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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I have no idea what has been going on in my head, but I have been making very unforgivable mistakes, both during and outside of work.

They include:

1) Making blatant(unforgivable) grammatical errors in almost all the blog comments which I had been posting.

2) Getting figures(the numerical kind) wrong.

3) Mixing up clients and their respective projects.

Now, Pt 1) is fine with me, after all, the worst that people can think of me, is that my England can barely make it. Not that mine is any good in the first place.

But Pt 2) and 3) are severe. They are potentially extremely hazardous to my career and at this point in my life, I cannot be making such mistakes.

Not in this job and definitely even more for whatever I am going for next.

I have to start pushing myself to be a perfectionist.

Talk about "perfectionist". Just a quick one since I do not have much time tonight. Actually, I do not much time every other night lately. Time has been spent fulfilling-ly though.

Recently, I met this other guy on a project. Two years younger than me and a government scholar. Maybe you can call it fate and perhaps I felt like a brotherly figure to him, but we kinda hit it off and are on good terms.

Put it simply, in him, I have realised what I have been lacking all along, that has been constantly plaguing me so far. And that is the "perfectionist" attitude, or rather the drive for perfection.

Unlike me, he is always looking to pass the harshest of critique upon his own work. Unlike me, he never holds back punches, until he has really push himself to the max. Despite having covered all the necessary details on our project, he would slave on until his eyes or his concentration totally wear.

Being someone who has always believe himself to be smart, I have always been plagued by under-achievements. And right there, staring back at me, is the realisation of what I have not been doing right. Its my attitude towards success that requires some over-hauling.

To succeed, the greatest of hunger is not going to get you anywhere unless you are backing it up with actions. And actions alone mean nothing, if they are not going to guarantee results in your favour. And how are you going to ensure that those results are going to be 100% positive? Well, you can't. BUT, you just gotta squeeze for that marginal single percent of positivity that you can work for and leave the rest to God.

How do you squeeze every single %? Well, thats where you let your hunger flair.

P.S~ Hungry. Should I finish the "Missy Donuts" on the dining table or cook instant noodles?