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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Periodic Felines EPL Challenge, Round 3, 6th Leg...

Starting Scoreline: FF 4.0, TP 9

1) Fulham 1:0 Arsenal Win
2) Aston Villa 0:1/2 Manchester City Win
3) Bolton 3/4:0 Chelsea Win half
4) Liverpool 0:1.25 Portsmouth WinLose
5) Manchester United 0:1.5 Everton Lose

Finishing Scoreline: FF 4.0, FP 10
Currently on TP's iPod Playlist: "Daddy Cool" by Boney M


Scoreline to bring over for Round 4: FF 2.0, TP 1.5

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Periodic Felines EPL Challenge, Round 3, 5th Leg...

Guess what? Weekday EPL to fill in the suicidal mid-weeks. What a relieve.

Starting Scoreline: FF 3.0, TP 9

1) Watford 0:1/4 Sheffield United Lose

Finishing Scoreline: FF 4.0, TP 9

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Periodic Felines EPL Challenge, Round 3, 4th Leg...

Starting Scoreline: FF 2.0, TP 8

1) Newcastle 0:1/4 Portsmouth Lose
2) Tottenham 0:1/2 Wigan Win
3) Manchester United 0:0 Chelsea Draw

Finishing Scoreline: FF 3.0, TP 9

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Periodic Felines EPL Challenge, Round 3, 3rd Leg...

Starting Scoreline: FF 0.5, TP 5.5

1) Charlton 0:0 Everton Draw
2) Aston Villa 0:1/2 Middlebrough Lose
3) Fulham 0:0.25 Reading Win
4) Liverpool 0:1.25 Manchester City Win half
5) West Ham 0:0.75 Sheffield United Lose half
6) Bolton 1/2:0 Arsenal Win

Finishing Scoreline: FF 2.0, TP 8

Sunday, November 19, 2006

In the Light of the Sun...

That night I was drunk. I just wanted to run, to get away, to somewhere unfamiliar. It wasn't a trip that I needed, just some place where I can think of nothing but what I want to think about.

I found myself lying by the seaside. Somehow things never seemed so calm before.

The screen was fading when I saw the first glimpse of sunlight, just then I heard the following line...

In the light of the sun, is there anyone? Oh it has begun...

And like bullets raining into me.

This world you must've crossed... you said...

You don't know me, you don't even care...

When flowers gaze at you... they're not the only ones who cry when they see you...

I think I need a sunrise, I'm tired of the sunset...

And I remembered. The tears were real.

Boston by Augustana.

G33k Talk...

The end of the year is always a good time for economy. Every single activity seems to be overclocked. Down from your daily work schedule to your social activities and acquisition manuvoeurs. What more? Santa Claus is coming to town next month.

Expenditure has been soaring high and despite my attempts to keep it under more scrutiny, I could only break even my savings with desire for gadgets.

The new Apple Shuffle is a beauty. If no one had told me, I would have thought that Apple has designed a clothe peg as a gift item. Who could imagine that this weight-less innocent "peg" serves as a mp3 player and at a cost of around S$150? Now I can easily drown my pains during runs. There is very little barrier to entry. But still, I'm holding on to the rails.

The other item on the shopping list, is a new PC. Every few years, your current workstation turns cranky and slow. Gradually, you realise that you can afford to take toilet and snack breaks in between program start-ups. Your brother throws you a new game to try online and you witness nothing but lags and accusations from online gamers that you are a major screw-up to their team and nothing but jinx. You walk to Sim Lim and you get high looking at the price lists, hot chicks pushing Made-in-China mp3 players plus the realisation that you are a grown-up now. The Gaming Boy can now afford to upgrade his gears like a Lvl 25 Pudge, with Level 4 Equipment Recipes, just like in DOTA.

But what is up next is a series of obsession and headaches as I try to decide what brand and make of parts to assemble. The new Intel Core 2 series is not making it any better for me. Newly launched in July and available in market for a reasonable price. Was looking at a Intel P4 3.0GHz with 1 Gig RAM, and that would allow me to play any game out there right?

Not so easy with the new shite. It seems that for a hundred plus more with Intel Core2 E6300, I can have a devil which upon overclocking, can leave the Athlon 64 and Pentium P945(in their overclocked states) biting the dust.

The difference probably would not even be noticable given the light tasks I'll be performing. But hey, you can't hit 200 km/hrs on Singapore roads too. Why do people still buy Porsche?

But with all these purchases, you need money, you know?

Where am I suppose to get all those money? I wonder...

Round 3, 2nd Leg...

Starting Scoreline: FF 0.5, TP 5

1) Wigan 0:0.25 Aston Villa Win 1/2
2) Blackburn 0:0 Tottenham Draw

Finishing Scoreline: FF 0.5, TP 5.5

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Round 2, 3rd Leg...

Starting Scoreline: TP 2.5, FF 7

Each taking turns to pick, the following are as agreed upon between FF and me. Since FF need just 1 win to close Round 2. The moment she lands on the last base, the remaining result will roll over to Round 3.

1) Manchester City 0:1/2 Fulham Win
2) Reading 0:1/2 Charlton Lose

Final Scoreline: TP 3.5, FF 10
Conclusion: FF is the winner of our poor crustacean friends in Cereals.

Round 3, Start...

1) Arsenal 0:1.5 Newcastle Win
2) Chelsea 0:1.75 West Ham Win
3) Everton 0:1/4 Bolton Win
4) Portsmouth 0:3/4 Watford Win 1/2
5) Sheffield Utd 1.25:0 Manchester United Lose 1/2
6) Middlesbrough 1/2:0 Liverpool Win

Round 3, 1st Leg Scoreline: FF 0.5, TP 5
Verdict: Whoooose's your Daddy?!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

How Many Times Can You Lose Your Virginity?...

A friend told me that one of my Ex-es have revealed that she lost her virginity to this other guy whom she met after we broke-up.

The following were my thoughts:

1) Can she lose her virginity TWICE?
2) Is he some big-shot celebrity such that it sounds so much better to lose her virginity to him than to me?
3) Dammit. Was she even a virgin when I did her?
4) Maybe, she actually knew him before me and I thought otherwise?

Now gals will say,"Grow up, whats with this virginity-taking thing?". Boys will always be Boys, Peter Pan doesn't grow up, remember? Issue of ego in this case(Refer to Pt 2) may not be logically-linked, but hell yeah, its applicable!

I feel like calling her up and to clarify situations but from what it seems, she's quite confrontational-phobic. What if she turns around and claims that I raped her, hence not consider loss of virginity, then what am I gonna say wor?

Lies-weaving bitch.

Anyway, it doesn't stop Earth from rotating and the ball from rolling. Back to EPL Round 2, 2nd Leg.

Starting Scoreline: TP 2.5, FF 7

Each taking turns to pick, the following are as agreed upon between FF and me.

1) Reading 1/4:0 Tottenham Lose
2) Arsenal 0:1/2 Liverpool Lose

Finishing Scoreline: TP 2.5, FF 9

Saturday, November 11, 2006

EPL Round 2, 2nd Leg...

Starting Scoreline: TP 1, FF 2

Each taking turns to pick, the following are as agreed upon between FF and me.

1) Manchester City 0:1/4 Newcastle Lose 1/2
2) Chelsea 0:2 Watford Lose
3) Everton 0:3/4 Aston Villa Lose
4) Middlesbrough 0:1/4 West Ham Win
5) Portsmouth 0:1/2 Fulham Lose
6) Sheffield Utd 1/4:0 Bolton Lose 1/2
7) Wigan Athletic 0:1/2 Charlton Lose
8) Blackburn 3/4:0 Manchester Utd Win 1/2

Finishing Scoreline: TP 2.5, FF 7

Verdict: Cereal Crayfish is seriously on the line.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

EPL Round 2, 1st Leg...

Last night, I look a 5 minutes glimpse at how Newcastle handled Sheffield United during the first half and I went to sleep knowing that my free beer should be pretty secured. Newcastle *sniggers*

This time round, a Cereal Crayfish meal is on the table. First to race to 10, will savour the poor man'sbudget lobster for FREE!

1) West Ham 1:0 Arsenal WIN
2) Aston Villa 0:1/2 Blackburn LOSE
3) Tottenham 3/4:0 Chelsea LOSE

Teams in bold are the winning picks. Of coz, FF would beg to differ.

Current score. TP:1, FF:2

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Emotionally Unavailable (Physically Available?)...

A night at Velvet, and it seemed like a perfect night out. What with everyone getting drunk and semi-drunk when you are only nicely high. I don't believe in getting drunk in club, because I do not derive any pleasure out of it. Down on the ground, out of control, making a scene and hangovers, just so not my shot of tequila.

I'm a poor drinker. These are what I had in progressive order:

01 glass x Vodka Supernova (An in-house concoction at Zouk I was told)
01 glass x Bourbon Coke
04 shots x Sex on the Beach
02 x bottle of Heineiken

And that was all. Enough for me to maintain composure while making eyes at the ladies and strutting my stuffs on the dance floor and taking care of any casualties.

Its been quite a week. Work and all, meet-up with old friends and stuffs. And the realisation of what I had been burdened with for the past couple of months, which I had blissfully been unconscious of.

Today, for the 2nd time in 3 months, I had to end another courtship. Abeit this time, I was able to give the other party a less vague and more fair answer.

"Sorry. I'm emotionally unavailable." (Yes, that sounds exactly like a player's line)

"So, that means you are physically available la?"

What can I say to that? Guys are ALWAYS physically available, but what separates Man from animals, is that we do screen our meat.

Facts aside, I realise that I am quite a perfectionist where relationship is concerned. Anything less than perfect is simply not enough for me. I do not need the sexiest, most charismatic or intelligent partner. All I'm looking for, is that someone who is JUST right. Which, seems like a tall task, given the track records.

Looks are important, never denied that. My prowl tonight, had spotted so many attractive ladies that I would love to be involved with. Yet, thinking at my current accessible contacts, I don't seem to know many of. Which, statistically speaking, is impossible, given the circles I have access to. Is it because I'm always never satisfied, my fate is as so or I'm a loner by heart?

Well, as a comfort, as least my "daughter" is sleeping soundly by the laptop now. She's had a tough day, but I share go into that another day.

Good night Blog.