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Monday, February 28, 2005

For Better or for worst...For them.

The wee hours of Sunday morning started out on a bad note for me. Man Utd scored an early goal yet they could not win by a clear 2 goals margin, courtesy of a bloody 25 yard curling scream from the bucktooth Portsmouth player, Gary O'Neil. WTF? Van Nisterooy lost his magnet for the ball, he couldn't even shine cept for his goal assist which was due more in part to Rooney's pace and composure. And Tim Howard, the epitome of suay-ness between the posts, simply couldn't keep a clean sheet on his "debut" after so many months. Monaco on the French side also couldn't beat Nice. The cash-strapped situation tightened, I was pissed, I couldn't sleep well.
When I do manage to shut my eyes for 2 hours later, I had to wake up for the "wife-grabby ceremony". Not for myself, but for my brudder. This time round, unlike the Central Narcotic Bureau advertisement, "we could not play by our own rules" and were subjected to abuse from acts and suggestions of the feminine warpped minds. Acts of which included using waxed sheet to extract 8 strands of hair from each of us, placing of ginger slices into our mouth and the extortion of eighten dollars and ONE cent, which fortunately, we have one. Brilliant.
Overall, a very nice wedding. Things went well. The couples had known each other for eight and half years. They had basically been through their teens together. The video montage was thus full of substance and touching, to mention the very least.
And we were all amazed by how the groom could walk out of the wedding banquet alive at the end of it all. We were too benevolent. This is what happens when the groom is spared beer and cognac. It was also a Sunday night, people have to work the next day. Things end on a calmer note and we left the newly-wedds to help ensure the growth of Singapore's diminishing walking population.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Drink Frustration

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, which concoction is the most vile of them all?"


Years of drinking, I have finally found the ONE in Frustration. Graveyard tastes like chocolate when compared to this true-blue poison. At first slip, it tastes like the Long Island Tea without the coke. And at first slip, it already induces your urge to puke irregardless of how drunk you previously are. Not sure if its standard mix at other bars. But it can definitely be found at Newsroom Bar.

And finally, I can be a good boy for the night with all the EPL, SLL, ISA and Bundesliga matches keeping me occupied. Been cash-strapped recently, I'm determined to get something out of the bookmakers(aka bookie) tonight.

Looking at the lineups, I strongly believe that Newcastle will definitely win Bolton. Bolton has been winning handicapps like nobody's business for last 7 matches, while I believe its time Newcastle buck up with a streak of 2 or 3 wins at least. Unfortunately, this is tomorrows business.

For tonight, I'm in a fix. Should I risk my dough on the shoulders of Man U playing an erratic Portsmouth, which is not a definite walkover, giving one and a half ball in the process? Or should I back my favourite Saints at home, and receiving only one ball advantage, against the almighty Gunners? Spurs look good in form lately, but from many of my long suffering Spur-supporting friends' experiences, they have a tradition for disappointing and causing heat-breaks. Will they be back to deliver for one last time against Fulham? Uncertain.

Aston Villa, being a good home team, looks pretty good against Everton. But I'm worried that Everton will defy gravity and continue their grip on the 4th place in EPL. Hmmm.... home or away?

Check out my new project Boxing Joe Special.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Friday Night Fever

Once again, I have succumbed to temptation. The "I drank last night, so tonight I will not spending any more dough on clubs" reasoning was thrown aside in place of "Its my friend's last 2 clubbing session as a bachelor before he gets hitched over the weekend". I believe this is one more sacrifice I have to make.
After so many years of clubbing, perhaps due to excessive sessions as compared to my peers, I have grown sick of clubs. After all, isn't it the same thing week after week? We go in, get pissed, high, supper and home. With the occassional courage, we get to pick up chick or get rejections. But thats about it. There is something about clubbing in Singapore that makes everything so mechanical and forced. The atmosphere at club tends to be that the clubbers are simply looking for a place to escape from their normal routine lifes by drinking in the darks and getting high.
Give me one more good reason why I should carrying on clubbing?

P.S. I'll check back on any replies after I recover from my drinks in the following morning. Cheers!

Customer Dissatisfaction

Blaardy Shit! Seems like my bad luck lately extends to every Fug. I sent my PDA phone, O2 XDA II for replacement of the cover as it was cracked and one of the "joystick" control wasn't working. As far as I was concerned, it was working perfectly otherwise.
Just this morning, the service staff called and told me that there were cracks in the motherboard and things were falling out. She asked if it was still on warranty, i said yes. And she told me that she would change the motherboard for me at no extra charges. Moments later she fug-king called again and said I need to pay as the crack on my cover suggests rough handling and is out-of-warranty.
What the hell? I never dropped my handset and it was merely a crack on the cover. How could it have caused the mainboard to "cracked all over and pieces falling out". Isn't the cover meant to protect the mainboard? Isn't the phone made to endure a certain amount of rough handling. I swear I never once did drop the phone. I wanted to buy a freaking PHONE...NOT a JEWELLERY. S$360 just to fix the shit.
Now that O2 has come up with all kinds of new models for XDA series recently, the current actual value of my phone might just be only twice of that S$360 "repair" fee.
CCB. KNN. I always suspected the efficiency of technical service staffs. It seems like when they see something wrong, their first solution would be to change everything. First so they do not have to debug. Second so they stand little chance of not being able to "fix" the problem. Same thing when my laptop was reviewed by Toshiba and now by O2 service staffs. You see how I am going to play when I collect my phone.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bad Girl as my Angel...

Never one who is into SBC Channel 8, sorry, MediaCorp Chinese drama serial, I normally do not give 2 winks about local celebrities. I guess its the closeness that I feel for them, being heartlanders, that doesn't give me that x-factor appeal to fascinate over any of them as idols.
But for the past few days, I found myself irresistably turning on the TV at 9pm just to catch "You are the One". Li Rui En is simply charming. She isn't the perfect beauty, in fact, she has minor facial inperfections like that "cut or dimple?" on her chin. And slightly over-zealous but damn cute facial expressions on the big screen.
Considering that I am a bad boy by nature, on second thought, I am pondering on the reason in falling for an artiste with such a sweet, girl-next-door image. Am I turning away from the Dark side? Apparently not. This is my real angel. Shes on the right. Shes my angel after all. Smoky eh? I like it.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Most Memorable Moments in UBC, Vancouver

If I have to list ten and rank them, here they are...

1) Initial difficulties in lodging. Read it here, here and here.

2) Jeff and mine trips to the Striptease bar. And his obliging girlfriend who would send us there and fetch us home. That was the classic.

3) The ultimate free-flow boozing section at Trevor's place on weekends. Long live the cost and variety of beer in Canada.

4) Held at the head of the queue at a club's entrance, in freezing temperature, from 10 pm to 1am, while the bouncers teased us with sarcasm(lots), about their meeting inside the club with Kiko Wu, who was making a special appearance that night. The main reason why we hot-blooded male are there in the first place. We gave up queuing and went to another pub. I hope the same bouncers get prostate cancer.

5) My Canadian house mate, Ryan, and me walking over to the other end of our block's carpark. He smoking pot while I puff on a regular cigarette. I felt like a total faggot.

6) 5 day class schedule. Half-days on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Two-hour day on Tuesday and Thursday. No tutorials. Only one assignment every fortnight. Each assignment is about 2 or 3 questions long. We were educated in quality, not quantity.

7) My German room-mate, who demonstrated his non-American sense of humour, by saying this to Ryan and me while watching Friends,"I don't get it. Whats so funny? I do not get it. What are you guys laughing at it?"

8) The Forest faculty had a new, beautiful building. The interior was tastefully decorated coming to X'mas and I would sneak inside at time to mug for exams. After 5pm, access was only for Foresty students with Access ID cards, so I had to hang around the building until someone comes along and I get in with them.

9) My obsession with Hons, a well-known mid-budget Chinese eatery. There were branches all over Vancouver. I would have dinner there and ta bao(take-away) the left-overs for the next few days' ration.

10) Meeting Kit's niece, Grace, who was one-helluva beauty. Too bad I wasn't well-spoken in Cantonese which I notice, the Hong Kongers in Canada still prefer to converse in. Conversing in English among the Chinese seems fake as compared to conversing in Cantonese. Main reason why I could not really bond with the Hong Kongers while there.

Survivor Series, Vancouver. Part 3

Come Monday, I tried my luck at the department for lodging of foreign students and they were unable to help me. Accomodation was fully booked or so they claimed, for after I had moved into Thunderbird, my house mate told me that my room had been vacant for MONTHS and that they could definitely housed me during my tough times. I seemed that they just did not go all out to try to help.
Anyway, fine. I had insurance from my trusty fellow Singaporeans. After my failed request at the lodging department, I met up with the other Singaporeans and told them that the authorities were unable to help me and I brought up if one of them could just like me bunk in for a week. We were in a group and I'm sure all of them heard my appeal for they reacted. They reacted by keeping silent. It did not take 5 seconds for me to realise that they did not mean what they had said. From then on, I took off, never to turn back. It was bitter but now, thinking back, I feel sad. So much for being fellow Singaporeans. I should have known better after being a Singaporean myself for over 20 years.
In the end, its was a Phillipino who gave me the first advice, Sandi who is an indonesian who put me up, Rose worked in Singapore but she was also an Indonesian and Kit is a Hong Konger. None of them are Singaporeans and yet, they gave me help at a time when I was most in need.
That Monday night, I stayed at Sandi's place. Over the next two days, Rose put me up before we manage to find this fine backpacker place right at the edge of Downtown. I paid around 30 Sing dollars for a single room per night. Way within my budget and comfort. Over the next few remaining days, I would prowl Downtown full time and know the streets better than one of my friends who lived there for 3 years. Heh, sorry Jeff.
Now that I think back, it was really amazing how everything piece together nicely. From my landing, meeting that Singapore guy, Maria, Sandi, Rose, Kit. Just imagined if I had missed out on meeting any one of them. How different things might have been.

Survivor Series, Vancouver. Part 2

I followed Maria to the cliff and near to where she was residing at, Green College. Green College, is not a school, but a hostel within the campus. She proposed that we go to her hostel to seek advice from some of the more senior people. After hearing my case, this guy suggested that I walk 10 km down a winding road, behind the campus, by the sea, to a backpacker lodge. I wasn't too keen on that when I thought about the luggage I had to bring along.
By this time, I thought I had exhausted my own resources and pick out the card which my fellow Singaporean gave me at the airport. I tried to call him and it appeared that the number on the card, was no longer in service. What the fark was he thinking when he gave me the card?
At that point in time, God must have noticed my lack of options for while I was still in the phone booth, I heard a voice from behind, speaking in Singapore accent. I was thrilled, I came out and approached this guy who turned out to be an Indonesian Chinese named Sandi, and he actually resided in Singapore for quite some time before going to Vancouver for his PhD.
That was the turning point. Coincidentally, he was about to host a dinner for some friends, Singaporeans and Hong Kongers, and he thought that we might be able to think of something out during dinner. I embraced that offer.
At the dinner, I would meet another lady, whom I will be forever grateful to, Rose. I also got to know Kit, another great lady. Anyway, aside from my amazement at Sandi's culinary skill which had inspired me to pick up some cooking skills, he had offered to put me up at his place for Sunday night. Knowing the situation I was in, they offered to keep me occupied for the weekend and the next morning.
After my housing was settled for the weekend, I retreat to Place Varnier. I was entering my room when I saw a Chinese walk out. On eye contact, we recognised each other. It was the Singaporean guy at the airport. We spoke for a while and he said that he was on his way to meet up another group of exchange student from NUS and asked me along. After what had seemed like the longest day of my life, I was glad that it was going to end on this note. I met up with them and I remember one of them speaking out on hearing my problem,"If on Monday, they are unable to settle the accomodation for you, you can come to me. I will try to help you. Afterall, its only a week before you get to move into your permanent accomodation." I was touched. The camaderie! Singaporeans!
The next day, Kit picked me up at my place and brought me to a German church.
God works in mysterious ways and I couldn't help wondering if it was all pre-arranged. I couldn't remember what happened for the rest of Sunday.

Survivor Series, Vancouver. Part 1

Last Friday, I had drinks at Sound Bar@Liquidroom. I was coming out of the toilet when this cute Chinese lady approached me with a survey. She had an accent which suggests that she is not local and I proceed to ask her about her origin. Shes Canadian, currently on exchange in NUS, residing in Toronto(pronounced as Torono)
Thirty Pounces, I believe is a debater who recently went to Calgary, Canada for a debate competition.
No resemblence between the two, except that I associated both with Canada where I have had memorable experiences. The first place where I had manage to witness falling snow, the first place where I first entered a strip bar and the first place where I found myself in a situation of true fear.
Everytime I think of Canada, I will think of University of British Columbia followed by this incident which I am going to blog about.

WARNING : The remaining material is going to be VERY long, probably tougher to complete when compared with the novel version of LOTR. Brace yourselves.

I was on a Student Exchange Programme. I distinctively remember landing at Vancouver airport on a Saturday noon, around 1300 hr, with my enormous backpack and my buddy Toshiba. After I got past the immigration, I proceed to locate the UBC's Shuttle Service booth without much effort. There I spoke to a Singaporean who was helping out at the booth. I cannot remember his name now, but I vaguely remember he was the President of the Singapore Club in UBC and he gave me his name card. I was beginning to feel comfortable. Fancy making contact with a fellow Singapore within half an hour of your touchdown, that was really relieving. I was told that the next shuttle ride wouldn't be available til an hour plus later so I just lazed around the airport in the meantime.
The transport to campus soon came in the form of a black jeep. There were 4 foreign students in that ride. I got acquainted with a Philipino lady named Maria. She was doing her PhD and was going to be in UBC for a month, just to attend a series of seminars. The ride was short and I soon got to my one-week lodging, Place Varnier before my permanent lodging at Thunderbird Residence would be ready for move-in.
The game started when I was checking in and the lady at the counter, who had no expression on her face, told me that, according to her system, I could only stay at Place Varnier for ONE night. I proceed to correct her,"Sorry, I made reservation for ONE week." She RE-corrected me,"On my system, only ONE day."
Apparently, something went awry in my application for housing. Thunderbird was only meant for Masters and PhD students and these residents are not eligible for "One week temp lodging". I, as an exchange student, should have gone to ANY other housing, so as to be eligible for the one week temp lodging.
I plead with her for help with accomodation as I had just make a 24 hrs trip and I do not know of anyone in this country as yet. She refused to bulged and offered me an advice,"You have to figure a way out yourself."
By now, it was around 1600hrs, nearing sunset and I knew I had to take her advice,
find a way out myself. So I placed my belongings in the room and left in search of alternatives. I walk onto the campus street, it was a ghost town. Not a single soul in sight. I should have known, it was a Saturday evening and the campus was at the edge of Vancouver, nobody would be working at this time. I had no choice, I had to take the chance that someone might be stationed on a 24 hrs basis to aid lost sheeps like me. Nada. I went to the more prominent administrative offices in campus, none were open. I knew I drew my last blank when even the administrative office at Thunderbird Residence was closed.
By now, I was in bad shape. 24 hrs plane ride, 1 hour of waiting for the shuttle, 2 hrs of exploring the campus and I found myself going to be without a shelter for the next day. I wasn't hungry, but I knew I had to get some food for the night. A helpful resident tipped me that the only place to grab food in campus at that unearthly hour was the Student Union Building(SUB)'s pizza parlor, Pie R Squared.
I forced myself to takeaway 2 large slices of pizza when Maria appeared for her dinner. Delighted to see her, I told her about the shit that fell on me. She then suggested that we bring our pizza to the cliff where we can watch the sunset, eat and chat. Yes, UBC is beautifully situated on the edge of the cliff. And, yes, very lomantic idea except that did not appeal to the soon-to-be-homeless kid...

To be continued...

Yeah Baby..I Kick As.....

You Have A Type A- Personality


You are one of the most balanced people around
Motivated and focused, you are good at getting what you want
You rule at success, but success doesn't rule you.

When it's playtime, you really know how to kick back
Whether it's hanging out with friends or doing something you love!
You live life to the fullest - encorporating the best of both worlds

Code Red

We am going through tough times now. My laptop is registering lots of illegal operations. Numerous system tools do not seem to be responding. He is suffering. But there is something I can do. I am ready to backup my most essential data files. After which, there is only one thing I can do to relieve my buddy of his sufferings.
My Toshiba Recovery System disk is out.
Dude, hang in out. We'll pull it through.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Ugly Farks Look Their Part

This is it. The world is coming to an end. 32 degree celcius at 1800 hrs in the evening. I wonder if I can put the blame on the bushfires. The day has been unbearable. Been boozing for the past 2 day, hardly anytime to recover and I am still nursing a hangover aftermath from last night's poison.
Will be moving out to Sentosa in an hours time where an alcoholic friend of mine has booked a hotel room for another gawd-damn drinking session. This is it. What am I doing with my life?
The mastermind has consulted me on my choice of poison. And I have requested for quality over quantity. He has thus decided to share his Macallan whiskey. Single malt u noe? , he emphasized. In my current state of self-preservation, I am not sure if my 2 vital sense of taste n smell would be able to appreciation his offering in all of its glory.
Anyway, I was having a short discussion in the Cowboy bar and it came to a part whereby we were talking about dating pretty/ugly girls. I came out with this impressive quote which I am so proud of... you got it here from the philosopher.

Did my experiments, i expected ugly girls to be nicer than pretty gals. So i thought, if they are ugly, they jolly well be nice personalities to make up for it. So far, it has not been the case. The ugly ones can have very ugly personality. i have been back-stabbed by very ugly friends. Whereas the prettier ones have done better. So my new theory..
"if a girl is fucking ugly...theres nothing for her to lose in being
uglier....whereas a pretty girl would be more self-conscious and behave her part. Moreever, pretty gals are in plenty now..they can only stand out by taking all of their chances"

Friday, February 18, 2005

Congrats to the ones blessed with Eagle vision.

Good news from Mei who just went back for her first day review after the operation. The tearing subsided after she took a nap when she got home yesterday. The vision still feels a bit cloudy but she was told that it would require a few days to clear up. However she can still see clearly. The "cloudiness" is more of a discomfort, as she described, like dirty contact lens.
She is now an official spokesperson for the LASIK procedure and she swears by it.


Now she registers an eyesight of 6/6 in both eyes and she claims that her left eye which was weaker, is even clearer than her right eye now. I suspect that her left eye may have a vision of better than 20/20, which we termed Eagles vision. And it is surgically attainable with LASIK, although by no means guaranteed. Due to my high-degree of myopia and not-so-thick cornea, i will more than happy to hit 10/12 for my left and *grin* 6/6 for my right.

Update on LASIK, Chilli Padi Vodka and My Buddy

Yesterday, I accompany Mei to JB for LASIK treatment. Interviewed her on the aftermath and she claimed that it wasn't pretty. Tears were flowing non-stop, which is supposed to be pretty normal side-effect and should ceased by today. She claimed that the procedure wasn't entirely painless as claimed. There were definitely some pain during the procedure. Hearing about it, sends a chill down my sphine as I remember that I am suppose to go for the same thing in a months time. God bless me.
Went home, checked the results slip for the Ang Bao Toto. KNN. Within my $20 budget worth of slips, I had numerous 3-number hits. No enough. Which is the main reason why I'm blogging right now. Had I gotten 3 more from the 3-number hits, I would be blogging in the evening, after I have collected my dough at the Singaporepools head office...

Sorry, too much of day-dreaming.Where was i? Oh, anyway, after dinner, I headed out again for one of my friends bachelor party, more of an excuse to drink as he would be getting hitched in 10 days time. After some distractions in the form of Lion Dance, we end up at Ice Cold Beer pub.

Interesting sidenote: Before we left our meet-up venue, Boat Quay, due to the noisy Lion Dance, I saw a Lion preparing to pounce on more than a dozen 330ml bottles of red-coloured syrup. The tradition is for the Lions to pounce onto Mandrain Orange, peel them and re-arrange them before uncovering, and perhaps eat a few piece in the meantime. I started giggling as I picture the Lion dancers trying to force those bottles of syrup down their throat. Times have changed, even Lion dancers have to go through the same shit.

While at Ice Cold Beer, I decided to get the husband-to-be a shot of the renowned Chilli Padi Vodka Shot at Pub No.5(2 doors away). My greatest mistake was to take a shot along with him. Went to the bar counter, asked for 2 shots of the "Chilli Padi shot", which drew an immediate response from a couple beside me. They look at each other in disbelief then turned to me and re-confirmed,"Are you going for the Chilli Padi Vodka shot?". I nod. She said,"We can't wait to see you try. Good luck with it." I pretty much knew what I was in for but her words made me realise that I had underestimated the intensity of the event. Things did not get better as I notice 2 huge jugs on chilli "fermenting" in what I can presume as Vodka. That is the set-up from where my killer would come. The lady who spoke to us also did the liberty of ordering 2 glasses of ice water, citing ,"You will need it." Nice lady.

The verdict: Most vile concoction I have ever tasted and it burns, on your lips and in your stomach. The after-taste was... slightly bitter but bland for the most part. It made me sick. For those of who harbour intentions of trying it. Having some deep fried chicken wings would cure the pain. There is a scientifc explaination, the substance from chilli which will cause your tongue to burn is insoluble in water but soluble in oil. Hence, drinking tons of water after a spicy meal, in reality, doesn't do more help as compared to downing a shot of oil.

After a pretty uneventful night, I head for base only to find another shock awaits me. My ol' trusty Toshiba laptop wasn't in good shape. All of a sudden, I could not restart it. Worst part was that he would display the bright, red Toshiba logo upon power up and halt. On other times, the LCD screen shows a blank upon power up. I wasn't that freaked out but sad. Sad because I kinda knew this was fore-coming. Sad not so much about the data that I had on him, but for the laptop.
Years ago, I was having some red wine while watching some movies when I spilled the wine over the laptop. Needless to say, it wouldn't start at all after that. Brought it to the Toshiba repair centre, only to receive it a week later. Upon receival of the laptop, I was told by my laptop surgeon,"We tried our best." *shaking of head from left to right* I took a look at my laptop and beyond my expectations, he could actually start-up. This was already a miracle, never mind that the keyboards wouldn't register a key, that my buddy recovered from a hang-over and could actually load Win-doze. I questioned the laptop surgeon about his negativity and he defended that its temporary, the keyboard was screwed and red wine was all within the motherboard. To change the motherboard would be not cost-worthy, might as well get a new laptop. I told him to go fug spider. Of course not, I would never do that to a person who could possibly be my buddy's last resort. In my euphoria state, I asked him to change the keyboard as it seems to me that its only the keyboard thats not working. After which he would warn me that the new keyboard will be charged(fine with me) and that this laptop wouldn't last more than 6 months later.
Well, 4 years later, I am blogging on the same laptop. Regardless of what people say, about my laptop getting obsolete and slow, I would defend ,"He can drink red wine, can yours?", which works to even greater effect if the person himself doesn't drink at all.
Last night, I tried to get him started up but to no avail. This morning, I tried again, and it seems like my buddy has recovered without me doing much. Never a day has passed without me looking at him. Its been with me around the world and has served me well on all occassions. And I will swear by him til his last day.
I may consider getting an iMac Powerbook as his companion or successor, but I'm not sure if they can take the Red Wine as well as my buddy here does.

*CHEERS, Bottoms Up*

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Tainted Soldier

Strike 1 for me. Lesson for Singapore NSmen.

Take care to book your IPPT in advance.

The booking is pretty tight, so make sure you do it at least one month before your window closes. Apparently, the reminder from SAF may come 2 weeks before that and you stand a high chance of not being able to get a slot in time, thus will be charged...just like me.
You'll be labelled AWOL for it. Yes, AWOL. Now, after being slapped with a fine, i still gonna attend RT(Remedial Training) for missing my IPPT. That aien't fun.
So, be a good responsible NSman and do not mess with SAF. Take me as a good example.

Food Glorious Food... I Want More...

And I cannot resist sharing this link in an entire posting by itself.
Wonderful site. The recipes, the pictures and the damage is done. Its 0152 am on a Wednesday morning, how am I going to satisfy this induced hunger?
On a hindsight, if there is any girl in this world who can really prepare, to an acceptable standard, those recipes posted in this site. How many guys can resist her charm? Most girls that I know, can't even make an omelete right. Or maybe its just us Singaporeans. Ok, I admit, I'm stepping into the sexist stand right now. I'm go to stop here and sleep off the hunger.

Vitamin B Complex To Get Us Higher

Met a buddy in town for dinner followed by some drinks. During the process of downing those pints, you would transform from a most sober a contented and enlightened state before you crash and burn to hell in a drunken state. Now, I was thinking out loud as to how wonderful it would be if we could maintain the "contented and enlightened state" for our entire walking lifespan.
And he had this to offer me. Apparently he claimed that he had read in a research article, that when alcohol is consumed, the body eventually breaks it up into 2 kinds of substances. The first kind, is the one that gets you all high while the other one, gets you the headache and the hang-overs. Hence, it is possible to length the blissful state if the latter is kept at a lower concentration in the blood.
We can possibly do this, by consumption of Vitamin B Complex, which happens to aid in the breaking down of the "evil substance".
I'm not sure how true its gonna be. But its worth a shot for the ultimate state of bliss. In Singapore, where alcohol doesn't come cheap, you need tricks like this to maximise the economical value of your bar budget.
Now... the hunt for the cheapest Vitamin B Complex pills in town. Will start at Watsons tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Love Is A Fairy Tale, 1993

Last night, I was about to retire into bed when my SCV remote performed an auto-pilot and brought me to Channel U. In the TV screen, i saw an extremely youthful Aaron Kwok followed by my long-forgotten dream lover, Rosamund Kwan, and I recalled that this is one movie that I wanted to catch during my adolescent days but didn't. The title is "Xia Ri Qing Wei Liao"(Love Is A Fairy Tale,1993).
Anyway, I found my eyes glued to the set. I couldn't turn my eyes away. They kept wanting more sights of the youthful Aaron Kwok and more importantly, my diva Rosamund Kwan. Right from the start, I wasn't expecting much plot from it being a Hong Kong teen idol production, I was right.
The story line is about this school boy(who else?) getting a part-time job at a yacht club and in the process, gets to meet his dream-gal cum hot model. Events set in and they became lovers. The setting was the ultimate school boy's fantasy, one which I obviously did not get to experience when I was a kiddo. However, if you know of anyone who had done it, let me know. I wouldn't mind hearing about it, especially if the female lead looks exactly like Rosamund Kwan.
The last scene did not quite pin-point as to whether they would be together, although it did show Aaron Kwok cycling away from the yacht club and Rosamund Kwan soon turned up behind him in a red Lamborghini.
Overall, a very nice and simple fantasy film. If only life could be similar. Nice and simple.

Monday, February 14, 2005

14th February, wad day?! D-day!

For the singles, I believe there are 2 particular festive seasons in which the agenda to love-and-be-loved, serves as a brutal reminder to their relationship status. X'mas day and Valentines day.
But, is being single really that shameful? Definitely not. The key word here is loneliness. We need love, Man need woman and vice versa. Lets face it, Adam could still be wanking his head off if Eve did not come into the picture.
Adam is a lucky dude. Having a woman tailor-made for you is never since heard of in the history of mankind (For your info, in the bible, I believe that Leia was created before Eve and was rejected). "Adam is a lucky dude", such will be the sentiments of the single guys nowadays. Most Man aien't that lucky, you have gotta hunt for your Eve.
Its a bit too late for me to give a lecture on how to attain courtship as its already 2140 hours on 14th February. Those who had gone on their V-day dinner are probably eating themselves inside out now. In the meantime, I feel for these guys.

Another SNAG voices out again.

This guy should have taken the initiative.

Why is this guy blogging when he should be dating on V-day?

A Clearer Path Ahead...

Went for my last LASIK consultancy session at TTS and guess what? I'm going for it.
Apparently, my cornea reading at TTS is higher than mine at SNEC. I have no idea how is that possible. That, plus the Intralase procedure at TTS, enabled me to go for it.
For my cornea reading, TTS performed 2 tests on it. One is a laser equipment and the other one is a mechanical procedure. The mechanical procedure was interesting. They used anasthetics on my eyes, making it slightly numb before using a pen-like object to "poke" at my eye balls. Its was quite fun to have the thing over your cornea and not feel a thing when you were expecting pain at every contact. Anyway, both procedures are supposed to give very similar readings.
At SNEC, they used only the former procedure before telling me about my cornea thickness. While I would like to think that TTS is correct and SNEC is not, hence justifying my eligibility for LASIK. I DO wonder... What if TTS happens to be wrong? Perhaps, I should try to get a third opinion before my operation.
Anyway, I will be going for the operation in a months time. So, I guess, in this last month, I will try to spend more quality time with my eye's buddy of more than a decade. I'm looking at my contact lens right now and its kind of sentimental as to how I will not be putting it on ever again. It pretty much feels like one era in my life is ending and another will soon begin. A clearer era.
I am prepared to use eye wear even after LASIK as it does not guarantee perfect eye-sight. But I suppose the feeling of putting those on will not be the same as before. Its the degree of dependency that will be changed. Looking forward to it.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Santorini at 1610 hrs


On a lighter note, isn't this place enchanting?

I have been mesmorised by this island ever since I set sight on a paranomic poster by photographer Georges Meis at a poster sale in University of British Columbia a few year ago. There were a few of his Greek works up for sale. Did a bit of research on him and he actually does quite a bit of still objects and landscapes photos. However, none as popular as his works in Greece.

The one on my wall now.

We have Friendsters, Dogs have Dogster.

Amazing! Came across this cute site, Dogster.
Whatever you can find on the internet. If you do not even have a blog, its time to rethink. Even Bella has one. :)

And this is a good prototype on how blogs can be commercialise in the future. Imagine this blog of mine going public. WOAH! The next blog tycoon will be born.

Lack of Morality and Integrity Pays.

Da Nian Chu Er(2nd day of CNY), and I'm at home right now, waiting for relatives invasion. According to my mom, there would be special guest appearance from very distant relatives in JB. Absolutely no idea how they look like. I'll see.
Other than that, my CNY seems pretty uneventful. Its the same thing year after year, visiting Grandparents on first day. Then maybe hobble down to friends place for some vices. 2nd day is always reserved for incoming house visits. I can carrying on blogging about CNY stuffs, but to do so would be so cliche as everyone is going about it. Here are some recommended links for a bit more interesting CNY reads though.

Sketches of Happenings.

A Gonzo Journal.

Classic Mr. Brown.

Anyway, I was having some games at Loy's place last night. On way back, I pass by Ang Mo Kio. Being a westerner, I seldom venture into the North. On one of the few times that I do, an interesting incident took place.

It was a good six years ago. I was still serving National Service and on this eventful Saturday, WH and I were at Nee Soon Army Camp for some Open House Celebration. Afterwards, we ended up at Ang Mo Kio for lunch. Coincidentally, it was a flag day, where you see those uniformed cuties lining up with collection tin cans.

We were having lunch when we spotted this pretty lass lunching with her schoolmates. From her uniform, she was from Nanyang JC. After a bit of oglying on our part, we dismissed the fascination. Having eaten, we proceed to explore this alien part of the island. For you see, WH is an Easterner and me, a Westerner. We seldom go to the Northern region.

As fate would decree, we ran into the same cute lass again. This time, alone, with the tin can. Open to all possible advances. Being playful NS boys, WH and I had a light discussion and decided that we had nothing to lose in trying to get to know her. On positive note, we can get to know that cute chick, whereas the downfall was that we might simply fail, pack our bags and leave, no one would ever know about our incompetence. How true! Until 6 years later, I decide to blog about it.

We approached with sincerity and chatted her up. Shes called Magdalene. Sweet girl. On a parting note, we asked for her number, she wasn't comfortable giving and we rested at that. Next day, we would share the experience with T-mas, who, would serve to perform the highest level of persistence and inquisitiveness ever known among buayas(Malay for crocodile, slang for hormones-drive man).

Over the following week...coupled with just 2 information. Her name is Magdalene. She is in Nanyang JC. The smartie went onto IRC(Internet Relay Chat) and into the channel #nyjc. There, he would activate his script which would page for the girl named Magdalene, NYJC who spent the "Flag Day" in Toa Payoh region. His efforts were rewarded somewhat a week later, whereby a nick messaged him asking about why is he looking for Magdalene.

Now, the next part that would follow, would be the only underhand method he would be applying. He came up with a story, the same one that WH and I shared with him, but with some creative editing. He added that he was at the scene of the approach, however, his balls were cramped and hence did not show his face while his "buddies" approached to chat with Mag. He "regretted" not getting to chat with that cute one. And hence, is all out to seek her again.

"BASTARD!",you would say. Well, I wouldn't disagree. I never mentioned that he deserved to be called anything less. But in this lesson, we would go on to learn that morality and integrity may not get you as far as our hero here.

The fish had taken the bait for the nick was indeed Magdalene. He would go on convinced her to chat on the phone, get her number, and finally meet up at a playground near his place, then into his house, into his room and onto his bed. No sex and hanky-panky though, at least that what he claimed.

WH and I only got to hear about his plans and achievements only after he achieved the "bedding" part. It certainly left a sour note in our mouth. After all of our initiative and solid balls, a "cramped balls" actually came in and got away with our apple. 6 years later, I'm still sour, but you gota hand it to the guy who pulled it off.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Why Don't I Like CNY?

Just had a prelude to the up and coming Chinese lunar New Year.
My cousin just paid a visit while delivering some CNY snack goodies fresh from his mom's oven, and currently in my stomach. Since a few years back... I suppose around 8 years ago, I have kinda lost my enthusiasm for this festival.
I think it all strains from the weakening family tie after my paternal grandma's death. I do not have a lot of relatives to start with. Now, I do not even get to meet some of them more than once a year. Like my cousin, who is 6 years younger and whom I have not seen for more than 2 years. And he is the most recent one whom I can recall meeting. Its that bad.
After my mom left both of us in the living room to catch up. Our conversation was... short.... So what are you currently doing now? What plans do you have after this? Hows your sister?....Damn...i'm running out of questions to avoid the awkward silence. Ours was obviously a pathetic attempt to string up a conversation for the justification of us sitting down together. By this point, my cousin had finished his drink, fumbling with his straw, wondering how to get out of it all.
Luckily, the smart boy had an emergency exit line ready from the moment he stepped into the door. He has yet to buy his pants and was consulting us on where to get it at this hour.
So ten minutes ago, we looked at the clock and agreed ," really gota rush if u wanna stand a chance of getting your pants. Think a lot of retailers would close shop much earlier today."
As I saw him through the door, I began to wonder which one of my long-lost relative encounter would be up next. Its going to be a gruesome, lengthy first two days of CNY...

New Counter..

Yay! Got a new counter from Now i'll be able to see how many dudes check out my postings. Was quite adament about putting something like that up. I mean, what if my counter doesn't tick, would it mean that my posting sucks? Or if my counter keeps on ticking, would i be comfortable with that kind of traffic viewing my "oh-so-private" thoughts?
Wonder if theres any way for me to view my traffic and not make it visible on my site. I'll work on it.
While I'm at it, also added a Daily Cartoon link at the bottom right. Figured out that if no one is going to click on it, I could use the link myself.
Oh, they even have a Guest Map! This amazing Guestmap service allows visitors to pin-point their location on the map. Interesting... something to keep myself occupied before the CNY Reunion Dinner...

Monday, February 07, 2005

Intralase is the way to go.

I can still remember distinctly the day when I was a 9 year old kids, brought to the neighbourhood optical store and was told that I need spectacles. My very first thought, other than anasthetic factors, was "This ugly shit is going to be on my nose from now onwards, every single day of my life?"

17 years later, the dislike hasn't mellowed. Perhaps the dislike was mutual, for my spectacles never seem to make things much easier for me. I was never comfortable pursuing physically-intensed sports due to the "thing" that keeps sliding down my nose and the occasional time-out whenever a lunge contacted my upper facial region. Now, I realise, it did affected my self-esteem quite a bit, if not for the saving grace that i'm a pretty smart being and contact lenses. Acquired at the age of 19.

Since then, I had the option of going without spectacles. But there were still annoying limitations. I am still very wary of any moving objects that would threaten to hit my eyes. I can still remember the drunken bitch whose hand brushed past my eye during a session in Zouk, taking off one contact len with that move. I can never stay overnight at other places at will if my contact len casing aien't with me.

Throughout all these years, one thing was constantly at the back of my mind. LASIK was my only possible saviour. A few days ago, I had an eye consultation for LASIK at Singapore National Eyecare Centre. To cut the blog short, the conclusion was that I was 80 microns of cornea thickness short for the operation. FYI, how thick is 80 micron. Ok, look at 1mm on your ruler, divide that by 1000 and multiply by 80. That is 80 micron.

My whole world came crushing down, i had finally reached the gateway for the next phase and i'm stuck. I called up Mei, who lent a good listening ear for a good ten minutes before she lent me her even better mouth "Maybe you might want to call Al. He's done quite a lot of research on it." I did, and Al threw me a life-line,"Why did you go to SNEC? Thought you did a lot of research on this before? Anyway, *i rephrased the following line so as to sound more diplomatic* go to Tan Tock Seng hospital, they have the latest LASIK procedure plus INTRALASE which I believe, is not available at SNEC yet."

INTRALASE turns out to be the only word on my mind for the rest of the day. Thanks to Al, I rushed down to TTS and upon confirmation of the presense of Intralase procedure, put my name down for another consultation session. Its my last hope, and i'm trying not to raise my hopes too high before the next session tells if anything is possible.

For those interested in LASIK, you might want to find out more about the INTRALASE procedure here. Basically the difference in the Intralase from the conventional LASIK is only in the cutting of the cornea. Instead of a mechanical device called Microkeratome, Intralase uses Laser which makes it possible for a thinner flap to be cut during the initial stages hence more cornea to be burnt and higher degree of myopia to be corrected. Of course, you pay more. S$500 more for each eye with Intralase to be included, on top of the normal charges for LASIK.

Do I care? I'll sell my blog if I have to!! Yah, as if anyone else would pay...

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Flirt-cheat on Bf? Innocent until proven guilty.

What was supposed to be a quiet night of Musculine-bonding drinking session started out fine at a bar in Boat Quay. After deciding to impose a cap on my hedonistic activities due to an unhealthy financial balance sheet, things were looking well. Arrived at venue via MRT, had a bottle of Chivas Regal with unlimited mixers(My men's effort with the bar hostresses have paid off nicely) and the night seem to be heading for a nice head,taxi ride home and my budget firmly in check.
Everything seemed like a comfortably planned Friday chill session until Al announced,"A lady friend of mine is joining us. She wants to check out this place.". Twenty minutes later, she was at the table with us and an hour half later, she asked,"So we are going to be checking out Liquid Room eh? I have friends there and we have got a table already."

"Let's go...keep the bottle."

Arrested by the sofa of Liquid Rm, we were seatted in a straight line, much like audience for a private play in front. And what a play it was. We witnessed her flirted with her predominantly male friends, all pretty well-built and boyish-looking. The flirting was typical except for their well choreographed moves of embraces and lengthy hand-holds which wouldn't break irregardless of whatever poses and positions they were in. It was made more subtle as not more than one guy flirted with her at any one time.

Not conservative by Singapore's standards, it would not be even worth blogging, except that it dawn on us that her current boyfriend is Al's friend... Needless to say, that bf is nowhere around tonight. Girls out to have fun would do their conscious well if they were single and available. They would do their conscious some justice if they were not single but took secure precautions from letting their bf find out. To do so openly in front of her bf's friend... WHat is she thinking?!

It wasn't on my way home when I could think of the ONLY possible reason for her acquitance of all possible charges... Her guy-friends are Gays???

Friday, February 04, 2005

A Micro Graphic Novel Project

Johannes found a comic strip at the back of his yard, showing a lumberjack doing his stuff and is now inviting people to create graphic novels out of it. This is my attempt.
You're welcome to join in here. The stories would take some time to be published onsite after your attempt. Give it a few hours before checking back.
Have fun.

Stars Quotes

"I must confess, for someone who wasn't meant for this world, I certainly had a hard time living it. They say every atom in the body is made up of those in the stars. Maybe i'm not leaving Earth, I'm just going home" ~ Vincent Freeman, Gattaca 1997

"They say a star that never died, never had lived. For the brightest star shines just before death. What is a life without any glory?" ~ TriplePeriod 2005

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Dot dot dot? Triple dots? Triple dot? All HaVe!!

Dammit! Http Addy of dotdotdot, tripledots and even tripledot... @ Blogspot dot com. all taken up. Creative minds do think alike. Guess this is the best that I can do.

Lost my Virgin Post.

Maybe certain thing were not meant to be. After spending 1/2 an hour on my virgin blog posting yesterday, I realise an hour ago, that it simply wouldn't display itself. After tampering with the various settings of my blog for 10 minutes. I woke up to the cruel realisation that it was lost. The easiest way out, other than emailing and complaining to the "Blogging" Co. about their site instability and blaming any potential hackers, was to start afresh.

Here I am, once again, in my present glory, presenting to you... the Triple Period.

Why TriplePeriod?!? It sounds like every woman's nightmare come true. One Period is a nuisance, Double is unheard of and Triple? Now, what kinda sick Bastard can think of such a nick. Don't think so far, lemme explain.

Initially, the title of the blog was "Where Its All About Me?" and my blog-name is my real name. Self -explainatory, its a temple of self-worshipping. In the midst of my Blog reconstruction, I realise that I needed something more unique so as to stand a whinny chance of plying eyes, spectacles and contact lens off established blogger sites... such as Xiaxue, Mr Miyaki and Mr Brown. Well, obviously not doing Your Highness a favour by placing their links here but I believe in fore p... i'm sorry... fair play.

Back to where we were, I needed something more inspiration. And I was changing the title to "Chronicles Of *Ex-blog name*"... when it still looked pretty plain. I do not even think that the title "Chronicles of Riddicks" would tempt anyone to bother shifting their mouse cursor, let alone "Chronicles of *Ex-blog name*". I decided to apply some of my marketing and psychology modules into effect, and came up with "Chronicles Of...". Initial viewers would notice and ask themselves,"Chronicles Of... of who?!". Now, their attention would be arrested. For in the glory of my skillful mind manipulations, I have stimulated them to acquire a doubt.

And a doubt is a very powerful tool, for a Doubt, sets a person's mind beyond its comfort zone. We like to know where we are at, and the fact that we do not know something, puts us into discomfort. Your eyes feedback to your bRainnnn on what they had recced, and your BrAinnnn start to feel buay song. Its like an itch where you HAVE to scratch. In this case, a link which you HAVE to click. Probably the very reason why you are reading this in the first place. Now, I can carry on and on, and continue beating my chest on how I had "manipulate" your BrAinnnn... which probably would give me a bit more of pleasure but might risk irking you and thus preventing your beloved glare from ever setting sight on this page ever again. Now, that wouldn't be on the agenda.

So I had my invitational card ready and is going to get dressed to meet you. Next question, is... whato wear? While searching of my unique cyber-identity, I realise that the answer is in front of me... "Chronicles Of ... ". So simple, SSssoooo creative. "Chronicles Of Dot Dot Dot". Well, if you share similar taste, "Dot Dot Dot" wouldn't go down too well. But hey, doesn't sound too bad, huh? The birth of TriplePeriod thus began.

Yours truly ...