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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Just to prove a point against the myth.

The World...

Wallace's arched spine laid snudgely on his armchair with straightened legs, right over left, left heel serving as a pivot on the squarish box of a sub-woofer underneath his desk. The rectangular Ikea wooden desk's design could not be any closer to simple. Only two speakers and a couple of books, served to mask, to a minimal extent, the emptiness of the deck. His elbows stayed glued to the arm-rests as his nimble wrists and fingers orchastrated the scripts.

This is a world that has been exclusively his solace from the mundanes of routine. A world whose beauty held no bounds and yet took no more than the simplest of imagination to conjure. His fingers dancing on the keyboard, the pitches and tones hypnotised his consciousness every now and then. Consciousness... Is that the name for the prison cell which chains us to a land called Reality?

When hes weary, the wrists stayed, eyes closed and chins lifted, he paused momentarily, just to bask in the aural of that world. A world that is his and yours to share.

Hi. Have you been there?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dogs and Cats...

There are things that I don't get and this is one of them. Each time I talk about cats, some people will look at me and tell me,"I'm a dog lover." and vice versa. For some of them(note, only some), by their short reply, the following meaning is put across:

Dog Lover... "I hate cats."

Cat Lover... "I hate dogs."

What is this thing about the species' rivalry? Are dogs and cats really natural rivals logger-heads? Depending on the breed(and upbringing), I have seen dogs and cats being cool with each other. In that case, instinctive rivalry shouldn't be the case here.

Which brings me to my other reasoning. Perhaps, when people placed their preference for one specie over the other, they are making a statement in the kind of temperament that they like. Dogs are perceived as being more down-to-earth and loyal while cats are much more unpredictable, "un-controllable" and nomandic.

Or at least, I used to have that perception. But lately, I have been doing a lot of research and I found that, cats can be equally as loving as a dog, maybe in their own ways.

Last night, I had the honour of visiting a home which houses an Alaskan Malamute, one Siberian Husky, one British Bull-dog, 4 Norwegian Forest Cats. And yah, they are all cool. Just 7 kids messing around with each other.

Me? I'm cool with both. There was one really unfortunate incident in my life with a puppy, but whats over is over. I look forward to loving, not backwards at hating and bearing grudges.

Now, am I right? Or am I not wrong?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Meat & Special...

I just feel like blogging, although I have nothing special to blog about.

For the longest time, I remember liking meat so much that I cannot do any meal without any meat. But after awhile, I realise meat just taste the same all the time. Mutton tastes like mutton, beef's essense is in its texture, chicken is just plain.

Then one fine day, I decided, this is enough. I needed variety and I wanted variety. So I ventured into uncovered grounds such as egg plants. People see me ordering egg plants and they think I love it. The truth is, I'm actually quite put off by it. But I still force myself to eat it because I don't believe in routines.

How can anyone consume 30 years of meat and are still swearing by it? Can I safely conclude that pure meat-eaters are boring people?

On another note, I like this girl. I thought I was happy seeing her. Then I realised that I'm actually "happier" when she was not around. I only realised it when shes back.

I confided in a friend and I was pinned onto the wall when he said,"Thats because you don't feel special."

Yah, I'm always never special. *Sign*

I Walk Alone...

Boxing Joe should be talking about this.

Just came back from watching a game of FA Cup Final between Liverpool and Westham.

Exciting game, although I only started from the 75th minute. Anyone noticed that Liverpool's 3rd goal(equaliser) by Steven Gerald is uncannily similar to the one he scored against Olympiako in the last Champions League.

Yes, the goal that made me cried like a baby. Only this time, I was jumping on the bar top of Ice Cold Beer. A replay of the game showed that Gerald also scored an earlier goal in similar style before that. All are back passes(irrespectively of which side's player) from which Stevie would appear(from outside of the TV screen) and connect it with a POWER DRIVER, straight to the corner of heaven!

*ORGASM* *HIGH* *EUPHORIC* *I can sense the lady on my left, wetting her panties*

Stevie is my epitome of "Volley King From > 25 yards".

Stevie is my idol and I can see why Liverpool loves him. Gerald IS Liverpool.

And no, I'm still not a Liverpool fan. I walk alone.

Quotes of the night.

"West Ham *Clap Clap*... SheringHam *Clap Clap*... West Ham *Clap Clap*... SheringHam*Clap Clap*..."

"Liverpool is F***-up, can only win Cups from penalties and cramps!"

"Cisse's favourite move is to feed the ball towards the corner flag, with or without support on the wing."

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Florr Mattress Needed, Urgent...

I have decided against a bed frame as I did not want the rigidity, of my room's layout, that comes with it.

I am very keen on just a mattress on the floor. But up til now, I have only been able to locate 2 shops(excluding Ikea), one Tatami Shop in Esplanade and the other one, System Mind Platforms in Millenia Walk.

Before I end up sleeping on the floor, I need to get that mattress first.

Does anyone know where can I find a Futon mattress or Tatami bed?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Possession Part X...

Doesn't it hurt to know that her tears aien't for you, but for someone else?

And if love(used loosely in this context) isn't about possession? Why should you be feeling this way?

You know that her bitterness is about losing possession, hence it shouldn't be love.

Yet, you want to possess her. Is that love?

Signing off,
Itchy Sado

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another Cruise Towards The Ice-berg...

Those eyes captivated me. So lost, full of sorrows and resignation.

"So do you want to stay seated or make a move?"

She looked up, startled. Yet as fast, she regained her composure with her bright, sparkling eyes and radiant smile,"Let's go."

Did I like the fact that I "think" that I know whats on her mind? Or that she was trying to conceal whatever issues that she was facing?

And that night, in the car, she let it all go. Did I tell you I have a weakness for tears?

I'm so going to be fucked up again.

Monday, May 01, 2006

An African Fable Of The Cat...

I came across the following story in Moggies and its cited source is from the Rhodesian Native Affairs Department, 1948. And how true it is.

Once upon a time the cat did not live in the houses of men. She lived only in the bush or in the jungle.

One cat became friendly with a rabbit. She went everywhere with the rabbit and was astonished at the craftiness of her friend. One day a duiker (duiker or duyker: small african antelope), fought with the rabbit and killed it with its horns. As her friend was dead the cat lived with the duiker. Then the duiker was killed by a leopard, so the cat decided to live with the leopard. A few days later they met with a lion. The lion fought the leopard and killed it. The poor cat then made friends with the lion and lived with him until one day they met a herd of elephant. A huge bull fought with the lion and killed it.

The cat thought to herself, "I must make friends with an animal as large and strong as this elephant - surely nothing can defeat it!"

But her troubles were not yet over, for one day a hunter shot the elephant with a poisoned arrow and the elephant died.

Now the cat did not know what to do, for she had never seen a two-legged animal such as this. She thought hard and said to herself, "if this man can kill a huge animal like an elephant, I had better make friends with him so that I can live in safety."

She followed the hunter back to his home, and when the hunter entered his hut the cat crept up on to the verandah. She heard sounds of quarrelling in the hut and saw the man in flight from a woman who was beating him with a stick for stirring porridge.

The cat said to herself, "Now I have seen the strongest of all creatures - a woman!"

Ever after this the cat has lived in the huts with the women, because it is they who are all-powerful.