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Monday, February 27, 2006

The Angel of Defiance...

I couldn't take my eyes off her, all the while her phone was ringing. She acknowledged the call by shaking to the rhythm of the catchy tune, choosing not to answer the call, just so the tune doesn't cut.

She caught my glance,"好听 hor?"

I smiled and nodded in a few short, rapid cycles, never once taking my eyes off her. Her nonchalence on being stared at, ironically fueled by the attention. Theres something about her, the air of defiance. It only seemed that, with more attention, all the more she wants things her way. The allure of that quality appeals to me. Perhaps, its something I seek?

I followed her as she sashayed, leading the way down the stairs. Her phone rang once more and she proudly held it held in the air, grooving.

I'm so fucking turned-on.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Things We Say...

I was meeting up with a friend for a chat over lunch. And as per most common conversations, you end up talking about the people around you. That is the tricky part. You see, I don't like to see myself as a gossiper however it is human nature to cover certain "interesting" events and people around you. Its definite that we will talk about others all the time, but where is the line drawn between a gossip and an innocent "discussion". If there aien't any differentiation of gossip from pure "discussion", perhaps the best we can do, is to categorise them into "malicious" and "non-malign"?

How do we avoid any gossiping at all? I think, nada. How much of the things that spew from your tongues are based on your own experience? Even then, from your own pot, how fucking sure are you that its not biased or an err judgement? We think we are always right.

Also caught a movie last night. Can't remember the last time I laughed this hard in a cinema. Steve Martin is brilliant in Pink Panther. I'm still cracking from his slap-sticks.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Everyone is WatchingTalking About It...

The latest no-brainer to get hits to your blog is to include the following key words in your entries.

Tammy, NYP, Sex, Scandal

Bound to get hits. We'll see. ;)

I have been meeting tons of people(some old, some new) for the past few days. People from all occupations and residing in every corner of Singapore. While Singapore may be a small island, it actually houses a population of approximately 4 million. No small feat. And while the various estates are actually pretty close to each other, I always have this perception that people living in different estates experience their lifestyle "differently". Don't ask me why. Its like a person living in Siglap, would render a totally differently "feeling ah" when staying in Toa Payoh. If given the same person, he might have taken on different paths if he had been staying in different estates.

And maybe I have not been meeting enough new acquaintances, but I find myself having to answer my status of currently being single, utmost times. I'm not sure if its the social norm to ask everyone you meet, on their status. When in Rome, f*** as the Romans do. I soon learned to engage First Strike.

A lot of them(older acquaintances) are surprised by my currently Single status, given my philandering ways. But, wait a minute. I'm not Casanova. I do meet a lot of girls, thats true. Romance count(dated/slightly interested/potentials) of 2005 was 13. Take away the "officials", I realise I do have a high turn-over rate. But I swear I do not flirt around. I do not waste my time and resources($).

My childhood friend of 2 decades downrightly branded me as a philanderer just for the very fact that I chat up girls. Here is a guy, who meets not more than 2 potential romantic interests through "decent" channels, and just married. He cannot imagine why someone like me, who is able to meet so many ladies, is without a Significant Other. He concluded that I must be either gay or having commitment issues.

Thing is, its just so difficult to find someone who connects totally. Chemistry, looks, character. Just 3, but its not easy to satisfy and I refuse to settle for less.

Trust me thought, the next one I meet whom I feel is a worthy catch, I will not let her out of my aperture.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Purest of Pain...

Despite my current carefree state of mind, I'll be lying if I say I'm a walking, invulnerable heart of steel.

I realise there is only one thing more hurting than someone not loving you. Its when you realise that the other party chooses to believe that you don't love as much as you really did.

While the former cuts fast and sharp, the latter leaves a lingering pain that refuses to turn numb.

Billionaire is the next one to create an anasthetic for the heart.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy, Who Says I'm Not?...

Believe it or not, but I have been really happy for the past one month. I remember this run since Christmas and it kinda grew since. There has been no major changes to my life, and I could not pin-point what has been making me happier lately.

Just then, a blog reader asked me whats wrong lately. He had the impression that I have been getting more antsy from my recent postings, when it was the other direction I had been heading. I went through my blog and I think he must be referring to the following postings:

How True Am I To My Blog
Wanna Be Part-Time Killer
Road Leading To Hell

This must be it. All my "issues" dumped onto this blog, must have been cleansing my system. Blogging is truly therapeutic.

Don't believe the shite about all bloggers having lotsa issues. They must have been not blogging "enough". "Enough" is subjective, depending on severity of emotional baggages.

Road Leading To Hell...

Since young, the saying "马路如虎口"(The roads are akin to the tiger's jaws) has been ingrinded onto me. The result is an extremely careful pedestrian. I look both ways before I cross the road. I never take a green light for granted and I always make sure the car slows down before I stick one foot forward. And if I recall, people around me demostrated similar level of caution when crossing.

Ever since I have been driving regularly, I have noticed that there are lots of people on the roads, waiting to throw their lifes away. Especially the youngsters. Just the day before, in one freaking single day, I encountered 3 incidents whereby they tried to shove their life into my hands.

Case 1, 2 boys walking along the middle of the road, back facing traffic and did not bother to turn around to check for vehicles at all(the traffic wasn't dead then).

Case 2, 4 bicycle riders crossing on their Red while I was supposed to be clear for turning. I, the rider on the Green actually has to stop, while they giggled and continue to ride SLOWLY.

Case 3, 1 boy crossing the road SLOWLY at the middle of an intersection when cars from 3 directions(me turning left, car going straight and car u-turning) all "stunned", and waited for him.

Is it the sheer arrogance of the younger generation that makes them feel that everything around owes them a living? Were they not taught about road etiquettes? Or are those monkeys just fucking stupid?

I remember one case last year where an expat jay-walked while jogging on a rainy day, he was fatally injured by an on-coming vehicle. While common senses and some light knowledge of traffic rules tell us that he threw his life away, the lady driver was ruled by court to award compensation(a few million if I recalled) to the deseased's family(presumably by law of Torts) for the loss of sole bread-winner. Shouldn't the man(sole bread-winner) himself be responsible for his own family when he chose to jay-walk. CB. Not the Green man or Red man that matters, but the White man.

To those who want to die, please commit suicide on your own accord. Quite inconsiderate to just barge out onto the road and 连累(drag down) unlucky drivers.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Misery Loves Company...

I hate meetings. Most of the time, they are at best only 40% efficient at what they were set up to accomplish. The same shit will be thrown round the circle and many redundant points will be raise, in bids for the boss's attention.

I don't see why anyone would want to speak up at meetings if they have no concrete points to raise. They should all be like me. As a previous co-worker quoted,"XXX doesn't speak out a lot during meeting, but each time he says something, its going to be something." *Sorry for the blatant ego-trip here*

Anyway, back to my hatred for meetings. My visionary CEO has decided to triple our turnover with a revolutionary business shift. Hence he decided to rope in the brain power of the entire sales department, to churn out something so formidable that it will change the angle from which our world-wide organisation will see the Art of Money-Making. A week after he initiated his idea, I was already burning in auguish, trying to stay awake, over the numerous half-day meetings. Same ideas being spoken of, hour by hour.

Horror of horrors, when he unleashed his final whip in the form of a 2-days concentration camp. 2 fucking wholesome days of the same grind.

I thought I had it covered when I realise my reservist dates actually clashed with the intended date of the camp. While the most resilient smile has ceased among all faces in the board room, a glitch of it was slowly growing on mine.

One should never be too smug about good fortunes. Just when he asked,"Anyone has a problem with the date?"

I put on my most Hollywood-worthy troubled face,"My last 2 days of reservist happen to coincide with the camp dates."

Visionary CEO,"In that case, why not we shift the camp 2 days back? Everyone ok with it?"

"NOOOOOooo.... this is not happening!",I screamed within my skull.

Within seconds, my smug smile disappeared as glithes of it shifted to every other face in the board room.

Nabei... misery loves company.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Repeat Mode Forever...

I thought my massive collection of "Digital Music" was gone for good when my beloved Toshiba Satellite crashed. So not. I managed to recover at least half of those back-ups on Humping Edmo's PC. See? Its always good to share your mp3s.

For so long, I have taken this song for granted as I instinctively click and drag it to my playlists. Some songs just comfort you so much that you don't mind playing them on Repeat. You know its forever when years later, you still play them on your "Playlist of the moment".

Some other of my Ever-Greens... maybe if you know them all, you know me. If you don't know any of them, you definitely too young for me.

Too Late Too Soon by Jon Secada
I Believe by Blessed Union of Soul
Lighting Crashes by Live
Water Runs Dry by Boyz II Men
Somebody's Crying by Chris Isaak
With or Without You by U2
I Lie For You And That's The Truth by Meatloaf (The MTV's a classic!)
High and Dry by Radiohead
All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You by Heart
Fresh men by Verve

See any song you like too? Comments?

Zhng Da Car...

Imagine the days when you buy a car and next thing you do, you are trying to hack into its computer system, modifying its source code and even downloading new softwares to expand your car's functionality?

Check this out. The things that you can do to a Toyota Prius.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday EPL...

Boxing Joe with a light entry.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Should Start Reflecting on Life...

As if it was a sign, minutes after I posted the last entry. I came across a touching eulogy by Elvina for her friend Kelvin, who is an inspiring personality and Spinnee's comments on "Fearless" having a moral on the "Art" of life.

This 2 reads are in no way directly-related. But both set me back to reflect on life itself. At this hour, my thought are in a mess but I have enough in me to realise that we do need to sit and think about what really matters most in life. We don't have to be Saints but isn't our life worth at least a light review and scrutiny?

Now, I'm so ashamed of my negative vibes just moments ago. I know its justifiable of a human to blow off steam, but I realise that most of the time, I should be positive when it matters and when it makes a difference.


Its so easy to get pissed over people's behaviour, behaviours which you yourself refrain from and yet there are people out there who think they run the world, people who commit those exact things to provoke.

I believe in civilisation. I believe in giving in sometimes to avoid direct confrontation because I know its important for at least one party to be thinking when the other party is not.

But, I am the one person you don't like to see when I really lose my temper. Those who have survived it will soon be acknowledged as my best friends while some I never ever hear of again. Yet, I know, I haven't blew my peak as yet. The scene that run through my mind and the things I'm tempted to perform in anger, are some of the stuffs I see in my darkest nightmare.

One very bad thing about me is that I may not voice out my displeasure immediately and I tend to let it build up.

In times of acute agitations, I would excuse myself. Get to a quiet corner for 5 minutes.


Its another day back on the "right" side.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Boxing Joe 来拜年。。。

Boxing Joe has something to say after so long.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dance and Dance CDs...

Paul Van Dyk's Politics of Dancing 2 World Tour Session at Zouk last night was impressive. Might be the fat harvest of red packets, the crowd as a whole, seemed very very tolerant of the extremely-packed arena, thus making for an enjoyable session. The atmosphere at the dance floor was awesome, how the floor was worshipping Paul Van Dyk, I swear I never seen anything like this before.

Makes me wonder how Curious George and Jesua Freak could have possibly miss it. *sniggles*

Courtesy of a friend's late arrival, I had the opportunity to prowl the whole of HMV for CDs. I had shortlisted DJ Tiesto's latest Live recording and Fabriclive 25: High Contrast as worthy buys. Not cheap though, all of these non-main stream genres. Buying both would set me back by at least 70 bucks.

Was browsing through the CDs when my shopping method dawned on me. Other than known titles, how would I know which other unknown album could possibly be good enough for a test-drive? I would go by the CD Cover. Whichever album would capture my attention, would depend on how the cover flirts with my imagination. Most of the time, the cover is totally irrelevant of its musical content, but I must say, to some extent, the cover-induced mental staging for the set, does go abit of the way in the entire experience.