through my list, I realise there are a lot of names I can ask. Some of them are undisputably gorgeous, presentable ladies that I know and yet, I can't bear to ask them. I do not know why, I am reserving my cards.

Until today, a call at 7pm hit me while I was snuggling up at home. It was a lady, a stranger. She was supposed to arrange for an appointment, but apparently, she screwed up. She asked if I could make it at last minute notice, I answered negatively. In the seconds following my hang-up, I couldn't concentrate on my PS2 set. The helpless-ness, the sense of anxiety of her, I couldn't rub off.

I looked at my mobile and dialled the last received call and I asked,"If I come down in 30 minutes time, will that do it for you?"

"Please do!"

35 minutes later, I was walking through the glass door, towards a giggling lady.

Then I realised what I had wanted for the date. I wanted a stranger. I think the key is "excitment". Because with romance, you should never be able to anticipate what you are going to get.

And thats on Saturday.

Monday, April 10, 2006

You betrayed, I fuck...

This is again, one of those subjects which I had always want to post, but refrained from, because I'm afraid some people may get the wrong idea as to who I am referring to.

There are some codes of conduct that you do not do. First of all, if you fall out with a brother over a girl. Its forgivable. Some things are just hard to control, and feelings can't be controlled. But as long as competition is fair, with no back-stabbing, I think there should be no lamenting.

What I find unforgivable is, if you, in the process of trying to win a girl, not only do you try to back-stab your love rival, but at the same time, in attempting to do so, have to get a knife into other innocent parties, that shows a complete non-existent of loyalty. Do I want to be associated with you ever? I doubt it.

People like them can pretend it never happened. Well, the thing is. Not only do they know it happened, everyone else do.


There is this one group of people, whom I dislike and who suddenly came to mind. And I suddenly realise why they are ONE group. Birds of a feather, do flock together. Really, dignified beings should not be sticking around and I wonder why some decent faces among them do.

What do I want to achieve from this posting? Don't know. Do I want people who even know me to take it seriously and guess whether I'm talking about them? Or would I want them to take it lightly, and be less sketical as to whom I'll be referring to?

Maybe, at the end of the day, it doesn't even matter at all. Who am I to judge people anyway? Will I betray people? Acquaintances, maybe. My bitches, unlikely. But one thing is for sure, I do not betray brothers just so that I can get some cheap shots from behind.

You can call me by my name. But next time, please, don't call me "brother". I'll fuck you, understand?