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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Taking A Short Break From Blogging...

Yes... you saw it right. I'll be taking a break... over the weekend.

The thing is that I will be going to Bangkok over the weekend for some soapy massageshopping and sight-seeing. I doubt I will be as hardcore as Mr Brown who actually blogged while he was at the same city recently.

I know the city inside out, reason being that I'm one-eigth of a Thai. The small proportion of Thai in me is not genetic though. I resided in Bangkok for a year before and within a few months, I pretty much ate what they ate, chiong(party) how they chiong and even picked up the language. During that time, I lost a lot of weight(due to work stress and I repeat for the umpteen times, its NOT HIV!!!), I was very tan(Thailand is hot). Any Thai who doesn't talk to me for more than 2 minutes will not realise that I'm not a Thai.

I had a great time in Bangkok. You put one young hot-blooded male expat right in the middle of the city central, there was no way he couldn't enjoy himself, less he's a bloody big loser. The food was fantastic, booze was cheap, costs of living was very affordable and the babes were pretty and friendly. Plus, there was so much sleazeforms of entertainment within the City.

I would be boozing, clubbing every other day and because of my duty-free cigarettes, I was a full-time chimney. I had lotsano lack of luck with the ladies and I led a life of total filthfreedom without any plying eyes from my parents.

Why did it all have to end?

Anyway, I'm returning...

The Big Fuck...

Don't worry, I'm not trying to get a cheap shot around the "erotic posting" issue by simply putting up a 4-letter F word as the title here.

Anyway, quite sometime back, I came across this site of the Big Fuck(hereby known as Fuck for simplicity sake). At that time, he had this animated picture of him on his profile, wearing a pair of shades, listening to a headphone and banging his head from left to right. Plus his slogan of "Short In Height, Big in Fuck" and I was thinking to myself,"Wat an idiot!" Straightaway, I closed the window.

Anyway, I came across his blog again last night and actually found it very entertaining. The Fuck's style of writing, his self ego-stroking(Ego-sturbation) is highly amusing. Strikes me as guy version of Xiaxue, only less controversial up-til-date.

Fuck's buay hiao pai(shameless) self-promotion is actually witty. I like the way Fuck phrase his lines when he was in a classy cafe and he said that he wasn't there because hes rich, on the contrary, hes poor however he was at the cafe because he is stylo. Nevertheless...Fuck claimed that he will be rich, in future, and girls should start going out with him at this point in time.

My point here is... I'm in the same league as Fuck. I'm not rich YET, but I WILL BE. So, you girls had betta chomp(reserve) the seats on the bandwagon early, or when I become rich and famous... , unless you happen to be a TOP, RENOWNED model or celebrity, Mr. Miyagi and I wun date you maaaannn... But Ah Lim might, although he only dates hot babes.

Plus hes got lotsa pictures all over. Fuck has the balls to show off everything wonder Fuck self-proclaims to be the Big Fuck.

I like this Fuck. I think Fuck's a great guy. Can draw pretty neat too. Will definitely be stalking his Fucking blog. I think Fuck might just be the next Big Thing.

Anyway, this is a shiok(intensely enjoyable) posting. Never had the opportunity to write so many Fucks before. Fuck, fuck, fuck and fuck... wah... shiok.

So Fuckers? Any fucking comments? Hehehe...

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


With only 5 minutes to spare before I get out, I'll make this a short and sweet one. Something I just gotta let out. As we all know about the recent earthquake at Richter 8.5 that we felt a few days ago, and what everyone is talking about. Anyway, I was just checking out Ah 9's take on it when I suddenly had a actualisation.

Although it happens that I just feel asleep at that time(during the quake). I do not know why as normally I never sleep that early and I had to sleep that early during the "quake". I live in the utmost west, I probably would not have felt it too as none of my family members did, probably the tremors did not get to this particular area.



Go in peace, with God Speed,


Sunday, March 27, 2005

You Know It When Its a Good Sunday...

The day hasn't started bad. Woke up at nine plus to a phone call from my soccer punting kaki, who has decided to take our association further to a more physical level.

"Are you coming down still? 5 vs 4... short of one still..."

I was starved for action. The last soccer game I recalled playing, was during my National Service days, a good 6 years ago. Thats long, although I did not quite realise the length as I have been following the sport... erm... as a pundit.

The venue was at my alma mater, a street soccer court whose existence I never quite noticed. The standard of play was pretty good and definitely physically-challenging, not physically-tough but the pace was siong(fierce). "You might not even get the chance to shoot...", was the pre-match warning served. When I was not trying to act like Wayne Rooney, cutting through the defence and trying to project the Rooney-styled direct, piercing shot at goal, most of the time, I was panting like this...

Candidate for "I'm Too Sexy For My Blog" Campaign?

Since a year plus ago, I had been working in a nearby country, thus conveniently giving me the excuse to not exercise at all. Todays workout, reminded me of the past-paced cruelty of street soccer, although I think a basketball game can be worse. But the shiok(feel good) effects of exercises cannot be ignored. The moment my breathe returned to normal and my thighs would finally regain composure, I proceed to a nearby 7-11 where I gorged myself on 3 cans of H-TWO-O(A gas-less Isotonic drink). Again, I had forgotten how GOOD a chilled H-TWO-0 can feel as it glides down your parched-dry throat and into your belly-on-fire.

That done, I walked around the neighbour which I had not stepped into since 2 years ago. Like any self-respecting punter, I tried my luck at the SingaporePool outlet. That place, supposed to be quite "zun"(accurate). Finally, I went for my favourite Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice stall for my lunch fix. The fix was awesome. The standard was still there. The fragance of the rice which wasn't too dry nor too oily and the chicken breast, tender and juicy to perfection. Nothing can beat sex but this only lose out by a narrow margin.

As I settled down on my comfortable director's arm-chair, blogging. I realise the time at 250pm at this instance. The sky looks gloomy though, think its gonna rain. But it doesn't matter anymore. I'm gonna be home for rest of the day. And its a day thats already as good as it ever gets. Unless, of course, sex is added into the package...

Feeling positive vibes... feeling positive vibes...

Friday, March 25, 2005

Where Do I Go From Here?...

Having come across Tony Pierce's article on how to blog, it had set me thinking. It forced me to re-affirm what I felt was the most stumbling move of my up-til-now short blogging stint.

Of course when we blog, we desire audiences. To get a free lesson on how to attract hits, refer to the bible from our local blogosphere's arguably most famous and probably our only cyber Cowboy. His advises are as down-to-earth as it ever gets. Thats a minor side-track, anyway, I was saying that we all desire audiences when we blog, appreciators to read our so-well-planned-&-written postings.

Excerpt from Tony Pierce article, Point 5 and 13...

5. dont tell your mom, your work, your friends, the people you want to date, or the people you want to work for about your blog. if they find out and you'd rather they didnt read it, ask them nicely to grant you your privacy.

Follow by,

13. if you havent written about sex, religion, and politics in a week youre probably playing it too safe, which means you probably fucked up on #5, in which case start a second blog and keep your big mouth shut about it this time.

Yes, I have been playing it too safe with my writings. Some of the audiences of this blog includes close friends, whom I had notified of my blog right from the beginning. If you are a blogger, you will probably understand that NO friends can be as close as you are to the privacy of your blog, which equates to yourself. While I still have strong doubts on the intensity of their interest, I have no absolutely doubt on the endurance part. A month plus down the road, some are still reading and the list of familiars are spreading a bit.

I am unable to bring myself to dissect the scandals, gossips and my darkness fantasies, which I strongly believe, if unleashed upon this blog, can help me achieve the ultimate blog-orgasm.

A few options are on the menu right now,

1) Have an alternate Blog for my darkest postings. But it wouldn't be as fun, having grown severely attached to Tripleperiod@Blogspot.

2) Terminate this Blog(Blogicide) and start a new one(Blog-ressurection).

3) Set myself free at this venue and up the tempo, hoping that familiars will not think the lesser of me with the more they read.

4) Carry on with my suppressed postings, just like what I normally doing in public areas(suppressed actions).

I have to make a decision soon... Whatever might happen, I must let the few of those bloggers whom I had contacted with, know that Tripleperiod had a great time introducing himself and in knowing you. A Tetra-period might just turn up a month later if this Blog stops production, just keep a lookout then.

Love, ...

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Reads From Popagandhi...

Coincidentally, Adri has done her take on the same issue that I had blogged on the night before. Hers was a very well-written piece, beautiful, so well-written that my piece read like a Primary 3 school kid's essay, and more importantly.

Also via her link, A Family Value Story. It, too, induced the tears inside me, but somehow, I do not feel sorrow for the writer. I felt happy for him.

I must admit, although I do not discriminate against gays, I do not mingle with enough of them to truly understand them, and most of all, as I'm not a gay, I couldn't be able to fathom exactly how they perceive love. With this article, I do now. We are all humans. We all love the same way.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Concert Banned Due To Gay Artiste?...

Read about this article on Yahoo News, via Little Cart Noodles.

This excerpt is most provoking...

"Based on the duo's website and reports of their performances in the United States, it is assessed that their performance will promote a gay lifestyle which would be against the public interest," said the Media Authority of Singapore in a statement.

Let me try to figure out Media Authority of Singapore's kind intentions. They are saying that this particular concert, which originally aimed to raise funds for AIDS programme and increase awareness about HIV among gay people, will have an sole adverse effect in the other direction(promote gay activities)?

So, I am guessing that their logic will be in this order...

People will attend the concert, and be inspired to turn gay?
Those who turn gay, will have sex among themselves... against public interest?
Those who turn gay, will have sex among themselves... spreading HIV although the theme was about HIV-awareness?
And those who turned gay from this "inspiration" will not "marry" and thus not be able to contribute the population count?
If the population count does not improve to a comfortable level, more "foreign talent" have to be brought in to "supplement".

Hey, now that makes sense? But can we believe that anyone would conjure such crap of a reasoning(Except Tripleperiod)?

Why can't they just take the issue of this concert at its face value... an event to raise fund for AIDs awareness and to promote HIV awareness among people?

This baby-sitting is way overboard... based on this, it would be a matter of time before they start cramping down on all gays with a public voice...even gay bloggers?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Whose Too Sexy For Their Blog?...

Haha.... this is a good one. The "Twin Pillars" of the local blogosphere, Mr Brown and Mr. Miyagi have jump-started a Too Sexy For Their Blog campaign(Read Mr Brown Part 1 and 2 and Mr Miyaki's).

All bloggers are invited to post their own tease of "tongue" shots and Mr.Brown will compile for presentation to the blogosphere. Blatant invitation to be browned and for that one shot at fame, HoW Can MisSsS out?!

Maybe they should also have a contest whereby the "best guy shot" will win a dinner date with Cour Marly/LMD/FF/Wonky Tong/Popagandhi/LIT, while the ladies get it with Mr.Brown/Mr.Miyaki/Guojun/Limbueytor/Bubblemunche/Calm One/Ah 9/Singapore Serf/Urbanmalebitch. Sorry guys, too long, if your blog-nick isn't here, its not because you are not thought of, its just too long...

Anyway, gotta install Adobe Photoshop first... just can't find my CD.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Revisiting Greener Grass Across The Ocean?...

Kudos to a buddy of mine, Trevor, who just done a blog entry after he was inspired by my work here.

What he has done, puts a dent in my suggestion that Canada is a nicer place to live in as compared to Singapore. For my defence, my entry was done in hot passion and before my LASIK surgery, hence I was still myopic. Heh, jokes aside.

Anyway, I would recommend blog-ders to take a look at his entry if they had came across Singapore Serf's and mine. This would be a good follow-up. Trevor would definitely be able to give you a much clearer perspective of life on the other side, in particular, Canada.

Trevor, still is and forever will be, a Singapore Son. True Singaporeans do not hide, no matter where they are. Even in Antartica, you will be proud to say that you are a Singaporean(although the penguins may not understand you). I believe none of us will truly hate Singapore, its such a "Fine" country. The focus is that, its the current "system" which some of us are contending with.

To Trevor... and the ever-so enchanting Canadian Beer....

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Test-Drive Day...

I went for a post-LASIK check-up yesterday morning and on my way home, my Bro called me and wanted to go test-drive. Yes, he is going to get a car. None of us know nuts about cars so we thought that it would be better if we went together, least we appear like lonely goons in the showroom. So hence, we went car shopping. Already outdoors, I touched down at Queensway MRT before walking over to the "Car" Park. Since we wanted something practical, we would be looking at something around 1.5 litres and preferably below S$70k.

First Stop, Chevrolet
Went in. Noticed the Aveo and the Optra. Finally decided to focus on the Optra. It looks big for its category and the sales lady claimed that it has the longest wheel base for 1.6 category. Interior looks pretty luxurious to me. The door was heavy, closes unlike a Japanese make. Car is heavy, handling was so-so. Steering wasn't too light, not a lot of acceleration, probably due to its weight. Never got to try it at higher speed though. Sales lady was quiet. Wasn't impressed enough to consider buying.

Dough required : S$60,988 for Chevrolet Optra 1.6 DOHC (A) Sedan

Second Stop, Peugeot
The most fun stop of the day. What could it have been any other way when the 307cc and 206cc were there. The sales guy was also friendly. By comparison with the previous sales lady, he definitely had a lot to say about his product. Very nice fellow. For certain reasons, the 206cc was not available for test-drive, but he still got the keys and gave us a glimpse at the roof-closing mechanism for the convertible. A big boy's toy is as good as it ever gets here. End up, we test drove the 307 CD 1.6 Hatchback. Handling was good. Acceleration was tad lighter than european cars at low speed, but not as light as Japanese models. Suspension was good, ride was smooth. The sales man even offered to let me go off the conventional boring straight roads that the other car dealers would use, he brought me to this winding region where I could steer left and right. The drive was good, it felt like a rally car(not that I drove any). He also said that Peugeot is renowned for its handling and the wheel base is modeled after their rally car's.

Dought required: 307XS 1.6A Hatchback : S$82,400
206CC 1.6A : S$102,400
307CC 2.0A : S$129,400

Third stop, Toyota
Just across the road. There wasn't a lot of people in the showroom as expected. Couldn't stop the sales force. I approached an uncle in white polo tee and asked for a test drive. He said,"I'm a customer here". You really shouldn't get dressed up in white polo-tee tucked into black pants when you are at the Toyota showroom unless you are selling. I retreated quickly and went to the enquiry counter to ask for a test drive. I would rate my encounter with the sales man that I encountered at Toyota as the worst of the lot. He was the ONLY sales man, who asked me to fill up the entire form for test-driving. He had an acidic tongue, extremely sarcastic. Mannerism were crude. Not very respectful. Sales talk... never really took notice. The ultimate was when we said that we might return the next day if we make up our decision, he said,"But I'm not working tomorrow." We kept silent. He did not even offer to come meet us at the showroom should we come, he simply gave us his name card and told us to call him if we intend to buy. Then, he walked off. We threw his name card away the moment we walked out. We may consider getting the car, but the commission will not go to this bugger.
Its common knowledge that Toyota Vios is pretty value for money. All models, Altis or Vios, assembly in Thailand. Of all the Japanese brands that I saw yesterday, seems like Toyota is the only one which claims all of its production from Thailand, the rest, claim Japanese origin. Acceleration smooth and reasonable handling(which Japanese make isn't). The brand pushes itself and has no lack of buyers, I guess that explains the ethic of that sales man.

Dough required : Toyoto Vios 1.5 Auto, S$60,488

Fourth Stop, Opel
Went into this small showroom, test drove the Meriva. Bro did not like its look and shape. End of story. Anyway, the car had this weird Easytronic gear switch, I couldn't quite figure out the hang of it. Its not just step and go...along the way, the car would stall abit and you are supposed to do a quick release of accelerator and step back. The sales lady said that it would take a bit of getting used to, IF I intend to buy a car just to get used to it. Interior of car is spacious no doubt. Panel is a bit "flat". Assembly in Spain.

Dough required : Opel Meriva Easytronic MPV Classic, S$69,688

Fifth Stop, Mitsubishi
Sales lady was nice. Actually, the sales lady from Opel recommended her(ex-colleague). Anyway, I have heard people saying that Mitsubishi is "noisy". Its not that bad, only very light hum sound which I supposed wouldn't be noticeable most of the time anyway. The pick-up and handling is pretty good. I actually prefer it over the Vios. Made in Japan.

Dough required : Mitsubishi 1.6 GLX CVT, S$61,988

Sixth Stop, Hyundai
After so many Japanese sedans, it would be so boring to test the Accent. At S$48,888, the lowest of its category, you cannot expect much from it. Only reason to get it, would be its low cost. Heard from friends, in fact, everyone, that, at high speed, its feels like you are flying. Having had similar experiences with Honda City, I decided to not bother test-driving it. We had our hands onto the Tuscani instead.

Acceleration is pretty good. A bit fast for my driving. Steering is a bit stiff and suspension is too, the sales man said that all true Sports car are like this. Pretty car. So easy to put up speed without knowing. Interior rear seats are also remarkable "spacious" for a coupe. The rear sitting comfy and broad, the headroom is a tad higher than most rear of coupes I have sat in. For a coupe in its category, the price tag is as affordable as it ever gets.

Dough required : TUSCANI 2.0 FX 2 DR AUTO, S$78,888

Last Stop, Honda
Drove the Civic. Steering is not bad, easy to pick up speed without knowing, same as the Tuscani. The interior is so-so if you are opting for the basic package, without the leather seats. The panels are so boring though. Insurance kills. Highest of all the Japanese brands we had seen. The sales man is pretty good, talks well. I'm impressed with his words, on how he justify the higher cost of owning a Honda. He claimed that its definitely not on par with the European cars, however it definitely has a higher prestige as compared with the other Japanese makes(that, i do not feel, a Japanese model IS a Japanese model to me). And that for people who intend to buy, drive and sell the car away after 3 years, its recommended for the resale value is "there" and its not difficult to find buyers(he was talking about the Civic, not Jazz nor City). I'll probably use that kind of reasoning to brand the Honda if I were selling the brand itself too. Between European and Japanese car prestige to justify the above-than-average-Japanese-price-tag, not a bad one.

Dough required : CIVIC 1.6 Sedan VTi-4AT, S$75,000

Tired, worn out. Met up with Mei at Chinatown. She was done with her shopping. After which, I brought her to this pub that I discovered in Keong Saik some time back. Nice place to drink and chat during Happy Hour.

Supposed to meet some friends at Chjimes for dinner, however, on the way, we went past Burger King which is currently offering "Win a Peugeot 206CC with every purchase of Value Meal". I would get to have my dinner at less than half my budget and stand a chance to win that baby. Why not? I had my dinner at BK before I proceed to rendevous point.

On LASIK. Last Part.

I have noticed that the traffic for this site has gone up a little bit lately since I blogged about my "gruesome" LASIK procedure which made LMD queasy. As one who suffer(ed) from myopia, I can understand the appeal of LASIK as it offers us an option to go without visual aid, the confidence of being able to engage in certain activities(such as sports) without the fear of physical contact getting too much into the way or even the possibility of eye infection through use of contact lenses.

I had been thinking about LASIK since I had heard about it as a kiddo but the time wasn't right. Was still in school and you know how scholarly nerds like me trash their eye sight by extensive mugging, porn, computing and gaming. I had always assumed "well, my sight is already damaged, what difference does a bit more does to me?" Well, that is stupid as it is possible for certain severe myopic cases to be infeasible for treatment, subjected to the person's in-born conditions(such as cornea thickness). Just like mine, in fact, if TTS had not brought in the INTRALASE technology approximately 8 months ago, I would not have been able to go for it. And I'm eternally grateful.

Regardless of whether you are put off from LASIK or spurred to go for it after reading about my case, I would like to nag at you, to really take care of your eye-sight. The things that we commonly do to neglect it, starring at the monitor screen for hours on end, reading under poor lighting conditions. These are things that we know, could damage our eye sight, and the consequences are very often not worth it. You should always have the discipline to turn away for a few minutes of computing if it was only leisure stuffs you were engaging and trying to create a better lighting condition for reading shouldn't be a huge task.

As someone who had anxiously tried to get his eye done, I would know a little but fair bit on this LASIK thingy. While I'm definitely not able to give you a professional review, I can probably help you with feedbacks on minor issues like operating fees and very basic queries with regard to this subject. Feel free to email moi if you need to seek any clarifications. I will try to help IF I can.

Friday, March 18, 2005

LASIK. 2nd day, 2nd eye...

For you bastards out there who are born with perfect eye-sight. Now I know how it feels like to be puurrr-fect. The confidence, the freedom... you'll never appreciate it til you had lost it. Now I look at those un-bespectacled beings without confidence, man, put those thick glasses on them and watch the confidence level go down to nil.

For my ex-peers, you do not know what you have been missing out on. The world is such a beautiful place, IF, you can see it clearly.

Behold the new vision. And I shall not intend to damage it so soon by excessive blogging.


Update: Just did my right eye, its still hazy. Left eye is much better now, teeny weeny bit hazy but clear for the most part. Checked its vision. 6/6. Was shocked but happy.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Quest for Visual Independence...

It has been a tensed day for me, all the way until my LASIK procedure. For the benefit of those who do not know, I had my operational procedure performed in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Using Zyoptix(aka Tissue saving) for the LASIK and Intralase for the cutting of the flap. In other way, the cutting of the cornea and the burning of the cornea is done with all-laser.

I was anxious. Right up to the point just before the operation, I was regretting my decision to come for this, but I knew I had come too far to look back now. Before the procedure, the nurse briefed me on the post-operational medications, mainly 2 form of eye drops. Then I went into the operational theatre.

Some iodine solution was applied on my outer eye lids, presumably to sterilise. This was followed by some anasthesias on my left eye(and a bit on my right). I was then guided into the theatre and I lie on a flat bed. Before everything started, the surgeon put a suction ring onto my left eye ball. Was told to look down, then up, here and there as he fitted the ring. Then my head was told to stay very still as they shifted my bed and my vision was covered in darkness. It was all dark although I thought I saw my yellow lights. Then completed darkness, I could feel as bit of pressure on my eye ball, as the nurse was counting down towards the end and the surgeon was continuously saying ,"Puurrr-fect.....puuurrr-fect..." That really set me at ease knowing that things were going well. Then the dark thing swung out of the way and my sight as still extremely blurry, this was when I realise my cornea flap was just cut but LASIK was not performed yet.

Subsequently, I was told to stare at a bright, shining red light surrounded by green light. And I was told to keep staring at the centre of the red light no matter what. Then the LASIK started, the red dot would blink and get larger here and then. I would also smell the burning, that did not felt good but the surgeon was again, assuring me with his "puurr-fect" calls. Up til now, I estimated that it took around ten to fifteen minutes from the moment I lie down.

My cornea was then "flipped" back and the surgeon used two rubber thingy to slow sweep my eye ball. I think its to "flatten" the cornea flap in place. Finally, he took out the suction ring and it was completed. No pain, just a lot of anxiety on my part. Immediately after the procedure, vision was hazy and there was an eye shield.

Was made to rest in a waiting area for twenty minutes during which there were some tearing and a slight discomfort in the eye(feels like mild shampoo in your eye). Vision was hazy but each time I open my eyes, things got slightly, slightly better. Finally when the surgeon asked for me, I stood up and walk towards his inspection room and I could actually read some of the letters around in the room. I entered the inspection room, I could actually see through the glass windows pretty well and I was even staring at the red calligraphy on the wall, for the first time, I actually admired the writings. He did a quick look at my eye and said ,"Excellent".

Right now, vision is a bit tad hazy still but I was told by Mei, who just went for LASIK, then it should clear up soon and I should see improvements over the next few days. But one thing that I felt, my left eye could definitely attain functional vision, 6/6 is another story but after being trapped behind glasses for almost two decades, I'm grateful enough. On my way home, I kept stealing glances at the outside of the cab, in between my "closed-eye rest", to "test-test" my new-found left eye vision, it was pretty clear, though it still feel hazy and slightly shampoo-irritating sensation. Knowing that there was no contact lens of whatsoever in between, IT FELT GOOODDDD!!!!

Right now, the difference in visual power on my left and right is making me sleepy. I should probably go and sleep it off now.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My Take on the Social Psychopaths...

I am a staunch believer of Sigmund Freud's law in social psychology(they call it Psycho-analysis, presumably used to analyse psychos), and I was intrigued from the moment that I received an introduction on his teachings, during my first psychology lessons. To summarize things, he believes that everything we do, is for a basic, primitive instinct, and that is to pro-create. Nowadays, we simply say,"Everything is for sex".

We are animals and it is without a doubt that Mother Nature decides which species would thrive and flourish. The math here is simple. When your population count goes to zero, you are extinct. The more positive your count is over numero cero(zero), the more successful your specie is doing. For us Humans to be reproduced in such huge quantities, there has to be a driving force. That... must be the strong drive to procreate. Which is why I strongly believe in Sigmund Freud.

According to MY application and interpretation of Freudian Laws, everything that we do is for the ultimate aim of procreation. First of all, to procreate, we must be able to attract the opposite sex. From then onwards, association is a no-brainer. As guys, we feel the need to make more money, more money equals more material comfort and thus (we feel) will attract the feminines. We behave in a civilised manner and make well-mannered gestures, to impress upon people that we are nice people and for them to like us more. We go to the gym and exchange physical torment for a more toned-body, so that we look and feel better, another notion that we feel, makes us more attractive. For ladies, the urge to shop and dress-up, is also due to an innate urge to beautify themselves for the lure factor. Its hard to think of anything that we do, which ultimately does not link to our desire, to appear more attractive.

As such, it is apalling how some people in our society perform acts, which I feel in no way makes them likable by anybody. Like Bubblemunche's old friend, LIT's client and the lao beng(old hoodlum) I encountered. Anyone with a cow sense can think and decipher whatever they are doing, puts them in a very ugly light, even themselves(if they are normal). But why do they do it? I doesn't go in sync with my Freudian application.

Fear not. This law isn't ousted as yet. I have a saving grace. The point that most of these people are what I termed social psychopaths. The term psychopath is widely misunderstood in our society, they are not all serial killers and savages with a need to slaughter and commit crimes. There are more psychopaths around than we know there are. They basically have a main trait, lack of emotions or ability to decipher right/wrong from feelings. Psychologists have actually done research on renowned psychopaths and have diagnosed it as a disease. Which means to say that when someone kills, the murderer may be spared the full wrath of the law if it is found that he is a psychopath. They are simply individuals, who do not possess emotions or reasoning ability to decipher right/wrong. I recall that this condition is genetic, not too sure about that though. To them, killing a cow is no different from killing a human. They feel no fear, no happiness and no depression. The even scarier part is that, the degree of psychopaths vary such that they integrate into our society. Our colleague who occassionally makes a force smile after your jokes, and who occassionally even ask you on how you are feeling... now, do not assume that he is not a psychopath, he just might be one albeit not to an extreme, such that he is still able to function undetected in society, mimicking social interactive gestures, until one day, his fuse blows.

Now occassionally, when you are so worked up after being offended and evil, raging thoughts of murdering that other party comes up to mind. Worry not for you are not a psychopath. You are normal. When psychopaths kill, they feel neither joy or anger.

Back to my talk on the social psychopaths, they are not serial killers or serial compulsive crime committers, they are just the average people in the streets with emotions so lacking that they behave more like pests. Complete lack of social graces and behaviours so devoid of considerations for other. Also their apparent lack of need to appear more likable by people. They are a pain in the arse. Like what I had commented in Bubblemunche's posting, if only I had the power to perform psychopath cleansing. Purify our society of this ungraceful genetic make-up. Do you often feel the same way? That certain un-desired beings in our society should just be made to "disappear" since they ruin our so beautiful and joyful world?

Frankly speaking, my mind is a blank now and thinking of it, I myself cannot quite figured out what I had typed. However as I had come so far, to erase everything would be such a waste. I think I will simply let this post publish and I'll check on it some other time when I can think better.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Recent Cyber Blogy' Waves and My Fear...

Haven't been able to blog for the past few days. Not for the fact that I'm busy, fact is I'm free. Its just that I have been having this hunger(obsession) to read blogs. Read, read and read. Just a summary of the 3 most recent cyber blogy' waves...

- The "Gay party brings HIV/AIDS" comments by a certain Doctor, that ended up having immerse publicity in the local and "overseas" blogosphere. Browned, popped by Gandhi, rode by Cowboy and karate-d by Miyagi. Better than any branding(advertising) by Ogilvy & Mathers.

- The discovery of Bubblemunche's sister, Anna's blog, that took this part of the blogosphere by storm. I have been stalking her blog ever since. I also have reasons to believe that the stalking isn't uni-directional too. *Head turns left and check rear*

- Ever so-adorable Xiaxue's debate(Part 1 and 2) for the recognition of justice, all in the name of one stolen cab.

On a personal note, I am VERY SCARED!! In less than 48 hours, I would be having my eyeballs cut-up and laser-ed. The very thought of it sends shivers down my sphine. Damn. Should I just stick to my nerdy'ol specs? Is the quest for visual freedom worthy of this horrible operational procedure?

I'm afraid. Very afraid.

Boxing Joe sniping...

on the Champions League crash between Inter Milan and Porto...

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Boxing Joe rambles on...

Boxing Joe has some inspiration for tonight's Serie A crashes.

Friday, March 11, 2005

You... Me... Outside... Now...

Just yesterday, I was having coffee with a friend downtown. What seemed like a very quiet afternoon was soured by a certain event. Halfway into our conversation, a man from the next table put his chair next to us and asked me...

" zin pai simi?"(You very bad boy izzit?)

I was puzzled and asked for the reason. He claimed that I had hit him but I never apologised. So I said, I must have not felt it but I told him that I did not mean it and I'm really sorry.

That was not enough for him, he wasn't appleased because I had only apologised after he brought it up. I apologise once more. Next up, he said, he wanted a fight

"You think I'm with a lady and a child, I easy to bully izzit? Let's go behind."

Me think its because I was wearing my decent-looking specs, in decent working attire and he thinks I'm the easy one to bully. Naturally, being the civilised guy that I am, I refused and said that I had already apologised,"Why blow up the matter?"

Since I wouldn't move, he wanted it in-situ(on the spot). And kept telling me to punch his face(giving me the advantage). I was tempted to, but no, people were looking. My immediate thought was if I had hit him first, anything that goes up to the authority, would have been my fault.. I...not so stupid... End up, he was pacified after countless times of telling him to cool it.

He went back to his table, where a lady and a child was sitting, mumbling,"Wah siao liao wah siao liao"(I'm crazy already, I'm crazy already) They got into some argument, which was actually a continuation from their previous conversation. Me thinks that this guy, to start with, is a beng in his 30s. Next up, he had some serious issues at hand hence he was agitated at the slightest irritation(I believe I had bump into him drinking coffee when I sashayed past him to the coffee counter).

Finally I heard him asked the lady,"You got penknife or not?". At this, my friend stared at me and I at him, we heard it right. I paused, I look at the coffee mug on my table, should I take the initiative and wrack it on his head ... then I realise it was the most shiok way but definitely not the best way. Anyway, I'm not sure if the penknife might be meant for me or for himself(they were arguing(not in a loud manner) quite strongly regarding the issue which I shall not disclose as I was wrong to eavedrop). Just to be sure, I went over to him and told him,"Brudder, sorry, just now I really din mean to hit you, I really did not know that I hit you, if I knew that I had hit you, I would definitely have apologised. So everything alright?"

He paused momentarily, calmed(probably after his cigarette) and said in this Big Brother tone,"Ok, sua!(settled)"

I tried to seek confirmation,"Sua?"

"Wo chu lai hun de, gong sua jiu sua!"(I come out to "do business", whatever I say counts)

"Ok, steady."

And that ends the scenario. Thinking of it, that was too civilised of me. Had I been another Beng, there would definitely have been blood on the scene.

I tried to think of another scenario where I could have wracked the mug onto his head and which I would definitely follow-up on(hit one time also hit, might as well give him no chance to recover), but if things got out of hand, my finger print can be traced from the mug. If I tried to make a quick escape, I would need to steal the mug and risk being chased after. But if I tried to pay for the mug before I run off, I would leave my finger print on the dollar note. *Haiz* Damn, it aien't that easy to commit a petty offence in Singapore. Isn't there anyway that this issue could have been resolved in a violent way and with me getting scot-free?

Thursday, March 10, 2005

On Emigration... Stayer or Quiters?

I was adding my comments to the second part of this posting on Singapore Serf's site and I got so engrossed in it that it spilled into an essay by itself. And they really contain quite a lot of my "pent-up" thoughts, hence I decided to reproduce them here.

"When the going gets tough, Singaporeans want out." - ST

Thats human nature. I hope they realise that most foreign talents come in for easier going. They get expat pay packet, subconsciously regarded by locals as "higher" beings even though at work place, most talk the walk better than walking the walk.

Ops. Who are we to comment? Who owns the papers? *silence* brown from Today?... nay... he'll never betray the peasants.

On personal note with regard to emigration, Its my view that most people are so stuck here that they think Singapore is the best place to live in. But when you look at most of them, do they seem happy? I don't see much joy around.

Most are complaining everyday about work, gahmen policies. But wait, they have a HDB flat, they can afford a car. They think they are secured, safe and they think they are comfortable. So end of the day, they think Singapore is definitely the best place to live in.

I will not say if anywhere is the best place to live. Its simply just what kind of environment, would truly enable you to fully satisfy how you would want to live your life. Important thing is to find happiness. You only live ONCE, no replay.

Well, this is a stereotype of the typical Canadian family that works 5 days(no insane hours mind you). Friday night, bring family sking, Sunday back to host BBQ for fellow Church members. They're not obsessed about making lotsa money like what we Asians do. But from what I observed, I guess thats due to their tax system. A doctor earns after-tax around CAD$70k, a bus driver earns after-tax around AD$50k(estimation from natives' mouths), so you can see there is a reason why they do not have to worry about money as at the end of the day. The average wage can easily buy a house in suburb and a car. Here, wage earners struggle to pay off a HDB which they will "own" for a period of time and "own" a car which has a maximum road lifespan of 20 years. And I wonder! Wonder where does our sense of security comes from... They(Canadians)... from my point of observation are definitely happy.

Some may argue, they are ang moh, we are Asians, hence different priories in life. Now, who sets the priority for MY life? Does it take a friend to set my life priority for me? If you look at them as equals, and you feel that life is what you want, what is the harm in trying to make it happen for yourself. I have never heard of a regretful emigrant, simply because they know they made the decision themselves and hence contented enough to face whatever may come. So, I urge that, if you are already considering emigration, try to at least explore the options that you have for yourself. Ignore the "Stayer or quiter" notion. Its a political format of how we used to taunt fellow school boys when we were younger "Eh... bo chee(no guts) to stay here ar? Har?"

And by the way, our Knight of Pentacle, after knowing your TCP/IP voyeur activities. Next time, to initiate conversation, YOU...come to my site instead. :p

Boxing Joe threatens...

to take over Tripleperiod completely if TP doesn't help to advertise his "tips".

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Why You Shouldn't Run Away From Reality...

Just on Monday wee hours, after finishing the late night telecast of Everton vs Blackburn, I realise that the cable channels went all black. It was the same problem that had occurred before, except that only the Sports channels were affected. The problem was due to my SCV "modem", the repairman got it changed. Anyway, he did tell me that the same thing does happen, temporarily in some cases even if the set was alright. So, I convinced myself that the antenna was temporarily unavailable.
Just now, I called up StarHub SCV customer service preparing to ask them to get a technician's arse down to my place for the fix. To cut the long story short, the guy told me,"There is nothing wrong with your set, Sir'e. Apparently, you have not paid up the last 3 payments and your cable is cut. We will reconnect after you made payment, Sir'e." I was feeling embarressed as I suddenly recalled how I had been throwing my bills from Starhub SCV aside, in my attempt to run away from the reality of having to pay the bills.
Luckily for me, my 2-cents worth of reflex came to the rescue.

"Huh? Cannot be... I just paid up yesterday. Can you double-check?"

"Sure Sir'e. What is the invoice number so I can check."

"What invoice number?"

"The one on the receipt when you paid up."

"Oh...not with me now. I think I betta go and check."

"Sir you can call you when you have found the invoice number. We will re-connect for you immediately."

I'm not sure how good that worked out. Perhaps, the customer care guy has seen one too many of this reflex'save and probably knows that I'm just trying to save face here. Anyway, the greatest retribution of my relunctance to pay the bill is not in the cable being cut itself.
Tomorrow, die die must go pay bill. At least I will be able to catch "JUVENTUS VS REAL MADRID".

By the way, Boxing Joe has something to say about tonight's games.

Childhood Query on Life/Death - Yet Unanswered

When I was a kiddo 2 decades ago, I was constantly locked up in my flat. Not because of any misbehaviour but for the fact that my parents were away working and they did not trust me to be anywhere outside. As such, I was always alone and hence, I think lot.

I remember feeling very frightened once as I ponder upon the issue of death. As human, we have this kind of "self-worth" or "feeling of self" which is beyond our physical mode(now I realise, its called soul). I keep wondering, life is so short, less than a century, it speeds and before you know it, you're dead. What happens then? Do I drift around aimless in invisible mode? Do I reincarnate and tireless living through the same shaaaty cycle of infancy/teenager/adult/death over and over again? Do i go to another dimension where I continue my life as another being? But my worst fear was "Will I simply vanish and all of my thoughts, feelings all disappear in a pop?". That to me is the REAL death and I was fearful of it. I still am.

The Buddhist believes in rounds of reincarnation until Nirvana state. The Christian insists that believers of Christ will go to Heaven. Both cases appeal to me afterall, they are not in my definition of REAL death. I'm still trying to make up my mind. Regardless of which side I will take, there is only one way for me to know the true for sure... and I do not intend to find out in the near future.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Case Study XI Closed...

Case study was invalid. The place was boring. She came late and I decided to leave early. 5 minutes contact time wasn't even enough to set up the battery, let alone run the electricity.

Anyway, something just hit on me this morning when I woke up. And it dawn on me how I had taken everything so lightly. Just two days ago, I was walking home and below my block, I saw three police cars parked by the side. I took notice and next, white ribbons surrounding one of the blocks. It was the same series of block that I lived in. Vaguely saw a few figures, presumably policemen. Something big must have happened.

I did not bother to stay around for more answers and went home to report on the situation. On that something big must have happened, maybe robbery, homicide or suicide, and for everyone to be careful. Yesterday, I found out that it was a suicide case. I shrugged.

Now that I think of it. Someone had taken her life less than 200 metres of me. What could be the reason that drove her to jump? How did she feel at that particular moment? To think that I even thought about buying 4D for this unfortunate event. Well, I think it will still buy something later on, after all, didn't people make it big from 4D during Huang Na's tragedy. Well, at least in this case, I do not know the demise's name nor face. Just a person. Just a person who died.

P.S. Do not try asking me for the number. I will not disclose. Mai hai lim peh dim chun!(Don't make my ship sink! in Hokkien)

Friday, March 04, 2005

Socialogy Dissection Case Study XI

Just had an interesting conversation with a friend.

Me ,"Watcha doing tonight?"

She,"Might be going to xxx xxxxxx."

"A lot of people talking about it. it any gd? expensive?"

"Nevr been there"

"Then y the thot? who u gona go wif?"

"Huh? R u interogating me?" *

"Ha. Yes, its fun. The interrogation. Looking for a drink. Maybe I call u if i do go down."

"Beta. I may change my mind." *

"Roger dat and out."
Now, according to my psychological case study XI. This lady falls under the S&M category. The kind who enjoys pain. However, she is a hybrid in the sense that she also the kind who enjoys a loyal, intense love affair. In other word, she is more "normal" as she can enjoy intense pleasure otherwise than only intense pain.

She likes extreme. When you are ignoring her, she wants attention. When you take initiative, she plays hard-to-fug. As such, romance with her is always such a challenging brain-game. In a way, very similar to my current state. I have an attitude of romance that originally belongs to a chameleon. I like to share that I'm very turned-on by her statements marked with asterisks at the end.

Tonight happens to be the night when I wanna take on this challenge. I'm going to go all out and yet stay totally nonchalent. Taking the whole affair very lightly. In the process, record the effects that will follow.

I am such a sick psycho.

Your Mad "Psy'path" Psychologist

"The orgasm explodes in your brains, not your puny privates".

Down Mambo-Jumbo Memory Lane...

Being home alone on a Friday afternoon, I am feeling pretty restless and lonely. Everyone happens to be working, in the day at least, and should there be any activities. Its gonna be after-dark. Nothing much on SCV. Getting bored of my PS2.

I managed to dug out some retro CD compilations of mine. I did it 6 to 7 years ago, when I was still a crazy Mambo Jumbo(MJ) kid, chionging Zouk every Wednesday. My record was 9 mambo jumbos consecutively in a row. I was serving NS. I remember looking forward to that only day of the week when Mambo Jumbo breaks-out at Zouk. It still does albeit not as hot as before. The queue 6 years ago would form a snake stretching from the door all the way to the main road, not Kim Seng itself, but the big one. My passion for Mambo then, spilled outside Wednesdays, other days, we would scout around for those numbers that we hear but do not know, upon success, we would burn them onto CDs. We...I was obsessed.

Here is a tabulation of one of the best days of my life...

Tue : My brudders decided to chiong Mambo. Unofficial Company-event. All Officer, Specialists and below to be participating...willingly, of course.

0800 hrs : After morning parade. We each went to check on our respective job scopes.

0930 hrs : Canteen break

1000 hrs : After canteen break, retreated to bunk, napped

1145 hrs : Went to cookhouse for lunch

1230 hrs : Back to bunk. Nap again.

1430 hrs : Wake up, back to office to check on "happenings"

1540 hrs : No happenings. Good quiet stressless Wednesday noon.

1620 hrs : Retreat back to bunk. Showered and got dressed.

1650 hrs : Advance party fall-in bunk. Proceed to Zouk.

1715 hrs : Reach Zouk. Chomp queue.

1900-1930 hrs : Sado bouncers finally happy at seeing the dragon-length Q and decided to let part of it in. We are part of it.

1930 hrs : Proceed to Great World City for dinner.

2000 hrs : Bought drinks from Supermarket by food court. Great source of cheap alcohol to get intoxicated. Sat on staircase outside KFC for al fresco drinking and chat. There were no space-consuming overhead bright during that time yet.

2215 hrs : Enter Zouk

2300~2359 hrs : One-4-one Midnight Madness. Buy drinks. Get intoxicated further.

0000~0300 hrs : The world was so beautiful in the 70s to 90s. Soooo happpppi. Char bor sooo preeetttiii! Oh...check that group of girls beo-ing at us, so blatant. Initiated "Section Movement". Charge!

Those were the good old days. It a pity that we are all grown up now and pretty much out of Mambo Jumbo. Last time I checked the place out two months ago. I felt old. And man, have Mambo evolved. Their hand-movement co-ordinations are top-notced and so much more variety as compared to my times. I sincerely hope that they cherish their fun and youth then. A few years down the road, they probably wouldn't be there anymore. Older crowd chiong with their more mature peers at clubs that play more "sophiscated" dance number or simply chill.

Anyway back to present, currently blasting out my retro CDs, thinking about old times. And it suddenly occur to me. How would it feel to actually start getting pissed on a Friday noon at 1400 hrs. Wouldn't have a lot of opportunities to try it, might as well make it now. I have a few bottles of fine cognac in store.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Save Toby... save me instead.

I am tempted not to even post this as I would be doing publicity for a bastard, and I believe, that there might be idiots in world who will fall for the ruse, courtesy of my publicity. But I am simply boiling inside from what I have just seen and I have to get it out. This FUCKER(note that I have never used the real word in my blog entries til now, in caps somemore) is trying to hold us emotions ransom.

The crap he cited, US$50k for a luxurious life of a rabbit, thats almost S$90k. You can buy rabbits to last a lifetime with that. This is a lower scrum than those cyber beggers.

How about this one? I'm one fug-ing good looking guy but the problem is that I haven't gotten laid for the past 6 months. I'm horny and its killing me. And the deal, lasses, please send me full-length photographs of yourself and if selected, lets fug. If I do not hit my quota of ten chicks by end of this week, I will commit suicide!

Hows that? Stupid? Well, if people can fall for that "Save Toby" crap, why can't they fall for this?

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Encounter With Weirdo at HK Airport...

Today, I met up with Ling for lunch. Ling just came back from Hong Kong over the weekend for shopping and fun. Thank God for the budget airlines. Anyway she gave me an account of this weirdo which they bump into, on the way home. So interesting that I have to blog about it...

Apparently, Ling and gang missed the return flight as they woke up late. They had no choice, but to source and buy tickets for single-trip home. Finally, they bought tickets online which is cheaper than those sold off the counter. After they bought the tickets, they found this other guy(he claimed to be Singaporean) who also missed the flight. This guy was funny for he was dressed in jogging attire after having participated in the "Standard Charter Bank Run". We do not know how long is the run but we speculated that he missed the flight because he ran too slow. Hehe.

Anyway, Ling then offered him advice(cheaper tickets online) and he replied very rudely,"SO WHAT U WANT ME TO DO?". The gang was apalled by his rude reply(presumably due to low EQ on the guy's part and said "We tell you this to help you. Buying ticket online would be much cheaper as compared to over the counter." Anyway, they reported that this guy's behaviour was very rude and annoying and as such, they decided not to go "all out" to help him.

The guy then stunned and said ,"I do not have a credit card."

The gang,"Debit card would do too."

Weirdo,"I also do not have a debit card."

The gang,"Ok, we pay for you using our card, but you pay us in cash first."

Weirdo,"I only have HK $50 with me."

The gang,"Who did you come to Hong Kong with? You joined the Standard Charter Run right?"

Weirdo,"Alone, I joined the SC Run alone."

WTF?! This idiot was not sent by his company. He came to Hong Kong alone, participated in the run and did not make any contingency plans. No card, no cash. They felt that if his low EQ did not make him a classic, his low IQ definitely did it.

The gang,"Ok, how about if you contact your family members in Singapore. They can transfer the money to our account and we help you."

Weirdo,"No use, my family members cannot help me."

Gang,"Don't you have any friends? In Hong Kong?"

Weirdo,"Yes, I have."

Gang,"Then call him to bring money over."

Weirdo,"My handphone battery is flat"

WAH.... LOSER!!!

Finally, the gang lent him a handphone but the weirdo called using his own SIM card(at least he had AUTO-ROAMING services). Subsequently, he contacted his HK friend who proceed to bring money down to the airport. At this stage, Gang left for lunch and they over-heard him saying "Should have brought my bread."

The poor soul end up not having lunch. After Weirdo's friend arrived, Weirdo's friend then bought MacDonalds for lunch, alone. His friend, knowing that the Weirdo was cashless, did not even bother to buy lunch for him. Another screw-up with equally low EQ.

Bird of a feather...fug...sorry...flock together.

The Sadomasochist of Romance Exposed...

After reading about Bubblemunche's Series of unfortunate events while he was trying to catch Closer at a downtown cinema, I decided to give it a go myself albeit without the coke and the vacuum flask. Thank you Bubblemunche for the warning.

Initially, I thought it would simply be a flirty movie with all the pick-ups and sexual tension between the casts. I am not wrong yet not entirely correct. After thinking about it, I feel that the movie speaks more than just infidelity.
Jude Law(Dan) and Julia Robert(Anna)s' characters captivated me most. The deepest impression that I have with regard to the 2 characters are as follow:

On Dan - While he was trying to split up with Alice(Natalie Portman...I almost typed Portsmouth), he sorta said when prompted,"I love her(Anna) more....because she doesn't need me."

On Anna - After Anna returned to Larry, Dan confronted Larry to ask for Anna and Larry put forth the reason for why Anna would not return,"She is a depressant and depressants do not want to be happy. They cannot stand living out there in the normal world and be happy."

Dan is the kind of person who only wants love, passionate love, but without any reliance on the relationship. He strucked me as the kind of guy who would probably suffer from commitment phobia. He wants to conquer in romance as can be seen from the way he gets more fascinated by Anna upon rejections.

Anna is even more interesting to me, she loves pain. Featuring the dark side of a relationship. I felt that the reason why she wanted to leave Larry because of her affair with Dan, was simply because it was all so wrong. Larry was treating her well and she knew that she would be loved if she stayed by him. But she simply wanted to experience the "pain of betrayal" by leaving him. I felt that she fed on the pain in Larry and herself, making herself feel "better". However, after leaving Larry for Dan, she realises that she CAN be happy with Dan and thus return to Larry, thus depriving herself of happiness in romance and end up "feeding" off her boring relationship with Larry(which actually makes her not happier).

Dan's "Don Juan plus commitment phobia" is pretty commonly seen in the modern playboys running for the "passion only" relationships. So is Anna. So many times, we hear of ladies who like bastards. No matter how nice a guy treats her, it would never work, for such "depressants" can only feel when in pain. They thrive on self-pity. They want to be pictured as the suffering objects. More than wanting people to sympathize them, they want to feel sympathy for themselves. After all, darker emotions(eg. anger, sadness) tend to be more intensed than brighter ones(eg. satisfaction, happy), this is the best way for them to "feel". Each time they reject a nice guy, they will "feed" on the pain of the guy who simply cannot get the reason, as to why the girl chooses the bastard over them. These ladies are without a doubt, the leading actress, in this soap opera running in their mind.

For people who are in love with this kinda person, forget about trying to understand them(in your frequency). You will spend a lifetime trying. Read my previous paragraph and take it as the bible, accept it. Give up on them and go on to live your life with someone else who knows how to be happy(in your frequeny). Turn your back on those "sado"s, do not worry about them for they are "happy" in their own rights.