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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Almost Close Encounter With the Blogging Kind...

Just to declare, I had actually met 3 anonymous bloggers so fast. All bloggers are of substantial weightage in the local blogosphere, much as I like to think that I'm the heaviest.

Anyway, I went to Boat Quay today. And half way through my merry making, I kinda thought a lady at the bar counter looks alot like one of the bloggers I met. Not too sure. So I SMSed that blogger for the confirmation of identity. Turned out that the blogger wasn't around but she was at this other pub in Holland V. And she was with a few other bloggers too.

It was interesting. For before I went to BQ, I actually wanted to go home except that a friend of mine asked me out for a drink. I couldn't refuse. At that point in time, I wanted to ask him to go to this particular pub in Holland V too, except I dismissed that thought after 20 seconds.

Thinking of it, I was pretty excited. I mean, I could have met the "other" bloggers by chance had I been there too. For your info, during dinner with my friend, I told him about going to this particular water hole in Holland V and he went,"Damn, you could have told me, I would be all for it." Guess it wasn't meant to be.

But I'm the kind that would be exhilarated had I met up with the "other" bloggers, by chance, in that particular pub. I would marvel at how small the world would be. Would you?

Monday, April 25, 2005

Extrovert or Introvert?

Today, I went up the mountain to seek a conversation with my organisation's charismatic leader, hereby affectionately known as, the Wisely Sage.

During our conversation, it came to a point when he asked me if I'm an extrovert or introvert. I paused for a second.

"Actually, I'm not sure myself. Probably, 70% extrovert and 30% introvert."

Much as I enjoy mingling with people and making new friends, there are also certain times whereby I purposely steered away from potential new meetings, just so that I can avoid the hassles of the introductory bla, bla, blas. While there are times when I enjoy the weekly social activities of a soccer game, there are also times when I rather be inside this own world of mine, in my own room, alone, surfing the net, listening to music or go gourmet appreciating and traveling with Channel 16 on my SCV.

Wisely Sage then defines the terms of extroversion and introversion. Apparently, an extrovert is someone who is energised by reacting to his surroundings(eg. more people around, events going on) and tends to speak faster than he thinks. An introvert on the other hand, is someone who is energised by reaction with his inner self and tends to think more before he speaks.

Wisely Sage set my thoughts deep. I'm confused further, for I am one, who is energised by eating and drinking.

UPDATED @ 2220hrs,
Btw, hot tip here.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Minor case of blog-guilt and blogger's block...

Few denizens of the blogosphere would probably have noticed that I have not been updating my blog for quite a few days now and that is quite some time, considering that I used to post every 1 or 2 days, even twice a day.

I'm feeling a bit guilty over it(blog-guilt), so today, I actually tried to make an extra effort to squeeze a blog entry. I was in front of my laptop for a good 15 minutes, but nothing came out(blogger's block). So, the best that I can do, is to blog about it.

There is also a possible explaination for this creative block of mine. Might be due to the fact that I am currently undergoing a transition phase where my life-style is concerned. I do not know how my day-to-day events will be like from this week onwards. Maybe tomorrow, I might realise that things are going to move smoothly and I might be up and fighting in the blogosphere in no time.

The last reason for this lag thing, is that, I pretty much like my work on the Enola Gay(previous posting) so I want more people to be reading it before a New Kid On The Block comes along.

I'm going to go off now. Stay tuned.


Thursday, April 21, 2005

Enola Gay

Enola gay, you should have stayed at home yesterday

This is the opening line to a song which I endeared very much during my Mambo Jumbo days. The catchy tune and delightful beats, had always made me assume that its a very cheerful song. Apparently, not so.

Just moments ago, I stumbled upon Tricon's blog. In this particular post, he talked about a book which he was reading, regarding the Atomic Bomb. It was horrible(the recounted events, not his writing). I also noticed the name of the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima was Enola Gay. There was only one Enola Gay that I knew in my entire life and it was basic instinct that lead me to associate the two, although I was hoping inside that there is none at all.

I had to investigate. Googled for the lyrics of Enola Gay by OMD and I found it on Reproduced here for your convenience...

Enola gay, you should have stayed at home yesterday
Aha words can’t describe the feeling and the way you lied

These games you play, they’re gonna end it more than tears someday
Aha enola gay, it shouldn’t ever have to end this way

It’s 8:15, and that’s the time that it’s always been
We got your message on the radio, conditions normal and you’re coming home

Enola gay, is mother proud of little boy today
Aha this kiss you give, it’s never ever gonna fade away

Enola gay, it shouldn’t ever have to end this way
Aha enola gay, it shouldn’t fade in our dreams away

It’s 8:15, and that’s the time that it’s always been
We got your message on the radio, conditions normal and you’re coming home

Enola gay, is mother proud of little boy today
Aha this kiss you give, it’s never ever gonna fade away

The resemblence is close enough. It does sound like what Enola Gay did and what he should have done("should have stayed at home yesterday"). I stubbornly refuse to believe that this number, which I had euphorically grooved to, could be rambling about a historic icon of such a dark past.

Hence, another google on Enola Gay to land me here. It had confirmed what i feared.

Excerpt from Enola
At 8:09, the crew of the Enola Gay could see the city appear below; it was time to drop the bomb. Just then, they received a message indicating that the weather was good over Hiroshima. The bomb was released at 8:16 a.m.

Excerpt from Enola Gay, the song
It’s 8:15, and that’s the time that it’s always been
We got your message on the radio, conditions normal and you’re coming home

Yes, the song is about the same plane. Reading through the lyrics, well, its true that there was nothing positive to suggest however the tune of the song was, unmistakably, kinda cheerful in a carnival feel. I imagine all of the kiddos at Zouk partying to the same number and it made me cringe. I hope you understand what I mean.

Also, I entered a mental dillema. Afterall, it was Enola Gay that helped to end the WW2 with the Japanese, at this price. Failing which, the Japanese would probably have gone on to dominate Asia. Hmmm... me? A Japanese? Well, that might not have been so bad, afterall, if I'm born into it and brought up with that belief, I wouldn't be against it at all. Anyway, the reality is that I'm born a Singaporean and the Japanese failed in their WW2 campaign. The latest incident that blew up recently, was how the Chinese demonstrated outside the Japanese Embassy in China, in response to how they refused to own up to their barberic ways during the war, especially the Rape of Nanjing.

I can understand their anger too. It was inhumane how they massacre the city and rape the females. From the recounts of that book, the Chinese were even forced to commit incest in front of their family members. All that the Chinese are asking for, is an acknowledgement of the humiliation that they had suffered and a sign that the Japanese were truly apologetic. Tamade. Having seen the fuck of a proud nation that they are, no wonder their porn industry is so vibrant. On a hindsight, Japanese girls are really cute, hopefully the "Rape of Tokyo" wouldn't happen in WW3.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Recipe for Tripleperiod

If there is something that i enjoy more in my mouth other than beer, I think it has to be a fried egg and ham sandwich. I simply find it very satisfying, to take bites off it and grind on them, taste the egg york and saltiness of the ham. Feeling down and out, or exhausted by the challenges ahead, there is nothing my fried egg and ham sandwich cannot fix.

Given that I am happily blissful from my serving just now. I decided to share my recipe with the blogosphere.

I call it... The Tripleperiod

3 Slices of Bread
1 fried omelette, sunny-side up
1 piece of ham, fried

Lay the first piece of bread down, apply margarine on top, lay the egg on it. Place another slice of bread on top of the egg, follow by the ham. Apply margarine on the third piece and stack it on top. Its easy, its feeling and its warm.

Wash it down with a glass of orange juice for the "Power Breakfast" effect.

Picture of Tripleperiod within the belly of ... *Blurppp*

The best taste in life need not be expensive...

Just when I decided to snuggle my ass into my Chairman's Armchair for the rest of the night, a friend just called up with an extra ticket for a movie later tonight. I'm a bit lazy to get out leh. But "Interpreter" you know?? Nicole Kidman leh... Sean Penn leh... And it doesn't help that the cinema is very near Zouk. Today Wednesday you know? Mambo night leh... Oh Lord, what should I do to resist the temptations?

Blog Going Public...

Listed on BlogShares

Bear with this for a moment, I need to put this one my front page just to "claim" the blog. 1000 out of 5000 shares you know?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

KNN!!! Haven't Enter Casino, Lose $100 Liao?!...

Thanks to Ahmad In Taiwan who had referred us to a posting by Tigerprawn2 in the *Ahem* infamous Sammyboy's Dephi forum(The decent forum lah!).

Yes, I too share similar sentiments. The $100 per day/$2000 per annum does not sit too well with me. We understand that it is to curb possible problems related to gambling addictions, mainly to discourage people who cannot afford to dish out this dough, from betting their family heirloon away. However, we must note that similar problems will exist with or without such "curfews" even as we speak right now. And I do not even need to fork out $2 to step into a Singaporepools booth.

Probably its about time that the government opens up its eyes wide open and see the "real world" as it is(Aien't our scholarly elite leaders from the Ivy Leagues?), and try not to pretend that Singapore's image is that of Alice's Wonnderland where everything is ideal(Want the money and yet not quite willing to face up to its repercussion). Anyway, from what I had seen, money had been set aside to deal with the social problems that may come with this Casino deal. Couldn't this $100 entrance fee be a redundant step towards the same goal?

Given the intentions behind this move, I do not feel that this entrance fee issue will be overturned(not anytime soon anyway). Still, I fucking hope that all the foreigners( Yellow, White, Red, Black, Brown, whatever) will come here, bring in the chucky piece of tourism pie and LOSE ALL OF THEIR FORTUNE(Both liquidated and unliquidated assets). At least, it may come back to us indirectly in the form of ERS or tax rebate whatsoever. Hur hur hur...

Monday, April 18, 2005

Lost Scottish Terrier on 14 April 2005...

For those who have a pet or have ever lost a pet, you would know about the pain. For those who never had a pet before, just pretend that you know about the pain and that it really hurts a great deal.

Just like to spread these words about a Scottish Terrier named Muffins that went missing on the 14 April, along Upper East Coast road. This is one pretty dog. I like Scottish Terriers, I think they are really cute with that beard and goatie. Remember when I was a kid and played Monopoly, I would always take the icon of Scottish Terrier.

Anyway, not to get distracted. If you find this dog or know of its whereabouts, do let me know. I do not mind holding on to it. However, if you want to do the right thing, kindly inform Abigael. Can contact her through her blog. Okie? Would be nice too if you can help to spread the word. Thanks. Bless the Pup.

Ways To Get The Dough...

1) Marry Rich
There is no easier formula than to get rich by finding an already-wealthy sponse. I remember hearing from a friend,"If your dad's not rich, its not your fault but if your spouse's dad isn't rich, it certainly is."
Prequisite: Rich target

2) Start a company, get in suckersVenture Capitalist, Go IPO and Sell-Out
By statistics, it has been said that only 3 out of 10 business ventures fail. Out of these 30 percent chance of succeeding, what are the chances of you succeeding wildly and profitably enough for the Million-Dollar Buck Chase?

3) Multi-Level Marketing
Maybe the Big Time has come and gone but nowadays, I no longer hear of people striking their fortune through this extremist Capitalist scheme. Much as easy as they claim it is, we suspect things aien't as glossy as they seem. A lot of exfriends and acquantances have tried to sell me their MLM Get-Rich Schemes. Last time I checked, none of them are dabbling in it anymore and most of them were even quite pai sei(ashamed) to meet me subsequently. So how feasible can that be?

4) Quick-sell out on E-bay
Trading on Ebay has been one of the greatest thing to come out on the cyberspace in recent years. Last time I saw, some lady has offered to changed her name to GoldenPalace for a lucrative USD 15,000. One of an unborn Triplets sold out his/her name for USD 12,000. C'mon, its not like you are selling your name, you are simply paid to change it for a more swanky one.
Here, I have one brillant suggestion. How about offering your entire body up as an advertising board? Like say, a permanent tatoo advertisement on the rear of your torso. Given the pain and commitment of this deal, you can easily ask for USD 150,000. Thats almost a quarter-of-a-million in Sing $. More adventurous ones can offer more secluded parts(say breast) and expect even better pay-out.

5) Gambling
There are tonnes of people throwing their money in Super High-Risk bets, but not for unknown reasons. Certain bets require small investments(although in bulk, they can be quite a sum), but these are pretty much affordable to them. All they ask for, is that Lady Luck smiles on them for that one instance and thats all they need to hit home run. On established bookmakers like Ladbrokes, you can put in any amount of wager(even 50 cents) and try to predict the scorelines in a single bet slip, you choose the Sports and games. Generally, a 2 bucks wage on 7 scoreline predictions in soccer matches, can yield you more than a Million bucks. Sounds good, sound easy. Boxing Joe hasn't manage to do it until now, so what makes you think you can? *SMURK* Nevertheless, it doesn't seem much harm in throwing a 2 bucks wager in these Combos. Somemore the odds of winning seems much better than Toto, I haven't had time to work on the numerical probability though.

I'm stuck. Only 5 ways to show for my effort so far. Its little wonder that I'm nowhere near my goal. Anyone to offer me some assistance?

Sunday, April 17, 2005

How To Dig Out The Dough...

I can still remember how I was an arrogant young brat, full of aspirations, who told himself that he wanted to be a self-made millionaire by age of 30. Hope levels went up, when years down the road, I get to meet real self-made millionaires. Through my conversations with them and my personal assessment, not all of them seem that smart or appear really capable to me. Thus, I pretty much concluded that they might have gotten rich from the following 2 factors... luck and perserverence. My luck, from my definition here, is doing the right thing at the right place, right time.

Some people claim to have the foresight to do the right things at the right place, right time. Those who have done it and succeeded, naturally owns the bragging rights to such abilities. Those who have failed, on the other hand, simply moved aside and nursed their wounds. Naturally, those who have not yet tried nor succeeded, wouldn't possess these rights either.

I have not tried and hence haven't succeeded. Problem is that I couldn't get my sad ass of my chair to get that million-bucks yielding business venture rolling on. So what are the chances of me getting that million bucks without working for it? There is only one way, gambling(Pro-Casino campaign here). Of cause, like what the Father of my Nation said,"Its a game that you can never win." But what other way out are there for people holding on to a fixed-salaried job, to hit that million bucks. Probability of succeeding, nil. At least, if you push that one buck into a Toto draw, you stand a very, extremely, teeny weeny chance of hitting that Jackpot. Well, people hit Toto, every weekend, why can't it be me?

While at my previous job, diddling with my fixed working hours, waiting for the pay day every month, I would think of the ways in which I could possibly hit my Million Dollar goal in 2 days time.

As I am typing this, its near meal time and my stomach is starting to growl. I will carry on no further. I shall, however, work on a posting, where I will list down a few events whereby we can make that million-buck. To mask the incorrigible gambler in me, I shall slot in a few more practical methods into that list.

Do stay tuned...

Thursday, April 14, 2005

My Very Own Spooky Tale...

I have this feeling that the most defining moment of my adventures on the blogosphere for this week has to be Ah 9's recounts of his supernatural encounters. Read it yesterday, I did not sleep well.

The truth is, I'm afraid of ghostly stories and films. I used to be a sucker for it until one refining moment. I was watching "The Ring" during the midnight slot with my best friend, M. There was a point in the movie when Sadako, the spook, zoomed to the female lead and in a split second, combined with the spontanous sound effect, grabbed the lead's arm with her hand(black-rotten finger nails and all). That very instant, M choose to grab my arm with her reflexed action. How fast her reaction time was! Both hands(Sadako and hers) seem to found their respective targets at the same exact instance. My heart jumped up my throat, hit the nasal roof and dropped back to where it is right now. I was lucky that it did not flew out of my mouth. Since then, I am extremely terrified of ghost and scary movies.

Anyway, talking about Ah 9's recount, I have my share of spooky tales to tell. It happened while I was serving my NS, in the army(Yes, Singaporean males are very un-creative, their spooky tales are always from their army stints). Rumour has it that, there is a female spirit on one end of this particular 2-storeyed bunk. And that explains why, on very hot days, it would be steaming hot anywhere else but the rooms on that particular end, which are always cool.

Anyway, there are only 2 rooms on that end of the building, the trainee's bunk on the 2nd floor and the duty personnel's resting room on the 1st floor. While on overnight duties, we are expected to sleep in the room on the 1st floor.

Twice a month, I would perform my duties. It was a few months after I started that I realise something wasn't exactly right and I dug out these facts. I have a habit of checking out the time before I sleep. So what happened was that, I would fall asleep. And subsequently, at every one hour mark, I would wake up. Firstly, it was the accuracy of the timing, exactly one hour interval. This kinda stuff never happens to me, I would never wake up more than twice a night. Secondly, it was the manner with which I would wake up. I would be unconscious and suddenly, eyes would open up and alert. Its the kind of waking up that results from a nudging by a 3rd-party, except I did not "physically" feel the nudge. After which, I would just resume sleep and the cycle would repeat for at least 3 or 4 times a night. Maybe she was just lonely and just trying to get some attention.

The finale came one day. I woke up, courtesy of the same event, and I decided to go upstairs to check up on the trainees. Now, there was only one staircase up to the second floor and its a pretty small building. I did not spend more than 5 minutes up there. I just went up, walked past all of the rooms, peeped into them, and seeing nothing amiss, I came down. Moment I returned to the first floor, I kinda saw a figure. Lady-liked and yes... the uniformed white in my room.

I did not know why I felt no fear. I carried on walking towards my room, slowly pushed the door open and looked in. I saw no one. I sat on my bed intending to continue sleeping and I realise, that my blanket was folded nicely and placed under my pillow. I NEVER do up my bed at night, especially not when I intend to resume sleep in ten minutes time. Anyway, I murmured a word of "Thanks" and I carried on sleeping, to no further disturbances for the night.

The mystery was... why did I not feel afraid? I attributed it to the fact that I kinda knew "she" was around and after so many months, nothing actually happened to me, so she couldn't be malicious. I also got to know that the waking up at regular interval symptom happens to quite a few other personnel. And here comes the best part, certain personnel who seems "alright" would have no trouble with that room. Some personnel with "not-so-attractive personality"(eg. Chao Ah Bengs or annoying buggers) tend to avoid that room after their first night. One of them was so freaked out that he went upstairs with a mattress and slept in the trainees' bunk. So to what happened to them, I still do not know.

My tolerance for such supernatural encounters aien't like before. To sleep in that particular room for one more night? Not for all the babes on Mohd Sultan Rd on a Monday night...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Our Amazing Human Anatomy...

After a call from a friend to go on a "Ex-coursemate meet-up dinner", despite my urge not to turn up, I still went, for "obligatory" reasons. The rest... is history. But at the end of the night, what amazed me was the Human anatomy. No, not with the voluptious lady with ample revealing cleavage at Velvet Underground last night. Its our digestive system... lets check out what I had stuffed into my body since 730pm last night

1) Tom Yam soup and Beef Curry(ThaiExpress) for dinner.
2) Cafe Americano(Starbucks) for "dessert".
3) Sheesha(Arab Street)
4) Roti Prata and Ginger Tea(River Valley Road).
5) Beer and Bourbon Coke(Velvet Underground).

Tom Yam Soup, Beef Curry. Coffee, the nicotine from Sheesha, Roti Prata, Ginger Tea, Beer and Bourbon all within 6 hours, and I walked out alive. Imagine my realisation when I burped and could taste the Tom Yam and Roti Prata curry while downing my beer at Velvet. That did not make me feel sexy and all as compared to the gorgeous at the scene.

What am I putting into my body? A foodie junkyard? Gota make sure the same thing doesn't occur a second time. I'm not a great fan of frequent toilet visits.

And I like to refute some people's theory that its is impossible to pick up girls at Velvet. I think it depends on which night you go on. A case of supply and demand. It wasn't packed last night and neither was it empty. It was JUST nice. Lotsa space to move around while the club does not seem empty at all, and that, equates to babes not afraid to shake their boob-by. By pure visual estimation, there were more than enough caibabes to go around for the eligible lookers(like us). We were deciding whether to hit on the group of weird, horny-lookingfun-loving, gyrating group on the right who kept throwing us hinting glances or hit on the very hot and chic group on the left who pretendeddid not quite notice us. Ultimately, the thought of letting either party smell the Tom Yam and Prata in us, made us decided that we were best off, just being seen and not heard nor smelled.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Smoky Smoking...

WARNING: If you are under 18 years of age or have no mind of your own, please turn away from this page now. Otherwise, read on...

How many of smokers started smoking even though they were fully aware of the perils right from the beginning? Why do we start on it? Was it under the influence of the advertising campaigns? Peer pressure was the most commonly-cited reason.

I'm sure what we never had, we would never miss. To light up on that very first ciggy, we must have had a very compelling reason(Unless the kiddo was raised in a smoky'family and thus think that its perfectly alright to be fagging).

Its been light years since I lighted my first. No, no one offered me my first one. I was in a lot of mental pain, un-reciprocated love I remember. Kinda stupid if I look back, was a kid, who did not know the rules of the game. He thought that if the guy liked the girl alot and tried hard enough, the girl must reciprocate. Wrong formula, he tried too hard anyway. In that moment of anguish, probably with the scenes(from TVs and movies) of smoking broken-hearted comrades in the back of his mind, he thought it might look good to act the part. No one was looking but it does not really matter much to a narcissist. He wanted the part of a painful soul, he wanted her to see the pain she dealt.

Well, she never had the pleasure of sight. The guy... well... he had stumbled upon one of the great pleasures of life. He... had the better part of the deal. *Lights up*

Spy to Austin Power,"Do you smoke?"
Austin,"I breath, but I don't inhale."

Simone on smoking:
1) They keep you awake and alert.
2) They help you lose weight by making you eat less.
3) You have something to hold in your hands.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Big Fuck('s) Xiaxue Killers

This Big Fuck I tell you, hes good lah. Now he has created a Blogo-wave by doing a blogo-analysis of chio-bu bloggers. by I do not have huge audience and I have a pretty good idea that those who read this blog, more than 80 percent of the hits probably bloggers, who show their support by refreshing this page 5 times a day, which I would appreciate further if they do it 10 times instead. So you would most probably have already seen it.

Anyway, linking to this article is kinda lame as most of you would probably have known, its being popped by Gandhi,chopped by Miyagi and browned. Anyway my point here is this, I suddenly realise that he is very smart for the following reasons:

1) Doing this article is a sure-way to gain attention from those chio bu bloggers, if he hasn't already gotten enough.

2) By including the chio bu bloggers in this entry, he would have gotten into one of their good shoes. All gals like guys to praise them about their looks.

3) This is a first of its-kind idea for a blogger article(as far as my knowledge is concerned), its a sure-way to stamp his copyright on it. Any other up-and-coming articles by any other bloggers, would be tagged with the "un-original" and "un-creative" tag.

4) The article and coverage was FUCKING GOOD... its definitely going down as a clasic. Here's a toast to the Xiaxue Killers...

Brudder. You are good maaaannn! Brilliant.

Friday, April 08, 2005

The Evil of Culinary Blogs

Update at 1152pm on a Friday night...

Do not... I repeat... DO NOT... read culinary blogs late at night unless you are asking for trouble. Because when the desire engulfs you, the only way out, is to yearn to it.

Of all times, this has to come at this moment... 1 day after Mr Brown resolved to keep fit, 4 hours after I turned down a party's invitation to Boat Quay and 1 hour after I decided to give another group's invitation to Thumper a miss(where I can go and try to disturb brenbren). Now I'm all alone, in my room. Succumbing to this temptation is the only thing I can do...

Anyway, its just in time for me to grab the regionally-renowned Nasi Lemak which operates only after 1130pm...

Ciao... bon appetit.

In Thailand, Everything is not always what it seems...

There is this particular lady blogger, who has displayed an unhealthy amount of interest in Patpong(The renowned red-light distinct in Bangkok). Ever since she has heard about my Bangkok trip, she has been bugging me to do a tell-all about Patpong. Unfortunately, this time round, I never visit the place for the following reasons:

1) Crowded and lots of touts, troublesome to navigate. I have to show 7 boys around
the place, I want it to be fast and smooth.

2) No colour discrimination here, only colour preferences. My friends are more
interested in seeing fair-er ladies and Soi Cowboy has more of those.

3) I'm sick of it. I used to live 5 minutes walk away from the darn-place.

As such, I only brought them to Soi Cowboy throughout the trip. But now, thinking back, I should have brought them to Patpong. The hustle of the place, the heat, the neon lights, the pasar malam within and the scale of the A-go-go joints are really unique. Nowhere else can you find a similar setting.

I can clearly remember my first visit to Patpong. I was new to Thailand and my colleague was doing the "orientation" program for me. So, after having dinner and beer at our usual dining haunt, Suan Lum Night Bazaar, he brought me to Patpong, which is really near, about 15 to 20 minutes walk.

He wasn't too familiar with the place too. We walked around the A-Go-Go bar area for awhile before deciding to simply pick one and hop in for a drink. I had the honour of choosing and I picked King Castle 3.

I went in and I was fascinated by what I saw. Chicks in bikinis, dancing by the poles on stage and they are very attractive. Their figures were fantastic and coupled with their angelic faces, I thought I had died and went to heaven.

Anyway, to make this recount less painful for me, I shall run through fast.

I sat down, nursed a beer. Ladies all over were trying to get me to buy a drink for them. After awhile, I made up my mind and bought this short-cropped "blondie" a drink. She cuddled up to me and we tried to converse however the communication was flawed. Language barrier. There was a lot of physical contact to make up for it. Anyway, after 15 minutes or so, I left. Reason being that my curiosity was very much satisfied and I was getting abit annoyed by her constant pitches to get us into bed.

The next morning, I entered my office, only to be greeted by this...

"You know? Last night, King Castle 3?... I just found out from the internet that Its a transvestites A-Go-Go bar..."

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Romance I Wanted But Never Feasible...

There is always something very alluring about romance that could never take place. You can probably imagine the scenario whereby you get to meet someone in a foreign land, much as you are very attracted to the other party, you do not have the time and opportunity to attempt any further progress. As joyful inside as you are in meeting her, you are restrained by the lingering pain in your mind, that nothing more is possible.

She is an acquaintance of a friend of mine and tagged along while we were partying in Bangkok. She was Beautiful, dressed in black. Big, innocent and playful eyes only to be pronounced by the black linings around them. Subtle yet very distinct facial features. She had a ponytail down each shoulder fronts. She was very, very, VERY sweet. I wasn't expecting such beauty although I was expecting to see someone very presentable. Captivated no doubt, but I did what I do best whenever I meet beauties, which is to mask my fascination.

I carried on with five-tens and conversations as per very normally. When I had the chance to go one-on-one five-tens with her, I almost died from the voltage. She was smiling. She was staring hard into my eyes and mine into hers. Oblivion to anything else around us. She wanted to try the game for one round and I agreed. I did not want to lose, neither did I want her to drink up. All I wanted, was for us to keep on staring into each others eyes. Our five-ten were in the slowest motion I ever seen and I made the moment last, alright? I was not sure if she had played a part in making it a "never-ending" round, but I hope she did.

Somewhere along the line, we ended up outside the club. With two other guys and her. I could not recall how we ended up there at the same time. Given her charm, attention on her was a definite. My awareness started when I noticed one of the guy firing a cheap shot, he touched her palm and proceed to try to do the palm-reading. I instinctively looked at her and said “Hoo dum na mo(Translation below)”. She giggled. Next thing I knew, the competition was out and both of us were chatting. Seemingly high(which means I doubt she was as high as she wanted us to believe), we talked about a few stuff of which she tried to sound out on whether my friend might be interested in her. I could feel that she likes him, anyway, I played along and kept the conversation within an open loop. Afterall, I couldn’t answer for my friend.

She wanted to visit the ladies, I offered to accompany her. I guided her to the ladies by her shoulder and elbow. The touch, the smoothness of her skin, the fragility of her petit frame. All so intoxicating. Amidst the feel of alcohol in my head, lust was beckoning for attention. Just before the entrance to the ladies, I wanted to push her against the wall and force my lips against hers, gambling for the reciprocation. Of course, I would never ever do that. Taking advantage of this kind of situation is never an option for my tall ego. The thought of it was enough to send shame upon me. As I waited for her outside, the lingering bit of shame for the harboring of that thought shook me up. I continued to play the gentleman part which I am so accustomed to.

We went for supper. I wanted to send her home. But it wasn't right. My friend who brought her along should send her home. My friend who should send her home, wanted to send me home too and I wanted to take up the offer just so I get to be with her a bit longer. But it wasn't right. The 2 destinations were out of each others way. I had to painfully voice out what should be done. "Don't worry about me. You send her back and we guys will take a cab back ourselves."

The next morning, I had another chance to meet up with her for one last time as we went for coffee. Sober this time round, I resolve to simply enjoy the interaction. The light teasing and conversation among the three of us was enjoyable Never a fan of coffee(I do not take coffee very well as compared to beer), I finished a cup of Americano and proceed to order another serving, all in the name of prolonging the section.

Deep down inside, I really do hope that I will get to see her again. I’m hoping but its not impossible this time round. After all, up-and-coming top Thai models do get a lot of overseas assignments. She might just get to hop over to Singapore soon.

Translation Time...
[Meaning of Hoo Dum Na Mo… Hoo means “ear”, dum means “black”, Na Mo means “lecher” or “ti ko pek”. I’m not too sure about the exact meaning of it all, I may be slightly wrong but I will try to explain. The Thais refer to a lecher as a “pussy-face” and the pot is used as a sorta metaphor for the “pussy”. The thing is that, when you use the pot and keep on boiling for long, the “ear” of the pot would become black. Thus the term “black eared lecher”...]

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Boxing Joe picks...

on the Champions League crash tonight...

The Pick-Up...

My heart was pounding faster than usual. It wasn't my first time doing this but it was quite some time ago that I had paid my last visit. I made my way into the joint and there they were, all lined up in front of me. I paused momentarily as I surveyed the scene.

I narrowed down my scope of interest as a few of them caught my eye. The one in glittering blue was gorgeous and I did not hesitated long to ask for her. She was promptly brought to me. I was bedazzled as I ran my fingers gently along her curves.But I stopped before long and I knew she would not come easy. I blunted,"Tao Rai(How much)?", "2200 baht." She was worth that price but I knew it was not a bargain. I could afford to wait a bit longer.

I shook my head. I could sense her disappointment at the rejection. But I had done this too many times to let my emotions get the better of me.

Not wanting to cause too many disappointments today, I took a step back and checked them out once more. A minute later,I sighted her. Seated in a corner, dressed in humble black. Unlike the others, she did not beg for attention. I was yet captivated by her elegance and dignity.

Arms folded, I stroll over to her intently. "Tao rai?" "1400 krup." That was a really low price,she must have been around for quite some time. Within 10 seconds, I nodded to my host.

I was told to hang around for a while. After what had seemed like eternity,she appeared. I wasted no time in laying her on the floor. I took one more glance at her in her full glory. With the same enthusiasm as a eighteen year old NSF, I slipped into her. The fit was good,just what I had come for.

What followed was a fast 5 minutes of my vigorous drills. Whatever positions and intensity that I was capable of, I attempted. She was perfect, keeping in sync with my every move. I never want anyone so badly before. It had to be her. And here she is... my Adidas Bracara.

Bend over Beckham, ... is gonna come 4 yer endorsement pie.

P.S. I'm writing this on the return flight right now. My earlier flight was cancelled for unknown reasons and I was pushed to this 7pm flight. As expected, fellow commuters suffered same fate and this flight is packed. The least that they can do, is to make sure that there are enough sandwiches for sale on board. KNNBCCB. Not the first time it happened to me on Air Asia. A hungry man is an angry man.

Prelude To BKK Trip...

While I had resolved not to blog during my overseas trip, I couldn't resist putting my intel & fingers to some work-out while i'm on the plane. Besides,I figured out that,since I will not upload this onto the server until I'm back in Singapore,technically speaking, I'm not blogging.

Nothing could have happened yethappening as i'm not at the rendevous point yet. But there was this interesting sighting of a Hong Kong celebrity by a comrade who was at the check-in point at the same time. That guy is none other than Louis Khoo Tian Le *Ladies scream* Apparently,he is on his way home and was spotted with lotsa Pandan Cakes.Either Pandan Cakes are not found in HK or those that he bought, must be very tasty.

Also,while waiting to board the plane,we had the opportunity to meet up with the previously mentioned comrade,who was with 3 other guys. Since I had 3 guys with me too,it was a scene of 2 parties of 4 meeting up.

Naturally,the scene of 8 men standing up and giving introductions among themselves was a pretty loud one. Amidst the event,I noticed a few glares at us and I realized how we had looked. They probably think that this is a pre-planned Sammyboy outing. 8 men shaking hands and exchanging names at the transit zone. A defence attorney couldn't save us. Anyway,we felt the silent accusations and disperse soon after.

A mixed crowd in front of us also proceed to vacant their seats. We were not sure what drove them off. But I have short-listed 3 potential factors:

1) Our loud,annoying exchange of banters.
2) Our "Sammyboy" chiong-ster attributes.
3) Hearing of our buddy,who was caught with a SAF-issued jack knife and a roll of nylon strings in his bag at the last security check point. We had no idea on whether he was driven by terrorist-styled violence or just S&M. We can forgive the crowd for thinking the worst.

Talking about the last guy.In his defence, he claimed that the bag was simply grabbed from the store and he had no idea whose knife it was. Being the only son in his family, and hence only one to serve NS, we found his excuse extremely pathetic and highly-insulting to our intellect.

Nuff' blogged.